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  • October 31, 2008

Tuning All Layers of the Oracle E-Business Suite (OpenWorld 2008 Recap)

Steven Chan
Senior Director

I'm highlighting OpenWorld 2008 presentations that cover some of the most popular E-Business Suite technology stack topics. A catalog of all of the Applications Technology track sessions with links to the presentations is available here:

We have an Applications Performance Group whose raison-d'etre is to ensure that the E-Business Suite runs at peak performance in all circumstances.  This team has helped tune the
world's largest companies and their E-Business Suite environments to handle staggering amounts of transactional volume in enormous databases.  This is the same group that publishes all of the official
Oracle Apps benchmarks, white papers, and performance metrics

Their OpenWorld sessions are a perennial favourite with hardcore Apps DBAs looking to squeeze out the last ounce of performance out of their existing hardware.  Isam Alyousfi and Lester Gutierrez from our Applications Performance Group share their
hard-won performance tuning tips in this in-depth session:

Table showing sample AWR report of top 5 timed events used for tuning EBS database tier performance

Isam and Lester cover the following topics:

  • The EBS Release 12 technology stack

  • Tuning the applications tier

    • Recommended OC4J, Forms, ATG patches and JDK levels

    • Forms tuning tips

    • OC4J / JVM CPU allocation, sizing, and tuning tips

    • Diagnosing application tier response time / CPU issues

    • Tuning Java garbage collection parameters

    • Tracking down OutOfMemory errors, memory leaks

    • Debugging JDBC issues, including mapping JDBC sessions to particular JVM processes

    • Handling OA Framework and web application issues

    • Using Pool Monitor to investigate Framework Application issues

    • Using the R12 Application Server Control to monitor JVM usage and thread deadlocks via a web interface

  •  Tuning the Concurrent Manager

    • General tips for maximizing throughput for jobs spawning parallel workers

    • Recommendations for Cache size, dedicated concurrent managers, and FND table purging

    • Workload management via specialization rules and work shifts

    • Transaction Manager recommendations

    • Tracing slow concurrent reports

  • Network and desktop client tuning

    • Pointers to key whitepapers

    • R12 desktop client performance tips

    • Colocation of the database and application tiers on an isolated private virtual Gigabit network

    • Isolating network performance issues via packet analysis

    • Benchmarks for Oracle Application Server 10g Web Cache

  • Database Tier Tuning

    • Recommended init.ora settings

    • Tips for optimizing I/O

    • Using Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) data

    • Debugging waits from latch contention, I/O, and enqueue or buffer busy conditions

    • Memory management recommendations

    • Using the DB Console

    • Techniques for gathering and analyzing statistics

    • Benefits for converting to Oracle Applications Tablespace Model (OATM) -- with examples of database savings!

  • Tuning Applications modules

    • Recommended performance patches and Release Update Packs (RUP)

    • Optimizing Workflow

    • Optimizing Order Management

    • Tuning Payroll

    • Speeding up Financials

    • Logging levels

    • Purging and archiving recommendations

    • System administration using Oracle Applications Manager and the Applications Management Pack Grid Control  Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager

  • Upgrade Performance tips

    • Tips for preparing and executing your R12 upgrade

This presentation is chock full of tips, pointers, and hard-won knowledge. It represents the distillation of countless performance-related Service Requests and customer escalations. If you're grappling with performance issues in your environment, or simply
trying to squeeze more performance out of existing hardware, I'd strongly recommend downloading this presentation.

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Comments ( 4 )
  • Cyrus Thursday, June 11, 2015


    Could you please make available the pdf file for "Tuning All Layers of the Oracle E-Business Suite".


  • Sreenivas Kotla Friday, June 26, 2015

    Please make available "Tuning all layers of E-Biz"

  • Steven Chan Friday, June 26, 2015

    Hello, Cyrus,

    This article is 7 years old. This presentation is now outdated and no longer available. Please feel free to check the OpenWorld 2014 Content Catalog for the latest performance-optimization presentations. If that material is locked (which is possible, since a given conference's material is only available for a limited time), then you may have to wait for the OpenWorld 2015 material to be posted.



  • Nancy Iles Friday, March 8, 2019

    I know this article is every old. We recently went live on Oracle EBS 12.2.5. Where can I find the latest notes similar to those refereed to in this article? We frequently have comments from users "Oracle is SLOW" and I need to do a complete review.

    With Regards,

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