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ETCC Tool Enhanced for Finding Mandatory EBS 12.2 Patches

Robert Farrington
Applications Technology Integration

Contributing author: Paul Holman

The E-Business Suite Technology Codelevel Checker (ETCC) tool has been provided to help you identify missing database or middle tier patches that may need to be applied to your E-Business Suite Release 12.2 system.

The utility has now been significantly enhanced to map bug fixes to patches, generating a Patch Recommendation Summary that lists the patches (including versions and associated filenames) that are required for your system.

The following example shows part of an ETCC run, where the DB-ETCC script is used to identify missing database patches.

DB-ETCC Example

Why Does This Matter?

As the last section of the above example shows, there is a difference between bug fixes and patches. A bug fix ID for an issue does not change, but the patch ID that delivers the fix might: for example, the original patch could be superseded by another patch. So you need to not only know what bug fix you require, but which patch currently delivers it.

With previous versions of ETCC, the relevant patches (including Patch Set Updates and Exadata patches) had to be identified manually, by referring to the relevant documentation.  In this latest version, bug fix to patch mapping is done for you, avoiding the need for manual identification and the risk of misidentifying the patch needed. That is the principal enhancement in this version of ETCC.


This new version of ETCC maps missing bug fixes to corresponding patches for the latest and latest but one quarterly bundles supported by EBS 12.2. You can use this version of ETCC with older bundles, but it will only list missing bug fixes (as previous versions did), and you will see a message saying "Patch mapping not available".

Obtaining ETCC

The ETCC utility can be downloaded via Patch 17537119 from My Oracle Support.


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Comments ( 6 )
  • philgva Friday, February 12, 2016


    I have to use this tool and this is great news as it was A PAIN. It is also the case for the MiddleTier?

    However, the main problem I had was that the list of bugs was impressive (I am 12.2.3/ so not too old) therefore the number of patches to apply was high (31 just for the db) and I had also a tremendous amount of conflicts between patches leading to SR and SR and SR (6 and counting).....By looking at the readme of the bugs you just wonder why you need to apply them as some of them are very specific and seriously apply them one by one????

    I have started to apply the Ebiz CPU Jul 2015 last September and I am still not done because of the ETCC various issues(one of the requirement is to upgrade AD and TXK requiring the ETCC to be run).

    Clearly, there is something wrong with the whole process.


  • Robert Farrington Friday, February 12, 2016


    Glad you like this news. The updated ETCC was designed to help you identify and apply patches more easily.

    Once you have caught up with all the patches you need to apply, you will find the best strategy is one that many of our customers adopt - namely, to keep as current as possible by identifying and applying needed patches at your earliest convenience after they become available.

  • Ramakant Singh Thursday, February 18, 2016

    Dear Team,

    We execute ETCC for DB Node but found 1 patch which was not applicable for our DB Version and raised same concern in SR.


  • Neeraj Saturday, February 27, 2016

    Hi Steven,

    Please confirm.

    If we run the "Recommended Patch Analysis" report in Patch Wizard then we should be getting the same results or does the ETCC tool identifies any other additional patches that can't be identified using Patch Wizard.



  • guest Tuesday, April 12, 2016

    There appears to be a problem with the latest ETCC patch (March 14, 2016) in that for, it complains about 21967332 not being applied, but if you apply 21967332 and rollback 18893947 because it is replaced by 21967332, ETCC still complains and will not let adop complete successfully. So on, there is no way to get adop to run.


    -Michael Taylor

  • Robert Farrington Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    Hi Michael,

    The best way for this to be resolved will be for you to open a service request with Oracle Support and provide the relevant checkDBpatch_xxxxx.log.

    If you wish, you can advise the SR number here to facilitate tracking.


    Robert Farrington.

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