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Database migration across platforms of the same "endian" (byte ordering) formats using the Transportable Database (TDB) process is now certified for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2.0). The "endian-ness" of platforms can be checked by querying the view V$TRANSPORTABLE_PLATFORM using sqlplus (connected as sysdba):

SQL> select platform_name, endian_format from v$transportable_platform; 

Here's a list of relevant platforms certified for the EBS R12 (12.2) with 11gR2 on the database tier:

 Big Endian Platforms  Little Endian Platforms
 Oracle Solaris on SPARC  Linux x86-64
 HP-UX Itanium  Oracle Solaris on x86-64
 IBM AIX on POWER Systems  MS Windows x64
 IBM: Linux on System z  

Using Transportable Database is the fastest method for migration between platforms of the same endian format. A requirement of this migration process is that the source and target Database versions must match (including patch set version), so database upgrades as part of the migration cannot be done. For migration between platforms of different endian formats, users must use alternative migration methods such as export/import (datapump).


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John Abraham


John Abraham is a Director of Product Management in the Applications Technology Group for Oracle E-Business Suite. He heads product management for the E-Business Suite Platform Engineering group responsible for the release and certifications of the E-Business Suite and its technology on hardware platforms and systems. The team is also responsible for certifying migrations of the E-Business Suite between platforms, including cross platform migrations to the Oracle Cloud.

John joined Oracle in 2003 and has wide experiences in development (user interface, systems engineering), design, and product management. He enjoys hiking, most things culinary, watching (though no longer playing) soccer and occasionally hitting tennis balls with friends.

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