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New Source Databases Added for Transportable Tablespaces + EBS 11i

Steven Chan
Senior Director

The Transportable Tablespace (TTS) process was originally certified for migrating E-Business Suite 11i databases across different "endian" (byte ordering) formats from 11gR2 source databases to 11g2 target databases.

This certification has now been expanded to include two new source database releases:

  • Database 11gR1
  • Database 10gR2

Endian formats supported

Obtaining this patch

This migration process requires a Controlled patch delivered by the Oracle E-Business Suite Platform Engineering team, i.e. it requires a password obtainable from Oracle Support. We released the patch in this manner to gauge uptake, and help identify and monitor any customer issues due to the nature of this technology. 

Does it meet your requirements? Note that for migration across platforms of the same "endian" format, users are advised to use the Transportable Database (TDB) migration process instead for large databases. The "endian-ness" target platforms can be verified by querying the view V$DB_TRANSPORTABLE_PLATFORM using SQL*Plus (connected as sysdba) on the source platform: SQL>select platform_name from v$db_transportable_platform; If the intended target platform does not appear in the output, it means that it is of a different endian format from the source. Consequently. database migration will need to be performed via Transportable Tablespaces (for large databases) or export/import. The use of Transportable Tablespaces can greatly speed up the migration of the data portion of the database. However, it does not affect metadata, which must still be migrated using export/import. We recommend that users initially perform a test migration on their database, using export/import with the 'metrics=y' parameter. This will help identify the relative amounts of data and metadata, and provide a basis for assessing likely gains in timing. In general, the larger the amount of data (compared to metadata), the greater the reduction in downtime that can be expected from using XTTS as a migration process. Where can I find more information?

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