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Identifying the Latest Family Packs for Oracle E-Business Suite

Elke Phelps
Product Management Director

It's important to ensure that your E-Business Suite environment is kept current, but it can be tricky to identify the latest product-level Family Packs that have been released.  You might need to identify the latest Family Pack updates available for an Oracle E-Business Suite R12 or R11i environment when performing one of the following tasks:

  • Researching the latest functionality available
  • Implementing a new module
  • Planning an upgrade to your Oracle E-Business Suite environment
Two useful links are available on My Oracle Support that provide a listing of packs  for an Oracle E-Business Suite R12 or R11i environment.  To navigate to a listing of packs, first login to My Oracle Support.  Once logged in, navigate to the Patches & Updates tab:  

Once on the Patches & Updates section, navigate to the Patching Quick Links region.  This region contains links to Latest R12 Packs and Latest R11i Packs:

After clicking one of the links for either R12 or R11i packs, you will be directed to a new screen that displays all available packs for the selected version.  Here's an example of the screen displayed upon clicking the Latest R12 Packs link (naturally, the actual Family Pack references may change over time):


Note that for R12, the listing displayed is the latest packs available for the most current release of R12.  Currently, this is Release 12.1.3.  For Release 11i, the listing displayed is for the most current release of R11i., 11.5.10.  

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