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We are pleased to announce the availability of Oracle E-Business Suite StartCD (often just called StartCD 51). As the fundamental installation medium for EBS, the startCD is what you begin with when installing or upgrading to Release 12.2.

This latest startCD includes many important updates and fixes, as described in the README for the patch by which it is supplied. Obtaining startCD 51 is highly recommended for all customers who will use Rapid Install to perform an installation or upgrade to Release 12.2.

startCD 51

How Can I Obtain startCD

  • You can download startCD 51 as Patch 22066363.

What's New in this Update?

Among other enhancements, startCD version

  • Includes important fixes for fresh install and upgrade scenarios
  • Introduces EBS use of Oracle Database 12cR1 (
  • Introduces EBS use of Oracle Fusion Middleware Web Tier Utilities
  • Installs additional technology stack patches for Oracle Database 11g and Fusion Middleware

Do I Need A New Stage Area For startCD

Yes, you must create a new stage area to use startCD A stage area created with an earlier startCD will not work. This is because (as noted above) startCD uses Oracle Database 12cR1 (, while earlier startCDs used 11gR1 ( In addition, startCD uses a later patch set (  of Oracle Fusion Middleware Web Tier Utilities than the patch set used by earlier startCDs.

How Can I Obtain Oracle Database and Oracle Web Tier Utilities

You can download Oracle Database and Oracle Web Tier Utilities from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud as part of the Release 12.2.5 media:

  • Go to the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud and search for Oracle Financials for your platform (EBS is not shown as a product option, so you need to choose a listed product such as Financials).
  • Under Release 12.2.5, download the Zip files for "Oracle Database" and "Oracle Web Tier Utilities".

startCD 51 extras

Where Can I Find More Information About Installing EBS?

Refer to the following Release 12.2 Web Library book for more information about creating the stage area, other installation prerequisites, and the various available installation actions and options:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite Installation Guide: Using Rapid Install (Part No. E22950) (PDF or HTML)


As well as the Installation Guide mentioned above, you should refer to the following My Oracle Support knowledge documents as applicable:

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