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Migrating E-Business Suite Application Tier Servers to Linux

Steven Chan
Senior Director
If your E-Business Suite environment is hitting the ceiling for performance, you should first tune and optimize it to squeeze the most of your existing hardware.  At some point, you may decide to scale up your application tier with multiple nodes behind a load-balancer.  As part of that process, you might begin considering replacing large SMP servers on your application tier with a pool of servers running Linux on commodity hardware.  Indeed, this is the architecture that we use to run Oracle's own global E-Business Suite Release 12 implementation.  We have four large Sun database servers fronted by almost 40 application tier servers running Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL):  
If you're considering a move to Linux for your Apps middle tier servers, you will find the following two Notes invaluable: You can use these Notes to migrate an Oracle application (middle) tier to any platform that is supported with the Rapid Installs for both Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i and 12. The processes described in those Notes provides a certified way to quickly and easily move an existing Oracle application tier system to a different platform, allowing you to utilize different hardware for the Oracle application tier. The migration utility retains the exact Oracle E-Business Suite patch level so that no APPL_TOP/Database synchronization is necessary; this also allows you to retain many customizations. Related Articles