OA Framework 12.2 Latest Bundles Available (Dec 2023)

December 22, 2023 | 3 minute read
Robert Farrington
Applications Technology Integration
Elke Phelps
Product Management Director
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Web-based content in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 is supported by the Oracle Application Framework (also known as OA Framework, OAF, or FWK) user interface libraries and associated infrastructure. We periodically release OAF updates to fix performance, security, and stability issues.

How Do OAF Updates Work?

OAF updates are packaged in three formats:

  • Cumulative Release Update Packs (RUPs)
  • Cumulative Bundle Patches (BPs, often just known as bundles)
  • Consolidated Patches

Note the following important points about these updates:

  • Cumulative means that the latest RUP or BP includes all the updates provided in prior RUPs or BPs for a given EBS release.
  • RUPs and BPs (bundles) can only be applied to the specified EBS release (or releases) and no other.
    • For example:
      • A bundle for Release 12.2.12 cannot be applied to Release 12.2.11 (or any other).
      • A bundle for Release 12.2.7 can also be applied to Release 12.2.8, as these two releases share a codeline.
  • BPs can be applied on top of the corresponding RUPs.
  • BPs are the most frequent type of update released.
  • Consolidated patches may be made available shortly after a major release, as a predecessor to the the first numbered bundle patch.

Which OAF Patch Should I Apply?

We highly recommend adopting a policy of applying the latest consolidated patch or bundle patch, to take advantage of fixes both in it and its predecessors.

The following table lists latest patches that are currently available for the Oracle E-Business Suite Releases.

EBS Release Most Recent Patch Released 
12.2.13 Consolidated Patch 35706446:R12.FWK.C Dec 2023
12.2.12 Bundle 4, Patch 35837304:R12.FWK.C  Dec 2023
12.2.11 Bundle 8, Patch 35573634:R12.FWK.C  Oct 2023
12.2.10 Bundle 17, Patch 35803698:R12.FWK.C Dec 2023
12.2.9 Bundle 17, Patch 35726363:R12.FWK.C Dec 2023
12.2.8/12.2.7 Bundle 22, Patch 35726362:R12.FWK.C Nov 2023
12.2.6 Bundle 33,Patch 34702477:R12.FWK.C  Aug 2023
12.2.5 Bundle 27, Patch 35034874:R12.FWK.C Aug 2023
12.2.4 Bundle 25, Patch 35092100:R12.FWK.C Aug 2023

Where Can I Learn More About OAF Updates?

Additional information including how to install OAF updates is documented in the following My Oracle Support knowledge document:


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Robert Farrington

Applications Technology Integration

Robert writes and edits numerous My Oracle Support knowledge documents that are used to provide comprehensive and up-to-date product information to customers and Oracle staff. He also writes UI text and messages for products, and contributes to the EBS on Oracle Cloud Blog and EBS Technology Blog.

Elke Phelps

Product Management Director

Elke is a Product Manager in the Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Group.  She joined Oracle in 2011 after having been an Oracle customer and Oracle Technologist (Oracle Database Administrator, Oracle Applications DBA, Technical Architect and Technical Manager of an Oracle Applications DBA Team) since 1993.  As part of the Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Product Management Team, her scope of responsibility includes security, database certifications and advanced architectures for on-premises and Oracle Cloud deployments.  She is a frequent contributor and editor of the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Blog.

Elke is the lead author of the Oracle Applications DBA Field Guide (Apress 2006) and Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide (Coqui Tech and Press 2010).  Elke is also the founder of the Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) E-Business Suite Applications Technology Special Interest Group (SIG) and served as President of the SIG from February 2005 - August 2011.  Elke has been a speaker at the Oracle OpenWorld and Collaborate conferences since 2004.  Prior to joining Oracle, Elke was designated an Oracle ACE (2007) and Oracle ACE Director (2009).  She received the OAUG Oracle Ambassador of the Year award in 2015.

Elke has a Computer Science Degree and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma.  In her spare time, Elke enjoys traveling especially to Europe, Puerto Rico and the amazing US National Parks.  Elke also enjoys hiking, antiquing, gardening and cooking. 


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