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Support Implications for Your EBS Customizations

Steven Chan
Senior Director

I've published this guidance in various articles before but it never hurts to consolidate it here for new readers.

You may choose to:

  • Modify or extend the E-Business Suite code that we ship
  • Add new database objects or modify existing database objects that we ship
  • Modify our standard EBS database partitioning schemes or add your own custom partitions
  • Introduce various forms of third-party virtualization technologies for any of the E-Business Suite's three tiers -- the database tier, the application server tier, or the desktop tier
  • Use third-party tools to modify your database directly
  • Integrate third-party software with your EBS environment, say, for reporting purposes, or to obtain additional industry-specific functionality
  • Use third-party tools to manage or configure your EBS environment
  • Run EBS on a third-party file system

Oracle generally considers all of these types of activities to be some form of customization.  This is not a complete list. Generally speaking, if you have introduced something into your environment that we haven't tested, we cannot take responsibility for it, so we consider it to be a customization.

Where these activities fall on a risk spectrum depends on their invasiveness.  The more invasive a customization is, the greater its potential risk.  Oracle generally recommends against invasive customizations.

Oracle's official policy on handling customizations is detailed here:

The support implications boil down to this:

  • Issues that are isolated to the E-Business Suite will be investigated by E-Business Suite Development.
  • Issues that are isolated to your customizations or third-party tools should be directed to the third-party vendor.
  • E-Business Suite Development will provide E-Business Suite Development patches for issues that can be reproduced in environments built using E-Business Suite documented procedures and tools.
  • If the third-party vendor cannot resolve issues isolated to their tools, you should restore from a backup and revert to using Oracle’s documented tools and procedures.

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Comments ( 9 )
  • guest Wednesday, January 22, 2014

    Hi Steven

    What's the current stance on creating custom indexes on standard ebs tables ? Is that ok ? Is it considered a customisation ?



  • guest Wednesday, January 22, 2014

    Just wanted to let you know that clicking on the link "Support Policies for Virtualization Technologies and Oracle E-Business Suite" generates:

    404 Not Found!

    Sorry, that page does not exist. Please try another location or you can search...

  • Steven Chan Wednesday, January 22, 2014

    Thanks, Guest. Link to the virtualization article is fixed.



  • Steven Chan Wednesday, January 22, 2014

    Hi, Dave,

    Yes, the key word there is "custom." Alteration of our indices or creation of new ones is considered a customization.

    We spend a lot of time optimizing the performance of the E-Business Suite and tune our indices and SQL accordingly. If you alter our seeded indices or create your own, there's a real chance that you may degrade performance.

    If you've identified an issue that seems to be alleviated by tweaking a pre-seeded index, please log a Service Request so that we can investigate.



  • Dave Thursday, January 23, 2014

    Hi Steven

    I agree with you. However, Oracle Development do not seem to agree with you - this is from Oracle Development when I questioned them on custom indexes - "Customers can have very different amounts of data in different application tables. Hence cases can occur, when it can be helpful to create additional indexes. Development allow to create additional indexes, if it improves performance, and they do not regard it as customization"

    I can send you the email if you like.

    Thanks and Regards

    Dave Browne

  • Steven Chan Thursday, January 23, 2014

    Hi, Dave,

    The E-Business Suite has over 200 products in it, and different staff's interpretation of our support policies may vary. I cannot vouch for, dispute, or control support statements made by individual staff.

    If you encounter performance issues that are isolated to your custom indices, and those performance issues go away when those indices are removed, then Oracle Support's default recommendation will likely be to remove the custom indices.

    I'm reminded of that old canard:

    Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this.

    Doctor: Then don't do that.

    This is what you should do: if you encounter a performance issue that's isolated to *ORACLE's* pre-seeded indices, it's likely that it's a real problem. If so, then Oracle has an obligation to fix that for you. You should hold us to that, rather than improvising a solution yourself.



  • Dave Friday, January 24, 2014

    Hi Steven

    Yep I totally agree with you. It's just that when developers are told by Oracle Support that they can "create additional indexes, if it improves performance, and" Oracle "do not regard it as customization" - it causes a few arguments ... I think EBS support should all be singing the same tune ie. your tune "This is what you should do: if you encounter a performance issue that's isolated to *ORACLE's* pre-seeded indices, it's likely that it's a real problem. If so, then Oracle has an obligation to fix that for you. You should hold us to that, rather than improvising a solution yourself."

    Thanks again

    Dave Browne

  • Madhuri Bonu Thursday, January 22, 2015

    Hello Steven & Team,

    I will be part of EBS 12.2.4 implementation project, would like to understand right tool set to adopt and right methodology to customize/personalize FRICEW/CEMLI (Forms and Java Pages, Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, ESSSS, Workflow) components so that the future upgrade process go smooth

    Forms: Form Developer?

    Java Pages: OAF?

    Reports: Report developer/BI Publisher/OBIEE?

    Interfaces (Inbound): PL SQL/ Java?

    Conversions: PLSQL /Java?

    Enhancements/Extensions: right tool to extend each layer of EBS?

    Workflow (business process implementation): Workflow/ BPEL??

    I assume that standard code can be consumed as it delivered, but when it comes to Enhancements/customization, we would like to use the best tool set available in R 12.2.4



  • Steven Chan Friday, January 23, 2015

    Hello, Madhuri,

    Yes, all of those are good choices. "Interfaces" is a bit more-complicated, since there are many, many options. Check out this article for a great whitepaper:

    New Whitepaper: Primer on Integrating with EBS 12 with Other Applications


    You'll want to use Workflow for orchestrating processes within EBS, and BPEL for orchestrating processes outside of EBS.



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