Identifying Missing App Tier and Database Tier Patches for EBS 12.2

August 11, 2015 | 2 minute read
Robert Farrington
Applications Technology Integration
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The EBS Technology Codelevel Checker (ETCC) utility has been available for some time to assist with identifying any missing database patches needed by E-Business Suite 12.2. The utility has now been improved, most notably to include a new Middle Tier checker tool. The latest version provides two scripts rather than the previous single script. These scripts confirm that you have all the necessary technology stack patches installed on your EBS Release 12.2 system. We highly recommend using this utility to help ensure your Release 12.2 deployment is successful.

The two scripts that make up ETCC are:
  • (checkDBpatch.cmd on Microsoft Windows). This is the Database EBS Technology Codelevel Checker (DB-ETCC), which determines if all the needed bugfixes exist in the specified database ORACLE_HOME. In its previous version, this script was just known as ETCC. As well as being renamed for this release, it has been rewritten for greater ease of use.
  • (checkMTpatch.cmd on Microsoft Windows). This is the Middle Tier EBS Technology Codelevel Checker (MT-ETCC), which determines if all the needed bugfixes exist in the middle (application) tier file system. MT-ETCC is completely new with this release of ETCC, and designed to be used in conjunction with DB-ETCC.

The ETCC utility can be downloaded via Patch 17537119 from My Oracle

Patch 17537119


Usage Tips

Read the README carefully.  As well as installation instructions and basic commands, the README for this patch includes a number of usage scenarios and examples.

Always use the latest version of ETCC. New bugfixes will not be checked by older versions of the utility.

Apply all missing patches.  If ETCC reports a missing bugfix, identify the patch that includes the missing fix by referring to this document:

That note provides detailed instructions on how to find the patch you require.

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Applications Technology Integration

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