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Does Oracle E-Business Suite Require Oracle Database Enterprise Edition?

Steven Chan
Senior Director

Yes.  All versions of Oracle E-Business Suite require Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.  Oracle Database Enterprise Edition is a mandatory requirement for EBS 12.2, 12.1 and older EBS releases. This applies to all Oracle Database releases, including Database 12.1, 11.2, and older Database releases certified with EBS.

It is not possible to run Oracle E-Business Suite with other Oracle Database editions, including:

  • Oracle Database Standard Edition One (Database SE1)
  • Oracle Database Standard Edition (Database SE)
  • Oracle Database Express Edition (Database XE)
  • Oracle Database Personal Edition (Database PE)

Why is Oracle Database Enterprise Edition a mandatory prerequisite for EBS today?

The Oracle E-Business Suite is designed to support a wide range of deployment architectures, from small single-office instances to highly-secure, highly-available Global Single Instance deployments.  To support these architectures, the E-Business Suite uses a broad range of database features and extra cost options such as Advanced Queuing, Data Guard, Virtual Private Databases, Secure Application Roles, Fine-Grained Auditing, Advanced Security, Label Security, Materialized Views, Database Vault, Partitioning, OLAP, Advanced Compression, Connection Manager, and more.

Will Oracle Database Enterprise Edition always be a mandatory prerequisite?

It is expected that Oracle Database Enterprise Edition will be a mandatory prerequisite for all future Oracle E-Business Suite releases and Database release combinations.

The Enterprise Edition is the only Database edition that includes all of those components. Enterprise Edition is the only Database edition certified and supported for use with E-Business Suite environments

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