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E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1 Consolidated Upgrade Patch 2 Now Available

Steven Chan
Senior Director

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1 Consolidated Upgrade Patch 2 (CUP2) is now available in My Oracle Support. This patch includes fixes and performance improvements for the scripts used to upgrade an EBS 11i environment to 12.1.1.

This patch is mandatory for customers who are upgrading to Release 12.1.1 from the following releases:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i version 11.5.9 (base, CU1, CU2)
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i version 11.5.10 (base, CU1, CU2)

This patch includes all of the upgrade-related fixes released previously in the Consolidated Upgrade Patch 1 (CUP1, Patch 7303029) and many additional upgrade related fixes released since March 2010. 

You can download it here:

Link to download EBS CUP2 patch 16791553

What is Oracle E-Business Suite Consolidated Upgrade Patch 2 for Release 12.1.1? The Consolidated Upgrade Patch 2 (CUP2) for Release 12.1.1 combines critical upgrade error corrections and upgrade performance improvements from Release 11i into a consolidated suite-wide patch. Who should use it? Customers who are upgrading to Release 12.1.1 from Release 11.5.9 (base, CU1, CU2) or Release 11.5.10 (base, CU1, CU2) should apply Release 12.1.1 CUP2. How does it differ from the Family Consolidated Upgrade Patch (FCUP) in Release 11i? In Release 11i, Family Consolidated Upgrade Patches (FCUP) were the release vehicles used to ship consolidated upgrade-related patches from all products within a product family.  In R12, the term Consolidated Upgrade Patch (CUP) has been coined to ship critical upgrade error corrections and upgrade performance improvements across all the product families in Oracle E-Business suite. How do you apply Release 12.1.1 CUP2? For instructions on applying this patch, see the "Notes for Upgrade Customers" section in: Can this patch be applied by customers who are upgrading to Release 12.1.1 from an earlier version of Release 12? No.  Release 12.1.1 CUP2 is applicable only if you are upgrading your E-Business Suite Release 11i instance to Release 12.1.1.  If your Oracle E-Business Suite instance is already at Release 12 or higher (e.g. Release 12.0.4, 12.0.6), you should not apply Release 12.1.1 CUP2. Can I apply Release 12.1.1 CUP2 to Release 12.1.1? No.  If your environment is already at the Release 12.1.1 level, you do not need this patchset.  You should apply Release 12.1.1 CUP2 only while upgrading a Release 11i Oracle E-Business Suite instance to Release 12.1.1 Is Release 12.1.1 CUP2 mandatory for upgrading to Release 12.1.1 if I have done multiple test upgrades and am close to "Go-Live"? If you have already performed multiple test upgrades without Release 12.1.1 CUP2 and are close to completing User Acceptance Testing prior to your actual production upgrade, it is not mandatory to apply the patch. Oracle will continue to provide patches for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1 environments that do not have the Release 12.1.1 CUP2 patchset. How is the Consolidated Upgrade Patch (CUP) different from other release vehicles? With the introduction of this patchset, there are now five types of release vehicles for the E-Business Suite:
  1. Rapid Install
  2. Maintenance Pack
  3. Product Family Release Update Pack
  4. E-Business Suite Release Update Pack
  5. Consolidated Upgrade Patch
Rapid Install With Rapid Install (RI), you can install a fully configured Oracle E-Business suite system, lay down the file system and configure server processes for an upgraded system, or install a new database tier or application tier technology stack. Release 12 Rapid Install versions are
  • Release 12.0.0
  • Release 12.0.4
  • Release 12.1.1
Maintenance Pack A Maintenance Pack (MP) is an aggregation of patches for all products in Oracle E-Business Suite. It is a feature-rich release which combines new functionalities along with error corrections, statutory/regulatory updates, and functionality enhancements, etc. The Release 12.1.1 Maintenance Pack can be used to upgrade an existing Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.0.x environment to Release 12.1.1 Product Family Release Update Pack Product Family Release Update Pack (RUP) is an aggregation of patches on a given codeline created for all products in a specific product family for a specific point release. RUPs are generally cumulative in nature. Examples of Product Family Release Update Packs released in Release 12.0:
  • R12.ATG_PF.A.Delta.4
  • R12.FIN_PF.A.Delta.5
  • R12.ATG_PF.A.Delta.6
  • R12.HR_PF.A.Delta.7
Examples of Product Family Release Update Packs released in Release 12.1:
  • R12.AD_PF.B.Delta.2
  • R12.ATG_PF.B.Delta.2
  • R12.CC_PF.B.Delta.2
  • R12.SCM_PF.B.Delta.2
E-Business Suite Release Update Pack An E-Business Suite Release Update Pack (RUP) is an aggregation of product or product family RUPs on a given codeline created across Oracle E-Business Suite after the initial release. Like product family Release Update Pack, E-Business suite Release Update Pack is cumulative in nature. Examples of E-Business Suite Release Update Packs
  • Release 12.0.4
  • Release 12.0.6
  • Release 12.1.2
Consolidated Upgrade Patch A Consolidated Upgrade Patch is a collection of critical fixes that improve the performance and stability of the upgrade process from Release 11i to Release 12.1.1.
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Comments ( 14 )
  • Christian Thoma Friday, July 26, 2013

    If we're upgrading from 11.5.10 R2 to 12.1.3, do we need to apply this CUP as part of the upgrade to 12.1.1 portion, or is it unnecessary because we're going to 12.1.3?


  • Udayan Parvate Friday, July 26, 2013

    yes. You need to. The CUP2 fixes issues in the upgrade itself when running the main upgrade driver to R12.1.1 that can't be easily fixed once beyond R12.1.1 and not necessarily covered via the 12.1.3 RUP content.

