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Summary of Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Webcasts and Training

Steven Chan
Senior Director

How do you get started as an E-Business Suite DBA? Read this first:

ATG Live Webcast Replays

ATG Live Webcasts are hosted by the Oracle University Knowledge Center (OUKC).  In order to access the recorded replays below, you will need a free Oracle.com account. You can register for an Oracle.com account here. If you are a first-time OUKC user, you will have to accept the Terms of Use. Sign-in with your Oracle.com account, or if you don't already have one, use the link provided on the sign-in screen to create an account. After signing in, accept the Terms of Use. Upon completion of these steps, you will be directed to the replay. You only need to accept the Terms of Use once. Your acceptance will be noted on your account for all future OUKC replays and event registrations.

1. E-Business Suite R12 Oracle Application Framework (OAF) Rich User Interface Enhancements (Presentation)

Prabodh Ambale (Senior Manager, ATG Development) and Gustavo Jimenez (Development Manager, ATG Development) lead a comprehensive review of the latest user interface enhancements and updates to OA Framework in EBS 12.  The webcast provides a detailed look at new features designed to enhance usability, including new capabilities for personalization and extensions, and features that support the use of dashboards and web services. (January 2011)

2. E-Business Suite R12 Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) Using the E-Business Suite Adapter (Presentation, Viewlet)

Neeraj Chauhan (Product Manager, ATG Development) leads a review of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) capabilities within E-Business Suite 12, focusing on using the E-Business Suite Adapter to integrate EBS with third-party applications via web services, and orchestrate services and distributed transactions across disparate applications. (February 2011)

3. Deploying Oracle VM Templates for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Applications

[Nov. 8, 2013 Update:  This webcast isn't available.]

Ivo Dujmovic (Director, ATG Development) leads a review of the latest capabilities for using Oracle VM to deploy virtualized EBS database and application tier instances using prebuilt EBS templates, wire those virtualized instances together using the EBS virtualization kit, and take advantage of live migration of user sessions between failing application tier nodes.  (February 2011)

4. How to Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Using Oracle E-Business Suite Management Packs (Presentation)

Angelo Rosado (Product Manager, ATG Development) leads the review of how EBS system admins can make their lives easier with the Management Packs for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.  This session highlights key features in Application Management Pack (AMP) and Application Change Management Pack) that can automate or streamline system configurations, monitor EBS performance and up-time, keep multiple EBS environments in sync with patches and configurations, and create patches for your own EBS customizations and apply them with Oracle's own patching tools.  (June 2011)

5. Upgrading E-Business Suite 11i Customizations to R12 (Presentation)

Sara Woodhull (Principal Product Manager, ATG Development) leads a overview of how E-Business Suite developers can manage and upgrade existing EBS 11i customizations to R12.  Sara covers methods for comparing customizations between Release 11i and 12, managing common customization types, managing deprecated technologies, and more. (July 2011)

6. Tuning All Layers of E-Business Suite (Performance Series Part 1 of 4) (Presentation)

Lester Gutierrez, Senior Architect, and Deepak Bhatnagar, Senior Manager, from the E-Business Suite Application Performance team, lead Tuning All Layers of E-Business Suite (Part 1 of 3). This webcast provides an overview of how Oracle E-Business Suite system administrators, DBAs, developers, and implementers can improve E-Business Suite performance by following a performance tuning framework. Part 1 focuses on the performance triage approach, tuning applications modules, upgrade performance best practices, and tuning the database tier. This ATG Live Webcast is an expansion of the performance sessions at conferences that are perennial favourites with hardcore Apps DBAs. (August 2011)  

 7. Oracle E-Business Suite Directions: Deployment and System Administration (Presentation)

Max Arderius, Manager Applications Technology Group, and Ivo Dujmovic, Director Applications Technology group, leads Oracle E-Business Suite Directions: Deployment and System Administration covering important changes in E-Business Suite R12.2. The changes discussed in this presentation include Oracle E-Business Suite architecture, installation, upgrade, WebLogic Server integration, online patching, and cloning. This webcast provides an overview of how Oracle E-Business Suite system administrators, DBAs, developers, and implementers can prepare themselves for these changes in R12.2 of Oracle E-Business Suite. (October 2011)

