Latest Update on the EBS eTRM (Sep 2021)

September 21, 2021 | 2 minute read
Rekha Ayothi
Product Management
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This April, we announced an update to EBS Electronic Technical Reference Manual (eTRM). The hosted environment of the eTRM was decommissioned, as it was built on a set of tools and technology that are no longer supported.

To continue to provide the eTRM content to you, we exported the content to a downloadable set of static HTML documents. Since then, we have been receiving your feedback.

One concern highlighted by some of you is that the search functionality included with the online eTRM is no longer available with the static HTML version. To address this, we are working on an alternate solution.

We plan to provide the eTRM as an application that is integrated with your Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) instance. The following is currently planned for this new solution:

  1. The eTRM metadata will be loaded into your EBS Database.
  2. The new eTRM application, built with Oracle Application Framework, will provide search and other functionality that you previously experienced with the hosted online version of the eTRM.
  3. The eTRM application will be integrated with the EBS application login and security infrastructure.
  4. The eTRM will be accessible from Integration Repository home page.

Stay tuned to this blog to get the latest updates on this subject!


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Rekha Ayothi

Product Management

Rekha Ayothi is a Senior Principal Product Manager in Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Group. She is responsible for integration related products from Oracle E-Business Suite covering areas like Cloud based integrations, SOA, Mobile, B2B, A2A and Desktop application integrations. She is product manager for:
- Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter in Oracle Integration Cloud
- Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway (ISG)
- Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator (Web ADI)
- Oracle XML Gateway
- Oracle E-Commerce Gateway

Rekha presents integration best practices for Oracle E-Business Suite in industry events like Oracle Open World, OAUG's Collaborate and Sangam. She has published various training materials on Oracle EBS integration capabilities. And, she blogs at Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Stack in Oracle Blogs.

Rekha holds Master in Computer Applications and Master in Business Administration degrees. She is a Gold Medalist in Bachelor of Science.

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