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Creating Custom Applications in EBS 12.2

Steven Chan
Senior Director

The least invasive method of fine-tuning your E-Business Suite environment to your users' needs is via personalizations.  If that approach is insufficient, you can create custom applications via Forms, Reports, and other technologies that segregate your customizations from the standard functionality provided with Oracle E-Business Suite.

If you're considering that approach for customizing EBS 12.2, see:

This Note covers:

  • Using adsplice to create a custom application
  • Verifying the creation of custom products in the database 
  • Running AutoConfig to set-up application servers
  • Creating custom objects, including tables, indexes, and sequences
  • Propagating changes to your file systems

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Comments ( 7 )
  • Pankaj Sharma Saturday, July 15, 2017
    We are looking for solutions for adding the Digital signatures to the invoices printed through eBS on version R12.2.4.

    I am not able to find any option. Could you please guide me in connecting with the right resource ?
  • Steven Chan Monday, July 17, 2017
    Hello, Pankaj,

    EBS 12.2 has digital signature capabilities built into the overall technology stack, but I'm not familiar with how it relates to invoices. I'd recommend logging a Service Request to get some assistance with that.

  • Benny R. Tate II Tuesday, October 31, 2017
    Hi, We just upgraded to R12.2.7 in one of our environments and we are now testing / experimenting with it. In previous versions we used System Administrator -> Applications -> Register. But in new version it is saying we use AdSplice. We are wanting to add a few host program (shell scripts) executables and program definitions for our custom request sets using these shell scripts. I understand that AdSplice will create the necessary $_top folders and bin subfolder where I can then put my shell scripts and link using: ln -s $FND_TOP/bin/fndcpesr... etc. Do I understand this correctly? AdSplice will help me create the necessary $prod_top for my shell scripts?

    Thank you

    Benny Tate VP
    Ben R. Tate & Associates, Inc.
  • Benny Wednesday, November 1, 2017
    Hi, I believe I found the answer to my above question regarding if adsplice is what I should use to create and register my custom $prod_top. Yes, adsplice is what I used and it also created the corresponding custom schema in the editioned database. I only had to create the bin folder manualy using "mkdir $prod_top/$APPLBIN" after the adsplice and autoconfig finished. What the documentation doesn't say though is that we should do this in the RUN file system so that when phase=prepare is performed on next patch cycle it will get synched to the patch system. If adsplice were performed on the patch fs it would've been wiped out on prepare phase. That's my understanding anyway. Thanks.
  • Steven Chan Tuesday, November 7, 2017
    Hi, Benny,

    Yes, adsplice is used to register your new custom applications. This is documented in Note 1577707.1, which is linked from the article above. I'll have someone review that Note to ensure that any considerations around the two file systems are clarified.

    Thanks for raising this!

  • James Xia Thursday, July 12, 2018
    it seems to be that base_product_top has no effect to place custom apps to desired directory.

  • Steven Chan Thursday, July 12, 2018
    Hi, James,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've encountered an issue with this.

    We can provide general conceptual guidance here, but I'm afraid that this blog isn't the best place to get technical support for specific issues like the one that you're working through.

    Your best bet would be to log a formal Service Request via My Oracle Support (formerly Metalink) to get one of our specialists engaged.

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