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  • January 25, 2008

Java 6 Certified with E-Business Suite Release 12

Steven Chan
Senior Director
I'm pleased to announce that Java 6.0 Update 2 has been certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.

Sun Java SE Download page screenshot: Screenshot of Sun Java SE download page

A Rose by Any Other Name

getting into the details about this new certification, it's unavoidable
that I spend some time on terminology.  Apparently, the latest iteration of the full name of this product family delivered by Sun Microsystems is:
  • Sun Java Platform, Standard Edition 6
  • Short form:  Java SE 6
The full name of the specific product within this family that we require for E-Business Suite application tier servers is:
  • Java Standard Edition Development Kit 6
  • Short form:  JDK 6
release version is called JDK 6, 1.6, or 1.6.0.  All three version
numbers are equivalent to each other.  When the base release is
updated, the version number looks like one of the following (which are
all equivalent): 
  • JDK 6 Update 2
  • JDK 6u2
  • 1.6.0_2
The previous release was Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0, with the short form being J2SE 5.0Other related terms equated over the years with this product family are Java SE Development Kit (JDK), and Java 2 Enterprise Edition Software Development Kit (J2SDK). 

For simplicity, for the remainder of this article (and in our official certification documentation), we'll use the term JDK 6.

What's New?

E-Business Suite Release 12.0.0 to 12.0.4 are delivered with:
  • Java SE Development Kit (JDK) Version 5.0 Update 8 for the application tier
  • Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) Version 1.5 Update 8 for AutoConfig running on the database tier 
With this latest certification, all Release 12 environments may be upgraded to Java 6, formally known as:
  • Java SE Development Kit (JDK) Version 6.0 Update 2
Why Bother Upgrading?

Along with Oracle Forms, Java lies at the heart of the Oracle
E-Business Suite.  Small improvements in Java can have significant
effects on the performance and stability of the E-Business Suite.  As a
notable side-benefit, later versions of Java have improved built-in and
third-party tools for JVM performance monitoring and tuning.

Our standing recommendation is that you always stay current with the latest available Java update provided by your operating system vendor. 

Due to issues found with earlier updates of JDK 6.0, we recommend against using any Java 6 releases prior to JDK 1.6.0_02 with the E-Business Suite Release 12.

It's important to note that OracleAS is a mandatory
prerequisite if you plan to upgrade your Release 12 application tier to
the latest certified version of Java 6.

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Comments ( 7 )
  • BrIg Sunday, January 27, 2008

    When to wait certification Java 1.6.0_uХ for Windows-based desktop clients for OEBS & 12.0. X? I tried work Java 1.6.0_u2 as a desktop client both for OEBS and for 12.0.X and everything worked well. We want to install Java 1.6.0_u2 as the desktop client on every PC both for OEBS and for other applications and to forget about Java installation for 2-3 years

  • Steven Chan Monday, January 28, 2008

    BrIg,We're working on the JRE 1.6.x certification for the E-Business Suite for both Apps 11i and 12 right now.  I don't have any dates that I can share for this certification yet, but you're welcome to monitor or subscribe to my E-Business Suite Technology Stack blog for updates, which I'll post as soon as soon as they're available.  Regards,Steven 

  • Neeraj Kataria Monday, January 5, 2009

    We have Installed 12.0.4

    Applied RUP6 on top of that

    We are suppose to use JRE 1.6.0_03 due to some requirement.

    Is it mandatory to upgrade AS to or later?

    Thanks and Regards

  • Neeraj Kataria Monday, January 5, 2009

    I am sorry for cluttering the stuff here.

    I think , i was confused with JDK and JRE which is clear to me now. JRE is purely a plugin at client side so there is no need of Upgrading the OracleAS to

    Thanks and Regards

    Neeraj Kataria

  • Subhaditya Roy Monday, February 14, 2011

    Hi Steven,

    Can you please tell us what are the versions of IBM JDK certified with Ebiz R12? We are thinking of AIX as one of the option for new platform for one of our client. If we select AIX we will have to use IBM java instead of Sun Java. Will any problem related to IBM Java be supported by Oracle?



  • Steven Chan Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    Hi, Subhaditya,

    Generally speaking, we recommend using the latest version available: Java 6. You can use Java 5 as well, since that's supported by IBM until Sept 2012. At least, that was their desupport date for Java 5 the last time I looked. You should confirm that with IBM, though; I don't monitor IBM's changes in desupport dates closely.



  • Steven Chan Thursday, February 17, 2011

    Hi, Subhaditya,

    I just realized that I hadn't answered your second question:

    >Will any problem related to IBM Java be supported by Oracle?

    Oracle will provide patches for issues that can be isolated to Oracle components, including the Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Application Server 10g, and the Oracle Database. Any issues that are isolated to IBM components, such as the underlying IBM operating system and IBM Java, will be referred to IBM for additional assistance.



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