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Workflow Builder and XML Gateway Message Designer Certified on Windows 7

Steven Chan
Senior Director

Windows 7 logoA few desktop components were excluded from our original Windows 7 certification for E-Business Suite clients.  A subset of those restrictions have now been lifted.  The following client-server components are now certified for Windows 7 clients connecting to the E-Business Suite:

  • Workflow Builder (running in "Compatibility Mode")
  • XML Gateway Message Designer (running in "Compatibility Mode")
  • Outlook Sales Client


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Comments ( 9 )
  • guest Wednesday, July 4, 2012

    We are trying to create a data definition using Oracle XML Gateway Message designer, but are getting an error in Step2 i.e. while providing database information

    We are performing the following steps:

    1) Open Oracle XML Message Designer.

    2) Go to File -> New -> Data Definition

    3) Enter the Data Definition Name (Free Form Text) and Select Data Definition Type as 'Database' and Click Next

    4) Enter Database information. Here the tool asks for User, Password, Connect String, Host and Port. On entering these details the tool throws an error as pasted in the Error.docx

    Please let us know what information needs to be specified in the Connect String and Host. Is there anything we are missing in providing these values

    Also is there any other setup (like jdbc) that needs to be done for this

  • Steven Chan Thursday, July 5, 2012

    Hi, Guest,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've encountered an issue with this.

    We can provide general conceptual guidance here, but I'm afraid that this blog isn't the best place to get technical support for specific issues like the one that you're working through.

    Your best bet would be to log a formal Service Request via My Oracle Support (formerly Metalink) to get one of our specialists engaged.

    Please feel free to forward your Service Request number to me if it gets stuck in the support process for some reason.



  • guest Thursday, July 5, 2012

    Thanks Steven for the reply. I have already opened an SR 3-5902589981 for the same. However, they too are unable to figure out the issue

  • Steven Chan Thursday, July 5, 2012

    Hi, Guest,

    I've followed up with the Support Engineer assigned to your Service Request. Please monitor your Service Request for updates.



  • Guest Thursday, July 5, 2012

    Thanks Steven for your support

  • Charlie Wednesday, October 26, 2016

    Any guidance for XML Message Gateway Designer connecting to R12.2.4 12c database? It appears that the JDBC components delivered with this tool are old and do not allow connection in our new environment. I've confirmed that I can connect in a 12.1.3 11g environment. I've already opened SR 3-13520026051 but not making any progress.

    Other Oracle tools can connect just fine. e.g., Oracle Workflow Builder, report, and forms.

    Current Version of XML Gateway Message Designer is

  • Steven Chan Thursday, October 27, 2016

    Hello, Charlie,

    I'm sorry that you're encountering issues with this.

    I'm having our Certification team investigate this. Please monitor your SR for updates.



  • Steven Chan Friday, October 28, 2016

    Hello, Charlie,

    Our team confirms that you should not have any issues with that configuration -- we've tested it, and it should work. Please monitor your SR for updates; your Support engineer will be providing you with more guidance on how to debug this further.



  • guest Wednesday, February 8, 2017

    Hello Steven,

    I have been working with Oracle EBS for a long time but I always have trouble downloading some of the Oracle software's like

    Oracle Workflow Builder

    Oracle XML gateway Designer

    Is there a location(URL) where these can be downloaded from.

    Appreciate your help

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