 8. Minimizing Oracle E-Business Suite Maintenance Downtimes (Presentation)

Elke Phelps, Senior Principal Product Manager, and Santiago Bastidas, Principal Product Manager, lead Minimizing Oracle E-Business Suite Maintenance Downtimes providing an overview of the plans and decisions you can make, and the actions you can take, that will help you minimize maintenance downtimes for your E-Business Suite instance(s). This webcast focuses on pre-patching actions, patching trials, patch deployment, and post-patching analysis. (November 2011)

 9. Planning Your Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrade from Release 11i to 12.1 and Beyond (Presentation)

Anne Carlson, Senior Director, Oracle E-Business Suite Product Strategy leads a review targeted to IT professionals who are planning, managing, or running an Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 upgrade project. This webcast focuses on the business value of the upgrade, starting your upgrade project, planning your upgrade approach, preparing for your upgrade execution, and Oracle E-Business Suite support timelines with additional resources. (December 2011)

10. Advanced E-Business Suite Architectures (Presentation)

Elke Phelps, Senior Principal Product Manager and Sriram Veeraraghavan, Senior Principal Software Engineer discuss advanced E-Business Suite architectures that can help you improve performance, scalability, business continuity, utilization, provisioning, and security. This session covered the latest advanced architectural options, including the use of Oracle database high-availability features and functions such as Real Application Clusters, ASM, Active Data Guard, clouds, virtualization, Oracle VM, high-availability and load-balancing architectures, WebLogic Server, and more. This session also covered the latest updates to systems management tools like AutoConfig, and included sneak previews of upcoming functionality. (December 2011)

11. Desktop Integration Beyond Client ADI (Presentation)

Gustavo Jimenez, Senior Development Manager and Senthilkumar Ramalingam, Manager lead the discussion of the expanded options in E-Business Suite R12.x for desktop integration. Topics include an overview of prepackaged solutions for integrating Oracle E-Business Suite applications with applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word, and Projects. This session discussed using the new wizard-based Desktop Integration Framework to create custom integrators to download, validate, upload data from Excel to Oracle E-Business Suite. (December 2011)

12. Personalize, Customize, and Extend Oracle E-Business Suite User Interface (Presentation)

Sara Woodhull, Principal Product Manager and Gustavo Jimenez, Senior Development Manager explore and discuss of the expanded options in E-Business Suite for making meaningful UI changes without programming. When programming is required, they cover the tools that E-Business Suites provides for doing those customizations and extensions. The topics covered include personalizations, extensions, and customizations using forms personalizations and OA Framework personalization, the E-Business Suite SDK for Java, and E-Business Suite extensions with ADF. (January 2012)

