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  • July 18, 2007

Apps 12.0.2 Release Update Pack Now Available

Steven Chan
Senior Director

The second major update for Apps Release 12 is now available for download from Metalink:

A RUP by Any Other Name...

To revisit oft-confused terminology once again:  In Release 11i, we have these things called Rollup Patches, which inexplicably became known as "RUPs."  Release 11i Rollup Patches contain patches for a single product family (e.g. ATG Family Pack H Rollup 4).

In Release 12, we're now shipping these things called Release Update Packs.  Given the way that neologisms form, it's inevitable that these will be called "RUPs" too.  The difference is that the R12 Release Update Packs combine patches created across several E-Business Suite product families. 

If you're paying attention, it should be dawning on you about now that "Release Update Packs" in Release 12 are the equivalent of "Consolidated Updates" in Release 11i.  These are big, important patches.

What's New in Release Update Pack 2?

Regardless of what it's called, the second Release Update Pack for Release 12 contains fixes for the following areas, with details in the listed Metalink Notes:
For a more in-depth look at the changes in the Applications Technology area, see yesterday's article:
Includes July 2007 Critical Patch Updates

Just like the previous Apps 12.0.1 Release Update Pack, there's a little gem buried in all of this:  this Apps 12.0.2 Release Update Patch includes all of the security fixes released in the July 2007 Critical Update Patch (CPUJul2007).

Upgrading the Whole Thing or Just Specific Parts?

If you're looking for the latest new functionality, fixes, and updates for all Release 12 functional applications and the E-Business Suite's technology stack, apply the Apps 12.0.2 Release Update Pack.

You can also update specific Apps functional applications (such as Financials, Supply Chain, or Human Resources).  See the Metalink Notes for each of the individual products listed above.

If you're just interested in getting the latest Apps technology stack updates and don't wish to update your functional applications, you can apply just the Oracle Applications Technology Software Update 12.0.2 (Patch 5917344), also known as R12.ATG_PF.A.DELTA.2. 


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Comments ( 4 )
  • Jorge Suarez Friday, July 20, 2007

    Hello there! Thanks for keeping us informed.

    About the terminology, why did oracle picked something that could be confused between 11i and 12i releases? (RUP vs RUP) why it cant be kept as CU?

    And something else, I know that you cant talk about release dates, but a hint if its even in the horizont that some "RUP" (or CU) will come in a new fresh install set (to download or request) will be greeted.

    Thanks a lot



  • Steven Chan Monday, July 23, 2007

    Hi, Jorge,Thanks for your comments.  I hear you loud and clear.  I'm personally not all that thrilled about overloading the same acronym.  I didn't see anything wrong with Consolidated Update, myself.I've passed your feedback on to the group that governs our terminology usage.  At this point, it might be too late to change it back to Consolidated Update, alas.I'd love to be able to provide glimmers of information about our suggested release dates, but I'm constrained by new restrictions on the kind of information that can be shared.  See:Loose Lips Sink Ships - http://blogs.oracle.com/schan/2007/03/loose_lips_sink_ships.htmlI'll share whatever I can, given those constraints.Regards,Steven

  • Steven Chan Tuesday, July 31, 2007

    Good point, John.  I've just reposted the broadcast email sent to people who'd downloaded the original patch.  See this article:Update to Release 12.0.2 RUPIt looks like large teams (like the one you're on right now) may have separated the patch downloading responsibilities from the actual operational team doing upgrades.  In these cases, the word might not have gotten out fully.This has also been discussed on our new OTN Release 12 Upgrade Forum in this thread, too.  Regards,Steven

  • John Stouffer Tuesday, July 31, 2007


    Just FYI to you, anyone who downloaded RUP 12.0.2 before 7/17 will need to download it again. There shouldn't have been that many early adopters but just in case. This information came from our Oracle SIP rep and if you closely review the output from patchsets.sh, you can see the patches added 7/17.

    P.S. Where is the CU??? Just kidding - don't need to refer me to the loose lips blog.. :-)



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