Update: Error Correction Baseline for EBS 12.2

December 21, 2022 | 3 minute read
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The Error Correction Baseline for EBS 12.2 is the code level which Development assumes customers have when creating new patches.  This is described in our Oracle E-Business Suite Error Correction Support Policy document (MOS Note 1195034.1), where it is also referred to as the minimum prerequisite level for error correction.

This baseline has been at 12.2.3, which was released in 2013.  Creating patches with all the dependencies that are required for the patch to work against such an old code level means that the patches are often much larger and have more instructions and prerequisites than they would have if they could be built on a later code level.  This means that customers who are on relatively recent code levels incur the cost and complexity of analyzing, applying, and testing these larger patches, while the benefit of accommodating the very old baseline accrues to the benefit of a small and declining number of customers who have not updated their systems in many years.  To provide the benefit of simpler, smaller patches and more focused testing to the vast majority of customers, Oracle will from time to time update the Error Correction Baseline for EBS 12.2.

When the Error Correction Baseline is updated, Oracle will build and test patches against the updated baseline, so customers who are at or above that baseline for the products they are running can assume that all patches available for download are valid for their system. Customers who are running products below the baseline code level cannot assume that, so they may need to interact with Oracle Support to determine if the patches they want to apply are valid for their code level.  In the event a new issue is reported on a product at a code level below the baseline, Oracle Support will attempt to resolve the issue and engage Development if necessary.  Development may determine that the issue can be resolved at the customer’s code level, or may determine that the only practical way to provide the fix is for the customer to apply the baseline (or later) code in the affected area, and provide the fix at that level.  Customers operating below the baseline level are still supported, but the process for getting a fix that’s applicable to their system may involve more interaction with Support and Development than if they were above the baseline, which may extend the time required to resolve the issue.

We have discussed updating the baseline with OATUG user group leadership and other customers.  They support updating the baseline as beneficial to EBS customers as a whole, but recommend that Oracle make these updates relatively infrequently and with substantial notice. Accordingly, we are announcing that effective July 1, 2024, the EBS 12.2 Error Correction Baseline will be 12.2.7, which is a level that the vast majority of EBS customers are already at or above.  Customers running EBS products on the 12.2.3 - 12.2.6 release levels are encouraged to update to current code levels of those products before July 2024 so they can benefit from the simpler and smaller patches that will be available starting in July 2024.


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Cliff Godwin

Senior Vice President
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