Top 9 Frequently-Asked Questions About Online Patching

December 11, 2014 | 2 minute read
Steven Chan
Senior Director
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Online Patching allows you to apply patches to an EBS 12.2 system while it is still up and  running.  If you're just getting started with Online Patching, you'll find this document useful:

We update this document regularly.  It currently covers frequently asked questions about core Online Patching concepts, resource requirements, functionality, patch application, and handling of customizations and third-party integrations.  We intend to add troubleshooting information to this document soon.

As a preview of that document, here are the top 9 frequently-asked questions about Online Patching:

Which Oracle E-Business Suite releases can Online Patching be used with?

Online patching is used with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 and higher.

What types of patch are applied online?

All Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 patches are applied online. This includes one-off patches, patch rollups, consolidated updates and security patches.

What is the Online Patching cycle?

The Online Patching cycle is a sequence of inter-related steps (phases) used to apply patches to an Oracle E-Business Suite system.

EBS 12.2 online patching cycle

What tool is used to apply online patches?

The AD Online Patching (adop) command-line utility is used to manage the Online Patching cycle.

Is there any downtime in Online Patching?

There is a short period of downtime when the application tier services are shut down and restarted. The database remains open all the time.

Do I upgrade to Release 12.2 with Online Patching?

No. After you upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2, you will enable Online Patching.

Once I upgrade to Release 12.2, can I still apply patches in the traditional way?

No. All patches for Release 12.2 will be online patches. The traditional, pre-12.2 method of applying patches will not work.

Can I still use adpatch in the Release 12.2 Online Patching environment?

No. While the Oracle tools may internally invoke the adpatch utility, direct user invocation of adpatch is not allowed.

Are there any plans to make Online Patching available with pre-12.2 releases?

No. Online patching can only be used with Release 12.2.

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Steven Chan

Senior Director

Steven Chan was a Senior Director in the Oracle Applications Technology Group.  He managed EBS technology stack certifications, ATG product management, ATG documentation and curriculum, and ATG Quality Assurance in the E-Business Suite Development division.

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