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Approvals 1.5 for E-Business Suite Now Available

Steven Chan
Senior Director

Approvals for EBS mobile screenshotA new version of the E-Business Suite Approvals mobile app is now available for iOS and Android.

Approvals for EBS 1.5 is part of a coordinated release of 18 E-Business Suite mobile apps.  These apps are designed to work with EBS 12.1.3 and 12.2 and are available for iOS and Android. 

This is our sixth set of updates to this family of EBS smartphone apps (a.k.a. "Release 6"). For details about the entire set of EBS mobile apps, see:

What's New?

Updates to our Approvals for EBS 1.5 app include:

  • New approval types for:
    • Human Resources (person status change)
    • Projects (projects, budgets)
    • Service Contracts
  • Ability to customize seeded metadata
  • Enhancement to Quoting approvals to support customization
  • Mobile Foundation
    • Ability to open links to external websites within the app on Android
    • Updated look and feel, including native look and feel for action sheets on iOS
    • Ability to easily clear user credentials on the Sign-In page
    • Use of Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) 2.3.1

Some of these new features require EBS server-side patches.  See the documentation above for details.

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