  • Christian Thoma Friday, July 26, 2013

    Thank you for your response, we will add this patch to our upgrade plan.

  • guest Monday, August 26, 2013

    What does this patch deliver vs following the patches listed in the following note?

    Oracle E-Business Suite Pre-install Patches Report [Video] (Doc ID 1448102.1)

    Does this one replace the patches from that note? Or, is it in addition to those patches?

  • guest Monday, August 26, 2013

    As mentioned in FAQ section of 1448102.1, in JUL2013, EBS Development released a new 12.1. CUP 2 PATCH 16791553. CUP 2 is a cumulative patch of all available preinstall patches as of24JUL2013.

    Patches mentioned as part of 1448102.1 as of July 2013 report have been reconciled and included into CUP2 16791553. Going forward 1448102.1 will provide list of preinstall patches beyond whats already included into CUP2 16791553 e.g as part of the AUG 13 zip, 7 patches were added to be consumed in addition to CUP2 .

  • guest Tuesday, August 27, 2013

    Hi All,

    I am going to upgrade 11i to R12 but our database side is already updated on HP-UX. We want to upgrade only apps tier which is on Linux. So your guidance is highly appreciated.


  • Udayan Parvate Tuesday, August 27, 2013


    Your question is more appropriate for the the OTN r12 upgrade forum http://forums.oracle.com/forums/forum.jspa?forumID=395&start=0.

    You may also find the following MOS note useful to determine your upgrade strategy when combined with platform migration.

    "Oracle E-Business Suite Upgrades and Platform Migration (1377213.1)"

  • Richard Russell Thursday, August 29, 2013


    We are trying to decide whether or not to switch to the CUP2.

    We have completed 16 upgrade runs with the CUP1 12.1.1 drivers and we were able to tune performance from 85 hours down to 35 hours. We have also completed all of our integration testing on an instance built with that process and we are now preparing to execute the User Acceptance Build and Testing. Can you highlight the key changes/benefits of the CUP2 over the CUP1 so we can make a better decision about the risk and reward associated with switching now?

  • Udayan Parvate Friday, August 30, 2013

    Re-posting the previous response to Russell Richards :

    First of all, kudos to doing the right thing to go thru a series of test upgrade cycles to tune the upgrade. If you have only uptaken CUP1 and not the list of patches beyond CUP1 via the the preinstall report ( 1448102.1) in the past , the chances are you have encountered and uptaken additional fixes (upgrade performance, datafixes etc), most of which would have been possibly be part of the monthly report we have been publishing via 1448102.1 till July 2013.

    Patches mentioned as part of 1448102.1 as of July 2013 report have been reconciled and included into CUP2 16791553. The actual difference between CUP1 and CUP2 , if you have only taken CUP1 and no additional patches is about 200+ patches across EBS. For someone who is starting their upgrade project or have enough test cycles left, we strongly encourage they take CUP2 as it will get them on a hwm code level w.r.t upgrade fixes and very likely reduce the time they spend on identifying fixes they need for known issues in upgrade already fixed.

    Assuming you have passed all your exit criteria for the integration testing and have no open showstoppers likely means you likely need not take CUP2 given where you are in your upgrade project. If you have only taken CUP1 and no additional preinstall patches, I will be curious to know when you started your test cycles and whether you were aware of 1448102.1 and considered uptaking fixes from 1448102.1 in the past as the preinstall report via 1448102.1 has been available and updated monthly for more than an year now..

    Good luck with your UAT and production upgrade !

  • Udayan Parvate Friday, August 30, 2013


    Thx for letting us know via email that you included the patches from the March version of 1448102.1 report in addition to CUP1. You would be pretty close to what CUP2 contains ,so in case you have time for a test run you could uptake CUP2 but I wont sweat it as the incremental difference in 3 months till we published CUP2 in July isnt too much. If you are interested to know the specific difference, you will find more details in the "Change Log" section of 1448102.1 including links to archived report zips that hilite the changes in a different color commpared to the previous month patches.

    The most important thing to note is that you seem to be within reach of the upgrade project goals you set out with the March version of 1448102.1 and additional tweaks..

    I would be interested to know your feedback in using the march 2013 version and type of additional tweaks that were necessary (SR#s or so) so we will see if any of that can/should be rolled into 1448102.1 going forward .

  • guest Friday, October 4, 2013


    We have just completed an upgrade from to 12.1.3. We have a number of product related SRs raised for AP. One of the SR suggested that in order for AP to work properly in Release 12.1.x, we have to install and license iSupplier Portal even if the customer is not using this module. Can you please let us know if there is a document which has information of the required modules that have to be enabled as a pre-requisite for upgrading to 12.1.1.


  • Steven Chan Friday, October 11, 2013

    Hi, Guest,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're encountering issues with AP.

    I am not familiar with Financials dependencies and can't comment on the requirement for iSupplier Portal.

    Generally speaking, Oracle Support is not qualified (nor encouraged) to discuss product licencing. I would strongly recommend that you engage your Oracle account manager in this discussion.



  • Angela Thursday, May 7, 2015

    Hello Steven,

    We have upgraded from to R12.1.3 and have gone live. But we just found we didn't apply the patch 16791553 and preinstall patches listed in note 1448102.1 during the upgrading. What impacts will have to 12.1.3 application? Any extra patches/steps have to be applied on R12.1.3 in this case?


  • Steven Chan Thursday, May 7, 2015

    Hello, Angela,

    Patch 16791553 contains fixes for stability and security. Since its release, we have produced a later patchset that you should use instead:

    Third Recommended Patch Collection for EBS 12.1.3 Now Available


    This latest Recommended Patch Collection brings together all important updates released for 12.1.3 -- including performance, security, and stability for all EBS products.



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