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Which Oracle Database Patchsets Can Be Used With EBS?

Steven Chan
Senior Director

Oracle versions numbers can be very long.  Complicating matters further, different product families within Oracle use the version hierarchy
differently.  This can make it confusing to determine whether a specific product update has been certified with Oracle E-Business Suite.

Oracle Database update numbers can be daunting.  However, it might be reassuring to learn that the fifth-level digit in Oracle Database version is not relevant to E-Business Suite certifications.  In other words, you can apply any database patchsets that have been certified at the fourth-level digit. 

For example, we have certified EBS 12.2 with Database All of the following Oracle Database patchsets will work with EBS 12.2:

  • Oracle Database (documented certification)
  • Oracle Database (April 2016 Database Proactive Bundle Patch)
  • Oracle Database (July 2016 Database Proactive Bundle Patch)

This is sometimes shown in our documentation in either of the following ways:

  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle Database

The absence of a fifth-digit or the presence of an 'X' in the fifth digit's place means any fifth-digit level updates may be applied to an Oracle Database for EBS 12.2 without requiring a new certification.  This applies to all environments, including test and production environments.

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