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Using Transportable Database 11gR1 with E-Business Suite

Steven Chan
Senior Director
Platform migration is the process of moving a database from one operating-system platform to a different operating-system platform.  There are two supported methods for doing this: 
  1. Export the data from the database on the old platform, create a new database on the new platform, and import the data into the new database.
  2. Use the Transportable Database feature
You can expect a 50% or greater reduction in the time it takes to complete a platform migration using Transportable Database when compared to traditional export/import methods. Transportable Database 10gR2 was certified for the E-Business Suite last year.  I'm pleased to announce that our Applications Platforms Group has certified this for the next database release -- Transportable Database 11gR1 -- with the E-Business Suite. Prerequisites Database migration across platforms of the same "endian" format (byte ordering) using the Transportable Database (TDB) process is now certified with Oracle Database 11gR1 ( for Oracle E-Business Suite Releases 11i ( and 12 (12.0.4 and higher). Suitable target platforms can be verified by querying the view V$DB_TRANSPORTABLE_PLATFORM using sqlplus (connected as sysdba) on the source platform:
SQL> select platform_name from v$db_transportable_platform;
If the intended target platform appears in the output, Transportable Database can then be used to migrate the database to this target. Otherwise, an alternative such as export/import should be used instead. Not the same as Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces (XTTS) Please note that an alternative database technology known as Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces (XTTS) to migrate data between platforms of different endian formats is NOT yet certified with Oracle E-Business Suite. References Related Articles

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Comments ( 3 )
  • Sundeep Sunday, October 18, 2009


    Are these doc published, as I am not able to see them. As this is one off my favourate topic.



  • Sundeep Monday, October 19, 2009

    Thanks I was able to view it now, seems some issue with metalink on my Laptop.



  • Jos Nijhoff Thursday, March 11, 2010

    Thanks Steven for the good overview and insight once more. Very useful! For me, unfortunately, it boils down to your last few lines "Not the same as Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces (XTTS)", as I was researching the options for migration of an EBS database from AIX (Big Endian) to Linux (Little Endian). Datapump it is going to be, then !

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