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GoldenGate 12c Certified with E-Business Suite 12.2

Steven Chan
Senior Director

Oracle GoldenGate provides real-time capture, transformation, routing, and delivery of database transactions across heterogeneous systems.  The GoldenGate Administrator's Guide shows six supported topologies for generic databases.  Oracle GoldenGate 12c is now certified for a subset of three of those methods in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 environments:

  1. Unidirectional (Reporting Instance):  From the E-Business Suite to a reporting instance
  2. Broadcast (Data Distribution): From the E-Business Suite to multiple external databases
  3. Consolidation (Data Warehouse/Mart/Store): From multiple sources, including the E-Business Suite, into a single external database
Three supported GoldenGate topologies in E-Business Suite environments

Procedures for replicating information from E-Business Suite 12.2 using GoldenGate to a secondary system are documented in:

Unidirectional  reporting only

Certified Combinations

  • EBS 12.2.5 and later 12.2.x releases
  • Database or
  • GoldenGate 12.1.2 and later 12.x releases

Replication to a Non-Editioned Target Database

EBS 12.2's Online Patching architecture has significant implications for data replication solutions implemented using Oracle GoldenGate. The Note above describes how to set up a unidirectional configuration of Oracle GoldenGate replication from an Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 source database to a non-editioned target database.

Using GoldenGate with EBS 12.2 environments is significantly different from previous EBS releases.  If you are upgrading your GoldenGate + EBS 12.1 environment to EBS 12.2, and you must plan carefully for the new integration steps detailed in the documentation above.

Only Unidirectional replication for EBS

GoldenGate is an extremely powerful solution, and one of its most-interesting features is the ability to provide data replication in both directions.  In some generic scenarios, you can choose to make alterations to replicated data on the external instance and have those changes updated back in the source database.

Bidirectional replication is not permitted for E-Business Suite environments.  You can use GoldenGate to replicate EBS data to an external database, but you cannot move that altered data back into the EBS database.  GoldenGate's ability to read data in EBS databases is certified, but it must not be used to write to EBS databases.

"How" But Not "What"

GoldenGate is akin to a scalpel.  You're free to use it, but you must learn how to perform open heart surgery yourself.

The document above describes how to use GoldenGate to replicate data from the E-Business Suite to another system.  It doesn't provide any guidance about which database objects to replicate.

The E-Business Suite data model is vast, as you'd expect of something that has supports the integrated functioning of over 200 functional product modules.  GoldenGate is a development tool, and like all development tools, requires an expert-level understanding of the E-Business Suite data model for successful use.  Here's a good EBS data model resource:

Not Certified for EBS Migrations and Upgrades

GoldenGate is not certified for:

  • Upgrading E-Business Suite databases from one version to another
  • Migrating E-Business Suite databases from one operating system platform to another

Why not?  Oracle GoldenGate does not currently support the replication of all of the datatypes that are used by the E-Business Suite.  In addition, GoldenGate relies upon tables with primary keys for replication. EBS has over 10,000 tables without primary keys.  That means that attempting to use GoldenGate to migrate or upgrade an entire E-Business Suite database requires a combination of GoldenGate and
other manual steps to preserve referential integrity.

Oracle does not currently have any plans to produce a certified or automated method of using GoldenGate for E-Business Suite upgrades or platform migrations.

EBS 12.2 customers should use our documented procedures for upgrades and migrations.  

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Comments ( 12 )
  • Jason Thursday, January 19, 2017

    This certification doesn't show up on the MOS certification pages. In fact the only product I can seem to check the Goldengate certification with seems to be ODI. Can you provide a goldengate certification matrix ?


  • Prasad Akkiraju Saturday, January 21, 2017

    Hi Jason,

    MOS Certify is updated now to reflect EBS 12.2 + GoldenGate 12c certifications.



