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Managing EBS 12 Physical Standby Databases with Oracle Data Guard Broker

Steven Chan
Senior Director

[Aug. 8, 2012 Update: Added additional details about logical standby and Oracle Streams]

[Aug. 24, 2011 update: Clarified description of AutoConfig dependency when enabling EBS failover environments]

Oracle Data Guard allows you to create standby databases for disaster recovery.  Oracle Data Guard Broker provides an easy interface to configure standby databases and to perform role transitions with a single command for switchover and failover.  It logically groups the primary and standby databases into a broker configuration that allows the broker to manage and monitor them together as an integrated unit. Oracle Data Guard Broker can automate the following operations:

  • Creation of Data Guard configurations incorporating a primary database, a new or existing (physical or logical) standby database, log transport services, and log apply services, where any of the databases could be Real Application Clusters (RAC) databases.
  • Adding up to 8 additional new or existing (physical or logical, RAC, or non-RAC) standby databases to each existing Data Guard configuration, for a total of one primary database, and from 1 to 9 standby databases in the same configuration.
  • Managing an entire Data Guard configuration, including all databases, log transport services, and log apply services, through a client connection to any database in the configuration.
  • Invoking switchover or failover with a single command to initiate and control complex role changes across all databases in the configuration.
  • Monitoring the status of the entire configuration, capturing diagnostic information, reporting statistics such as the log apply rate and the redo generation rate, and detecting problems quickly with centralized monitoring, testing, and performance tools.

Oracle Data Guard architecture overview diagram

There are two interfaces to manage broker configurations:

  1. Oracle Enterprise Manager (Graphical User Interface)
  2. Data Guard command-line interface (DGMGRL).

If you've implemented standby databases as part of your EBS disaster recovery or business continuity strategy, we'd recommend that you consider using Data Guard Broker, too.  We've provided step-by-step configuration instructions to use the Data Guard Broker [DGMGRL]  tool to manage Physical Standby databases for E-Business Suite Release 12. For detailed instructions, see:

Failover with E-Business Suite environments is not automatic.  E-Business Suite environments must be failed over manually due to the need to run AutoConfig to reconfigure services on the failover site.

What about logical standby or Oracle Streams?

Neither logical standby nor Oracle Streams can be used for replicating E-Business Suite databases.  As documented in Maximum Availability Architecture and Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i (Note 403347.1):

The process that mines the redo to create SQL statements for a logical standby cannot handle all data types and actions provided by the Oracle database.  The E-Business Suite uses some of those “unsupported” data types.  Thus, the Applications development group does not support the use of logical standby for an E-Business Suite implementation.


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Comments ( 7 )
  • Jimenez, Carlos Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    Link for is not working, I get a 404 page not found when I click on "Offloading (Some) EBS 12 Reporting to Active Data Guard Instances" and sends me to http://blogs.oracle.com/stevenChan/%20http://blogs.oracle.com/stevenChan/entry/adg_ebs12

  • Steven Chan Wednesday, August 24, 2011

    Thanks for catching that. Our blogging system mangles links unpredictably. Fixed now.



  • guest Thursday, September 18, 2014

    Is there any update to your blog or any MOS notes about using DataGuard with Oracle EBS 12.2.x?

  • guest Friday, April 24, 2015

    It has been over 6 months and we are still waiting for Oracle to release documentation on EBS 12.2 DR. Have you heard of anything being done in this regard?

  • Steven Chan Friday, April 24, 2015

    Hello, Guest,

    We're sorry for the continued delay on this front. We've been working through our certification matrix for all possible Data Guard / Active Data Guard / EBS releases / Database releases. This is a very large permutation space, and it is taking some time to complete testing of all possible combinations.

    We've made good progress on this, and we'll be announcing the latest certified combinations soon.

    Oracle's Revenue Recognition rules prohibit us from discussing certification and release dates, but you're welcome to monitor or subscribe to this blog. I'll post updates here as soon as soon as they're available.



  • Muhammad Abdur Rahman Sunday, August 7, 2016

    Dear Steven,

    Thanks for all the useful stuff.

    I want to ask that what will be disadvantages of using OS level copy of primary application tier node in EBS dataguard configuration, rather than making clone of apps tier once and then using Syncing of standby with the primary after applying the patch?


  • sandeep Thursday, December 15, 2016

    Do we have doc references on R12.1.3 databases switching to standby but applications still on the same node

    from Business Continuity for Oracle E-Business Release 12.1 Using Oracle 11g Release 2 Physical Standby Database (Doc ID 1070033.1) its seems its altogether a new clone

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