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EBS Error Correction Policy Updated for EBS 12.2

Steven Chan
Senior Director

Oracle provides bug fixes and legislative updates for Oracle E-Business Suite as part of its Premier and Extended Support offerings.  The requirements and methods for delivering those updates are explained here:

We've updated this document with new content for EBS 12.2.  All EBS 12.2 customers should read Version 5 carefully.

EBS support timelines

What is our standard guidance?

Oracle recommends that all customers apply the latest suite-wide Release Update Pack. There are significant benefits to keeping your E-Business Suite environment updated with the latest suite-wide Release Update Packs:

  • They are cumulative, reducing the overhead of identifying many individual patchsets
  • They deliver the latest new features and enhancement requests
  • They include the latest updates for performance, stability, and security
  • They reduce the number of prerequisites required for other patches or new technology integrations

What has changed?

We have added new content that specifies that the minimum patching baseline for the EBS 12.2 base release is the EBS 12.2.3 Release Update Pack and some additional specific AD and TXK patches.

Should you apply later EBS 12.2 patches?

Yes.  As of today, the latest RUP available is the EBS 12.2.4 Release Update Pack

We recommend that all EBS 12.2 customers apply the latest RUP and AD/TXK patches available, even though the minimum level specified in the updated Error Correction is lower.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • yesong.pang Wednesday, February 4, 2015

    I have an confusion about EBS R12.2 adop. EBS R12.2 using adop for apply patches. for the patch's readme,some time tell us using hotpatch model,some time tell us using normal.When the redme.txt not saied using hotpatch model.IF I can shutdown the application, then using hotpath to applied patches. In other words,only the readme.txt Specify using hotpatch,we can using hotpatch,else we must using standard (patch apply to path file system,then cutover,cleanup,finalize)

  • Santiago Bastidas Monday, March 16, 2015


    The Online Patching hotpatch mode should only be used when a patch explicitly states that you can apply it in this mode in its patch Readme. There are very few patches that include this in their readme. NLS patches or Data fixes are in this category. In general all E-Business Suite patches in R12.2 must be applied in Online Patching mode, going through all the Online Patching Cycle phases:

    - prepare your system for patching

    - apply as many patches as you want

    - finalize any patching activity getting ready for the cutover

    - cutover to the newly patch system (fs and db edition)

    - cleanup after patching

    Please refer to the E-Business Suite R12.2 Maintenance Guide for any further details on this topic,



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