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Identifying Data Model Changes Between EBS 12.1.3 and Prior EBS Releases

Steven Chan
Senior Director

[Update June 21, 2011: A complementary tool that compares seed data between different EBS releases is now available.]

The EBS 12.1.3 Release Content Document (RCD, Note 561580.1) summarizes the latest functional and technology stack-related updates in a specific release.  The E-Business Suite Electronic Technical Reference Manual (eTRM) summarizes the database objects in a specific EBS release.  Those are useful references, but sometimes you need to find out which database objects have changed between one EBS release and another.  This kind of information about the differences or deltas between two releases is useful if you have customized or extended your EBS instance and plan to upgrade to EBS 12.1.3. Where can you find that information? Answering that question has just gotten a lot easier.  You can now use a new EBS Data Model Comparison Report tool:

This new tool lists the database object definition changes between the following source and target EBS releases:
  1. EBS and EBS 12.1.3
  2. EBS 12.0.4 and EBS 12.1.3
  3. EBS 12.1.1 and EBS 12.1.3
  4. EBS 12.1.2 and EBS 12.1.3
For example, here's part of the report comparing Bill of Materials changes between and 12.1.3:
Screenshot of EBS data model comparison report for Bill of Materials 12 1 3 and EBS 11 5 10 2 bom_1213_diffs.png
What types of database objects does this tool cover? This tool includes reports of the differences in:
  • Regular tables
  • Partitioned tables
  • Index organized tables
  • Global temporary tables
  • Queued tables
  • Views
  • Indexes
  • Sequences
  • Materialized views
  • Materialized view logs
  • Advanced queues
  • Packages
  • Triggers
  • Types
Your feedback is welcome This new tool was produced by our hard-working EBS Release Management team, and they're actively seeking your feedback.  Please feel free to share your experiences with it by posting a comment here.  You can also request enhancements to this tool via the distribution list address included in Note 1290886.1. Related Articles

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Comments ( 25 )
  • David Weber Friday, February 18, 2011

    Hi Steven,

    that's just perfect, very helpful. And you published at in the right moment, we just started with upgrading ;)

    Thanks a lot to you and your team and this great source of information here.


  • Elke Phelps Friday, February 18, 2011

    Steven -

    Thanks for the post. This utility will be quite helpful as we upgrade from 11i to 12. See you at Collaborate!



    Elke Phelps

  • Larry Baugh Saturday, February 19, 2011

    Thanks for sharing Steven, this will be a great asset as we continue working through our required custom reporting object updates (e.g. Discoverer custom folders, SQL Views, etc.) as we move from 11i10.2 -> 12.1.3

  • Jay Weinshenker Sunday, February 20, 2011

    Very cool. I'm sure my developers will be singing ATG group's praises, which come to think of it is rather disturbing..

    Anyhow, are there any plans to offer a master guide on all apps profile options? My functionals were recently asking for such a thing and I can see the usefulness but am unaware of anything like it.

  • Steven Chan Monday, February 21, 2011


    Haven't seen anything along those lines, but I'll pass that feedback to the same team that produced this tool for their consideration.



  • Jozef Hlavaty Tuesday, February 22, 2011

    Thanks for this. When I compiled a list of database objects being used in our customisations and being different in R12, I had to do this comparison by comparing database objects. Now I'm using the tool to double check changed objects.

    I'm taking my hat off to the EBS Release Management team. It wouldn't hurt to have it released earlier though.

    One insignificant typo I've noticed: When I click on a URL link to see complete changes for a view, the title of the window which opens reads "Data Maodel Comparison Sample Report". This is in the EBS and EBS 12.1.3 comparison report tool.



  • Steven Chan Wednesday, February 23, 2011

    Hi, Jozef,

    I've passed your entire comment along to the team verbatim. They thought that they'd caught that typo in a prior version and are looking into this now.



  • guest Friday, July 22, 2011


    Unable to download ZIP files from metalink note. Could you please forward the same.

  • Steven Chan Friday, July 22, 2011

    Hi, Guest,

    Sorry, we're not permitted to do that. Files on My Oracle Support are available only to people with access to that system.



  • Archana Monday, July 25, 2011

    Hi Steven, the zip files in the note are corrupt. Do you know any other place on Oracle support where i can download them from? Or is there any email ID where I can report the issue and get the solution?

    btw, Thanks for the great blog!


  • Steven Chan Monday, July 25, 2011

    Hi, Archana,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've encountered an issue with this. We've just verified the files again and cannot reproduce the problem. It appears to be specific to your situation.