13. Oracle E-Business Suite Secure Configuration (Presentation)

Erik Graversen, Senior Principal Software Engineer, discusses hardening the security within E-Business Suite. Secure deployment of your E-Business Suite begins with a secure platform, but it doesn't end there. It includes hardening your O/S with both proper patch levels and configuration, along with secure configuration of your network and firewall. Add to this foundation, best practices and vendor recommendations, and you are on your way to a secure E-Business Suite environment. (January 2012)
14. Virtualization and Cloud Deployments of Oracle E-Business Suite (Presentation)
Ivo Dujmovińá, Director, Applications Development, discussed the topics of virtualization and cloud deployments of Oracle E-Business Suite. Topics covered in this presentation include why clouds and virtualization matter to you, Oracle cloud and virtualization technology, E-Business Suite cloud capabilities, and your cloud action plan. (February 2012)
15. Oracle E-Business Suite Internationalization and Multilingual Features (Presentation)
Maher Al-Nubani, Director, Internationalization Development, discussed internationalization and MLS considerations when running a global single instance of Oracle E-Business Suite. Maher discussed unicode support, multilingual support, calendars, and other important internationalization and multilingual support issue. (February 2012)
16. Usability Best Practices for Oracle E-Business Suite (Presentation)
Sara Woodhull, Principal Product Manager discussed the best practices for improving the usability of Oracle E-Business Suite. This discussion included discussion of new user interface features that you can use when extending or customizing E-Business Suite. (February 2012)
17. E-Business Suite Data Protection (Presentation)
Robert Armstrong, Product Strategy Security Architect and Eric Bing, Senior Director discussed the best practices and recommendations for securing your E-Business Suite data (February 2012).
18. SOA Integration Options for E-Business Suite (Presentation)
Abhishek Verma, Manager, Applications Technology Group and Rajesh Ghosh, Group Manager, ATG Development discussed the web service and SOA integration options for Oracle E-Business Suite. The presentation covered Oracle's integration tools and technologies, including the Oracle Applications Adapter and the Integrated SOA Gateway (March 2012).

19. E-Business Suite Release 12.1 Upgrade Best Practices - Technical Insight (Presentation)

Udayan Parvate, Director, E-Business Suite Release Engineering and Uday Moogala, Senior Principal Engineer, Applications Performance discussed the best practices that you can apply when upgrading your E-Business Suite instance to Release 12.1 and beyond. They discussed upgrade paths, resources, and practices to minimize downtime during the upgrade. (March 2012)

20. Performance Tuning E-Business Suite Concurrent Manager (Performance Series Part 2 of 4) (Presentation)

Andy Tremayne, Senior Architect, Applications Performance, and co-author of Oracle Applications Performance Tuning Handbook from Oracle Press, and Uday Moogala, Senior Principal Engineer, Applications Performance discussed two major components of E-Business Suite performance tuning:  concurrent management and tracing. They dispelled some myths surrounding these topics, and shared with you the recommended best practices that you can use on your own E-Business Suite instance. (March 2012)

21. Network, WAN, and PC Performance Tuning (Performance Series Part 3 of 4) (Presentation)

Andy Tremayne, Senior Architect, Applications Performance, and author of Oracle Applications Performance Tuning Handbook from Oracle Press discussed network performance for E-Business Suite. Andy covered tuning the client and tuning the network. He shared real-life examples of network performance, and showed you tools and techniques that you can use to estimate or simulate performance on your own network (March 2012).

22. Diagnosing E-Business Suite JVM and Forms Performance Issues (Performance Series Part 4 of 4) (Presentation)

Dave Suri, Project Lead, Applications Performance and Gustavo Jimenez, Senior Development Manager discussed some of the steps involved in triaging and diagnosing E-Business Suite systems related to JVM and Forms components (March 2012).

23.  Managing Your Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Enterprise Manager (Presentation)

Angelo Rosado, Product Manager, ATG Development discussed using Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and the latest E-Business Suite Plug-in to manage E-Business Suite systems, including 11i, R12, R12.1, and the upcoming release. (April 2012)

24.  Technical Preview of EBS 12.2 Online Patching (Presentation)

Kevin Hudson, Senior Director and one of the Online Patching architects, discussed one of the cornerstone new features in our upcoming Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 release. This ground-breaking feature is based upon Edition-Based Redefinition, a new 11gR2 Database feature that was built to Oracle Applications division specifications to allow the E-Business Suite's database tier to be patched while the environment is running.  Online Patching combines the use of Edition-Based Redefinition and new E-Business Suite technologies to allow patching to the E-Business Suite's database and application tier servers while the environment is being actively used by its end-users. (June 2012)

25. Scrambling Sensitive Data in EBS 12 Cloned Environments (Presentation)

Eric Bing, Senior Director, Jagan Athreya, Enterprise Manager Product Management, and Elke Phelps, Senior Principal Product Manager, discussed the Oracle E-Business Suite Template for Data Masking Pack, and how it can be used in situations where confidential or regulated data needs to be shared with other non-production users who need access to some of the original data, but not necessarily every table.  Examples of non-production users include internal application developers or external business partners such as offshore testing companies, suppliers or customers. (July 2012)

