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Oracle E-Business Suite Install and Cloning Best Practices (OpenWorld 2009 Recap)

Steven Chan
Senior Director
Experienced E-Business Suite systems administrators know that there never seem to be enough EBS testbeds for everyone.  It doesn't take long for an Apps sysadmin to realize that having a solid understanding of the various options for building and cloning EBS environments is an essential part of his or her toolkit.    
Flow diagram showing adpreclone process and what it does on the EBS database tier
If you've been wondering about the different options for building EBS environments, look no further.  Max Arderius is a member of our Applications Technology Group.  His OpenWorld session covered the E-Business Suite's Rapid Install and cloning techniques in detail: Max drilled into the following topics in his presentation:
  • Installing the E-Business Suite
    • Rapid Install overview
    • Standard vs. Express Install
    • Filesystem implications of upgrading and existing system
    • Upgrade considerations
    • Installation of the latest Applications technology stack
  • Cloning techniques
    • Overview of cloning tools: Rapid Clone vs Application Management Pack
    • Details of Rapid Clone process
      • What adpreclone.pl does on the database and applications tiers
      • What happens during the cloning process
      • What adcfgclone.pl does on the database and applications tiers
      • Comparison of adcfgclone.pl command line options
      • adclonectx.pl configuration command
    • Application Management Pack cloning process
      • Comparison of Application Management Pack cloning options
      • Source-to-image, image-to-target cloning
      • Hot cloning
      • Real Application Clusters (RAC) cloning
      • Data scrambling during the cloning process
    • Custom cloning techniques
      • Source-to-target direct synchronization
      • Cloning using rsync
      • Maximum Availability techniques using Oracle DataGuard and rsync to a standby database
      • OracleVM cloning using functional technical VM templates
  • Best practices
    • Pointers to useful resources
    • Comparison of using media vs. staged images
    • Remote installation best practices and considerations
    • Fully qualified hosts and file permissions
    • Resource limits and kernal parameters
    • Temp directories and swap spaces
    • Techstack registration
    • Global inventory and multiple inventories
Listening to the Session If you registered for OpenWorld, here's a link to the OpenWorld On Demand page where you can download the presentation or listen to the live recording of this session. Related Articles

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Comments ( 2 )
  • guest Thursday, August 25, 2016

    Hello Steven,

    I've a quick question regarding cloning a 2 node RAC R12 EBS instance (EBS 12.1.3 - Oracle

    I'm following the note 559518.1 - Section 8 (since I'm doing the DB restore independently)

    After setting up the O_H in the primary target node by copying it over from the source server, I did an RMAN restore of the database and brought it up as a single instance.

    After this, do I need to run rconfig to convert it to RAC (though, usage of rconfig is not mentioned in this doc. - I was told that we do) ? Or those steps such as "adclonectx.pl initialnode" (to generate target XML file in the primary target node), "adcfgclone.pl dbconfig" (to configure the primary target node), copy the appsutil dir. from primary target node to secondary target node, "adclonectx.pl addnode" (to generate the XML in the target secondary node) and run "adcfgclone.pl dbTechStach" on the secondary target node will take care of the RAC conversion ?

    My understanding is that, while running the adclonectx.pl on both the nodes, I would answer RAC related questions (such as the Database type (RAC or not), number of instances, primary node, instance number etc.) and the configuration steps ("adcfgclone.pl dbconfig" and "adcfgclone.pl dbTechStach") would take care of the RAC conversion.

    Can you confirm this please ?



  • Steven Chan Friday, August 26, 2016

    Hi, Muthu,

    I'm sorry that you're encountering issues with cloning and port pools.

    As I mentioned in my other reply to your comment on the port pools article, I'd recommend logging a Service Request with Oracle Support to get someone to help you with this set of questions.



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