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In Place Standby Upgrade to Database 19c Now Certified for EBS 12.2

Elke Phelps
Product Management Director

Oracle Data Guard can be used to create a physical standby database as part of your disaster recovery plan for your production Oracle E-Business Suite environment. Oracle Active Data Guard can be used to create a reporting database for your Oracle E-Business Suite database. EBS 12.2 documents for use with Oracle Data Guard 19c and Active Data Guard 19c are available here:

When upgrading the database to Oracle Database 19c, you can now upgrade the physical standby database in place. This certified process helps minimize your downtime requirements for the database upgrade of your production and standby databases. Refer to the following document for detailed instructions:

The following is a summary of steps that must be performed in order to upgrade the EBS standby database in place when upgrading to Database 19c:

      1. Prepare for the Oracle Database 19c upgrade. This includes:
            a. Installing Database 19c on the primary database server.
            b. Creating the Database 19c CDB on the primary database server.
            c. Copying the Database 19c ORACLE_HOME to the standby database server.
            d. Backing up the Database 19c CDB on the primary database server.
            e. Restoring the Database 19c CDB to the standby database server.
            f. Configuring log synchronization between the primary and standby Database 19c CDBs.
      2. Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c. This includes:
            a. Preparing for the upgrade to Database 19c non-CDB.
            b. Upgrading the primary database and standby database to Database 19c non-CDB.
      3. Convert the primary database and the standby database to Database 19c CDB/PDB.
      4. Run AutoConfig on the primary database server and standby database server.


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Comments ( 2 )
  • Apurba Saha Saturday, August 22, 2020
    We are now in R12.1.3 with 11gR2 DB.
    We are in process to upgrade 19c with R12.1.3 and then to R12.2.9.
    As per our plan we will upgrade the DB to 19c with R12.1.3 , with the current understanding Logical standby is not supported by EBS R12.1.3 due to various unsupported data-types. Is there any plan this certification will be extended to R12.1.3 as well, if so when ?
    With the full down time, it will taking 14+ hours to complete the DB upgrade.
    We use ADG to sync Standby DB
  • Elke Phelps (Oracle Development) Saturday, August 22, 2020
    Apurba, Thanks for the question.

    You are correct - EBS 12.2 and EBS 12.1.3 are both certified with a physical standby database only. There are currently no plans to certify logical standby for EBS.

    Yes, we will soon be announcing an in place upgrade to Oracle Database 19c for the physical standby database for EBS 12.1.3. A similar announcement as this blog article but for EBS 12.1.3.

    You may subscribe to or monitor this blog for the latest in certification announcements.

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