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Using IMAP and Third-Party Mail Servers with EBS Workflow Notification Mailer

Rekha Ayothi
Product Management

Oracle E-Business Suite Workflow is an essential component of E-Business Suite, providing a workflow management system that supports business process-based integration. It includes the Workflow Notification Mailer, which is used to send and receive email notifications for the EBS Workflow Notification System. You can set up Workflow Notification Mailer with an SMTP mail server for outbound messages and an IMAP mail server for inbound messages.

This blog post is for you if you have configured the SMTP or IMAP mailer for Workflow Notification Mailer with third-party mail servers such as Microsoft's Office 365 Exchange Online or Google's G Suite Gmail server.

How is IMAP configured for EBS Workflow Notification Mailer?

As of today, Workflow Notification Mailer in EBS Release 12.2 and Release 12.1.3 supports basic authentication for IMAP server connections. Workflow Notification Mailer connects to the configured IMAP mail server using the email inbox user name and password credentials set as part of the Inbound E-Mail Account configuration.

Oracle EBS Workflow Notification Mailer - Setup for Inbound Mail Server

What changes are coming with third-party mail servers?

In 2019, Microsoft and Google separately announced their plans to discontinue basic authentication for their IMAP servers. See the following for more information:

In later announcements, Microsoft and Google postponed their plans to turn off basic authentication with their IMAP mail servers. See the following updated announcements for more information:

What is the impact to EBS due to the upcoming changes to third-party mail servers?

As per guidelines from Microsoft and Google, applications should use a newer security mechanism, OAuth 2.0, to authenticate connections to their IMAP mail server. This means that the Workflow Notification Mailer in EBS must be enhanced to support OAuth 2.0 for connections to these third-party mail servers.

Support for OAuth2.0 with EBS Workflow Notification Mailer

We are aware of the required change for EBS Workflow Notification Mailer and have been receiving numerous queries from our customer about the upcoming impact. Rest assured that we are in process of reviewing and enhancing Workflow Notification Mailer to support OAuth 2.0 based authentication for IMAP server connections.

We will post any further updates for this enhancement to this blog - stay tuned! 


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Comments ( 4 )
  • Apurba Saturday, June 20, 2020
    Great .Even if it's late, still EBS team have picked..That's Good..
    Or else we were planing to write our own java class and manage this.
    Any tentative plan for this ? We are using MS-365 Exchange , any plan to use Graph API to read the emails, that's what looks like MS is insisting going forward.
  • Richard Monday, June 22, 2020
    Thank you. Will you also be fixing the mailer that sends supplier remittance advices? (via xdodelivery.cfg )

    R12: IBY: Understanding The Setup To Deliver The Separate Remittance Advice Through E-mail (Doc ID 2424987.1)
  • John Cooper Monday, June 22, 2020
    We have imap configured using for outlook.office365.com and tls, is this part of the change?
  • Rekha Ayothi Wednesday, June 24, 2020

    Thanks for posting your queries here. I will try to answer them.

    - If you are using Microsoft's Office 365 Exchange Online for IMAP, you would have configured IMAP server as outlook.office365.com in Workflow Configuration page for Inbound Email Configuration (refer the screenshot). The change mentioned in this blog applies to you.

    - Does it apply for the mailer that sends supplier remittance advices (Reference Doc ID 2424987.1)?
    Ans: The specific flow mentioned here, uses Outbound Mail Configuration (that is, SMTP connections for sending mail). This article is specifically about OAuth for IMAP server connections (mentioned in Inbound Mail Configuration).

    - Tentative plan?
    Ans: We would be announcing the availability of the same here. Please watch out this space for updates on this subject.

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