26. Using Oracle ADF with Oracle E-Business Suite (Presentation #1 of 2) (Presentation #2 of 2)

This webcast, led by Sara Woodhull, Principal Product Manager, and Juan Camilo Ruiz, Principal Product Manager, and joined by Siva Puthurkattil, Oracle Database Administrator for Lake County, Illinois, provides an overview of how to use Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) to deliver alternative user interfaces to existing Oracle E-Business Suite processes. The webcast also explores integration between the two worlds using the Oracle E-Business Suite SDK for Java. (November 2012)

27. Advanced Management of Oracle E-Business Suite with Oracle Enterprise Manager (Presentation)

This webcast, led by Angelo Rosado, Principal Product Manager, and Lauren Cohn, Principal Curriculum Developer, discusses the how the task of managing and monitoring Oracle E-Business Suite environments can be very challenging. And how the Application Management Pack plug-in is part of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Application Management Suite for Oracle E-Business Suite, can aid you in conquering the challenge. (Nov. 2012)

28. Best Practices for Using Oracle E-Business Suite SDK for Java with Oracle ADF (Presentation)

This webcast, led by Sara Woodhull, Principal Product Manager, and Juan Camilo Ruiz, Principal Product Manager, provides best practices for how to use Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) with the Oracle E-Business Suite SDK for Java. (Nov. 2012)

29. Endeca "Evolutionizes" Oracle E-Business Suite (Presentation)

This webcast, led by Osama Elkady, Senior Director, explores new capabilities of complete data view, advanced searching across organizations and flexfields, advanced visualization including charts, metrics, and cross tabs, or guided navigation, provided by Oracle Endeca. Oracle Endeca includes an unstructured data correlation and analytics engine, together with catalog search and guided navigation capabilities. This webcasts focuses on the details behind Oracle Endeca's integration with Oracle E-Business Suite. It demonstrates how you can extend the use of Oracle Endeca into other areas of Oracle E-Business Suite. (Nov. 2012)

30. Minimizing Oracle E-Business Suite Maintenance Downtimes (Presentation)

This webcast, led by Elke Phelps, Senior Principal Product Manager, and Santiago Bastidas, Principal Product Manager, provides an overview of the plans and decisions you can make, and the actions you can take, that will help you minimize maintenance downtimes for your E-Business Suite instances.  It includes best practices, tools, utilities, and tasks to minimize your maintenance downtimes during the four key maintenance phases. (Dec. 2012)

31. Oracle E-Business Suite Future Directions: Deployment and System Administration (Presentation)

This webcast, led by Max Arderius, Manager Applications Technology Group, provides an overview of the improvements to Oracle E-Business Suite deployment and system administration that are planned for the upcoming EBS 12.2 release. It is targeted to system administrators, DBAs, developers, and implementers.(Dec 2012)

32. Top 10 Free Ways of Securing Your EBS Instance (Presentation)

This webcast provided you with an understanding of the actions you can take to improve the security of your Oracle E-Business Suite instance. Best of all, the actions discussed in this webcast are free! This webcast was targeted to system administrators, DBAs, and implementers. This webcast, was led by Eric Bing,Senior Director, and Elke Phelps, Senior Principal Product Manager. (Jan 2013)

Oracle University Courses

For a general listing of all Oracle University courses related to E-Business Suite Technology, use the p_org_id=1001&lang=US&p_nl=1313019335733">Oracle University E-Business Suite Technology course catalog link.

