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Should EBS Customers Use Database or 12.1.01?

Steven Chan
Senior Director

E-Business Suite customers must ensure that their database remains on a level that is covered by Error Correction Support (ECS) -- i.e. a level where you can get new patches, Critical Patch Updates (CPU), and Patch Set Updates (PSU).  We've covered this in detail here:

The following Note lists Error Correction Support dates for all database patchsets for all database releases:

That Note shows that patching ends for the Database patchset on August 31, 2016.  All EBS customers should upgrade to a later patchset or database release before then.

Even though Database is still under Error Correction Support, we recommend that all EBS customers currently running Database 12c upgrade to the Database patch set.

Why upgrade?

Better end-user experience.  Database contains important updates for security, stability, and performance.  These updates improve the experience of your end-users.

Easier for system administrators.  We have been working closely with many EBS 12.2 customers.  We have found that the Database patch set streamlines upgrades to EBS 12.2 by reducing the number of additional interoperability patches are required.  Fewer patches mean that upgrades take less time, are less-complex, and less risky.

Minimum baseline for future EBS+Database 12c Certifications.  It is very complex to keep multiple EBS codelines compatible with multiple database releases.  All future EBS 12.2 patches will certified against Database rather than Database  This includes updates to the core AD and TXK system administration tools. 

Faster resolution for database issues. You can still request patches for Database until August 31, 2016, but they will not be produced proactively, so there might be a
delay in getting them to you.

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