    Please log a formal Service Request via My Oracle Support (formerly Metalink) to get one of our specialists engaged. Please forward your SR number to me so that I can monitor this.



  • Steven Chan Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    A few others have also reported issues. It turns out that there's an IE-specific problem with My Oracle Support attachments that has just cropped up. The problem doesn't occur with Firefox.

    26-jul-2011 Update: Temporary workaround for Internet Explorer Users:

    If you are an IE user and do not have alternative, here's a workaround until a fix is available.

    1. Download the zip file

    2. Extract the file to a folder using any extraction tool (e.g. WinZip, 7zip or WinRar), and extract, open

    3. Open the folder, there is one file with no file extension. Attach the extension “.zip” to this file name.

    4. Extract the zip file from step 3.



  • Steven Chan Thursday, August 25, 2011

    The IE downloading bug in My Oracle Support has been fixed now. Thanks for letting us know about this issue.



  • Brendan Tuesday, November 1, 2011


    The RCD's are great to highlight functional differences - agreed.

    The ETRM is great to see what the 12.1.3 underlying DB looks like - agreed.

    The new comparison report is a great resource to see the differences bettwen DB objects in a previosu release and R12.1.3 - agreed.

    Now - where can I find out what has happened in the Forms/Reports area? i.e. what Forms have been deprecated/removed - what forms have been amended etc.

    Just a simple list would be a great start - especially if any extension/customization was based on an existing form (i.e. pre-personalization - or personalization couldn't provide all the required functionality).

    Is there anything available? Or are we left to our own devices and simple doing directory compares?

    Thanks a lot.



  • Steven Chan Tuesday, November 1, 2011

    Hi, Bren,

    I'm afraid that the RCDs, ETRM, and these reports are the only things that are available today. There may be other tools available in the future, though; stay tuned to this blog for upcoming announcements.



  • Srini Ramanujam Thursday, November 10, 2011

    Thanks Steven for the metalink document. The feature is simple, neat and informative.

    However, there does not seem to be a mapping between objects that were obsoleted and the ones that have been replaced (in the sense ap_accounting_events_all has been replaced with xla_events table). No part of the document states this.

    Any idea whether there is a tool already available or is it already hidden in the db as a metadata?

    Thank you,

    Srini Ramanujam

  • Sara Woodhull Monday, November 14, 2011

    Hi Srini, thanks for your feedback! We've looked at that, but unfortunately there is no single place where such mapping information exists. Compiling it is currently a manual process, so it's unlikely to become part of these generated reports. We are continuing to look at ways we can provide other useful information in future reports, so please keep the feedback coming!



  • guest Wednesday, April 4, 2012


    I was looking for differences in database objects of 12.1.2 and 12.1.3 and i got it. But it's not correct.

    I think they are same as that of above 12.1.1 and 12.1.3


  • Steven Chan Wednesday, April 4, 2012

    Hello, Guest,

    Can you provide me with a Service Request number that contains more details about the objects that you believe aren't reported correctly?



  • Melike Friday, April 27, 2012

    Hi Steven,

    The document is very informative when you check specific table or module. But we are in need of a full report for the whole changes. We start to export the data from web for the prioritized modules but it's time consuming.

    Is there any place to get this whole report in one table which is proper to export in excel or in any database?



  • Steven Chan Monday, April 30, 2012

    Hi, Melike,

    We don't have an export feature at this point. That's a great idea, and the team that built this tool will consider whether this can be done for a future update. That might be a bit tricky due to the way the reports are built, though, so this feature's inclusion isn't a sure thing.

    Good luck with your upgrade.



  • Hari Tuesday, June 19, 2012


    Is there a datamodel comparison report available for Oracle EBS 12.2?



  • Steven Chan Tuesday, June 19, 2012

    Hi, Hari,

    EBS 12.2 isn't released yet. We don't have any dates that we can share about that -- stay tuned to this blog for updates on that.

    We'll provide more details about data model changes for EBS 12.2 after its release.



  • guest Friday, January 10, 2014


    The note id is very helpful.

    Can you help me with corresponding replacement object in R12 for 11i objects which are obsolete R12.

    As the report just mentions that removed in R12


    Rajesh Subuddi

  • Steven Chan Friday, January 10, 2014

    Hello, Rajesh,

    These reports are the only ones that are available. We don't have any reports specifically about obsolete objects, but it's safe to assume that removed objects are also obsolete.



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