Oracle University E-Business Suite Technology Course Catalog

1. R12.x Oracle Applications System Administrator Fundamentals

In this course students learn concepts and functions that are critical to the System Administrator role in implementing and managing the Oracle E-Business Suite. Topics covered include configuring security and user management, configuring flexfields, managing concurrent processing, and setting up other essential features such as profile options and printing. In addition, configuration and maintenance of an Oracle E-Business Suite through Oracle Applications Manager is discussed. Students also learn the fundamentals of Oracle Workflow including its setup. The System Administrator Fundamentals course provides the foundation needed to effectively control security and ensure smooth operations for an E-Business Suite installation. Demonstrations and hands-on practice reinforce the fundamental concepts of configuring an Oracle E-Business Suite, as well as handling day-to-day system administrator tasks.

2. R12.x Install/Patch/Maintain Oracle E-Business Suite

This course will be applicable for customers who have implemented Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 or Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1. This course explains how to go about installing and maintaining an Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.x system. Both Standard and Express installation types are covered in detail. Maintenance topics include a detailed examination of the standard tools and utilities, and an in-depth look at patching an Oracle E-Business Suite system. After this course, students will be able to make informed decisions about how to install an Oracle E-Business Suite system that meets their specific requirements, and how to maintain the system afterwards. The extensive hands-on practices include performing an installation on a Linux system, navigating the file system to locate key files, running the standard maintenance tools and utilities, applying patches, and carrying out cloning operations.

3. R12.x Extend Oracle Applications: Building OA Framework Applications

This class is a hands-on lab-intensive course that will keep the student busy and active for the duration of the course. While the course covers the fundamentals that support OA Framework-based applications, the course is really an exercise in J2EE programming. Over the duration of the course, the student will create an OA Framework-based application that selects, inserts, updates, and deletes data from a R12 Oracle Applications instance.

4. R12.x Extend Oracle Applications: Customizing OA Framework Applications

This course has been significantly changed from the prior version to include additional deployments. The course doesn't teach the specifics of configuration of each product. That is left to the product-specific courses. What the course does cover is the general methods of building, personalizing, and extending OA Framework-based pages within the E-Business Suite. Additionally, the course covers the methods to deploy those types of customizations. The course doesn't include discussion of the Oracle Forms-based pages within the E-Business Suite.

5. R12.x Extend Oracle Applications: OA Framework Personalizations

Personalization is the ability within an E-Business Suite instance to make changes to the look and behavior of OA Framework-based pages without programming. And, personalizations are likely to survive patches and upgrades, increasing their utility. This course will systematically walk you through the myriad of personalization options, starting with simple examples and increasing in complexity from there.

6. E-Business Suite: BI Publisher 5.6.3 for Developers

Starting with the basic concepts, architecture, and underlying standards of Oracle XML Publisher, this course will lead a student through a progress of exercises building their expertise. By the end of the course, the student should be able to create Oracle XML Publisher RTF templates and data templates. They should also be able to deploy and maintain a BI Publisher report in an E-Business Suite instance. Students will also be introduced to Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise.

7. R12.x Implement Oracle Workflow

This course provides an overview of the architecture and features of Oracle Workflow and the benefits of using Oracle Workflow in an e-business environment. You can learn how to design workflow processes to automate and streamline business processes, and how to define event subscriptions to perform processing triggered by business events. Students also learn how to respond to workflow notifications, how to administer and monitor workflow processes, and what setup steps are required for Oracle Workflow. Demonstrations and hands-on practice reinforce the fundamental concepts.

8. R12.x Oracle E-Business Suite Essentials for Implementers

Oracle R12.1 E-Business Essentials for Implementers is a course that provides a functional foundation for any E-Business Suite Fundamentals course.

9. R12.x Oracle E-Business Suite Personalizations

 The course is a hands-on lab-intensive offering, and is intended for Application Developers, Functional Implementers, Support Engineers, and Technical Administrators. This course will give you an insight to the rich and upgradable personalizations that Oracle E-Business Suite offers. You will also learn how to setup flexfields to capture information relevant to a business and personalize the user interface (UI) to suite a business need or a user preference for both OA Framework-based and Oracle Forms-based products.

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