  • Brijesh Sunday, May 21, 2017
    Is EBS R12.1.3 certified with Latest version of Goldengate Please Confirm and point to any Note Id. I tried with Certification tab in MOS but didn't find this information.
  • Steven Chan Tuesday, May 23, 2017
    Hello, Brijesh,

    EBS 12.1 is certified with all versions of Golden Gate. See:


    No special instructions are required for EBS 12.1 with Golden Gate, so no extra Notes are required. The situation changes with EBS 12.2 (due to EBS 12.2's use of Online Patching), but that doesn't affect you.

  • Aniket Kadam Tuesday, October 24, 2017
    Hi Steve,

    I have a requirement to replicate only few EBS-12.2.4 tables to ODS database( . Ca I use Goldengate for this, as I see EBS 12.2.4 is not certified with GG

  • Steven Chan Wednesday, October 25, 2017
    Hi, Aniket,

    Golden Gate is sensitive to the Edition-Based Redefition functionality in EBS 12.2. We have tested explicitly with EBS 12.2.5 and higher. We don't have any data into whether there would be issues with EBS 12.2.4, but I would recommend you to get to the 12.2.5 level for maximum safety.

    If that's not possible, I would test carefully to ensure that you don't have any compatibility issues with EBS 12.2.4.

  • Damon Friday, November 3, 2017
    Hi Steven,

    I'm curious if and how GoldenGate could be leveraged as a transitional tool for moving from on-prem to cloud. We have clients that would like to have a parallel stage where on-prem prod would replicate data to cloud test for a period of time. This would help "smoke test" the Cloud deployment, by running repots/conc-jobs against the replicated environment.

    We understand that neither ADG or GG can be used for upgrades/migrations. If there is another preferred method, please direct me to any info.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Terri Noyes Thursday, November 16, 2017
    Hello Damon-

    We do not support the use of GoldenGate in this fashion, because of stated limitations above (including the fact that GG does not support replication of all datatypes used by EBS).

    EBS development are working on automating a Dataguard-based DR solution which involves creation of a standby system on the cloud. In that scenario, you could test against the standby and fail over when you are ready to move.

    *Note that we do have customers who have manually implemented solutions using DataGuard for the scenario you describe, and here are some guidelines for on-premises that can be leveraged:

    - Business Continuity for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 Using Oracle 12c Physical Standby Database (Doc ID 1900663.1)
    - Business Continuity for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 using Virtual Hosts with Oracle 12c Physical Standby Database (Doc ID 2088692.1)

    To learn more about current EBS on Oracle Cloud solutions and to receive future announcements, please join our Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud blog at blogs.oracle.com/ebsandoraclecloud. If you click on the Resources button at the top of the blog page you will see the subscription link.

  • viral patel Thursday, January 18, 2018
    Hello Steven,

    Is it possible to offload ebs reports to database replicated through golden gate ? I mean pointing custom concurrent manager to custom database replicated via golden gate. Similar as we do for ADG ( https://blogs.oracle.com/stevenchan/offloading-ebs-122-reporting-using-active-data-guard-12102 )?


    Viral Patel
  • Steven Chan Thursday, January 18, 2018
    Hello, Viral,

    We don't have any guidance on how to do that. This would be a customization. Given that it's a customization, the approach's success will depend upon the implementer's skill.

    For support implications of customizations, see:


  • Shakti Tuesday, June 16, 2020
    Hi Steven,
    Is 19C GG is also certified with EBS 12.2 ? We are successfully using GG 12C , with EBS 12.2( with DB. As EBS 12.2 is certified now with 19c database we want to upgrade. I couldn't find any document which could confirm GG 19C certification with EBS 12.2 & DB 19C combination. Can we use the same methodology mentioned in 2004495.1. This document is not updated for 19C DB /GG.
  • Elke Phelps (Oracle Development) Tuesday, June 16, 2020
    Shakti - Golden Gate is not currently certified with EBS 12.2 and Database 19c. This is currently an active certification project.

    You may monitor or subscribe to this blog to receive the latest in certification announcements.

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