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Upgrading Your EBS Database from 12cR1 to 19c on OCI VM DB Systems

Terri Noyes
Product Management Director

For our Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Release 12.2 and 12.1 customers running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), we are pleased to share newly available Oracle Database 19c upgrade procedures for Oracle Database on a 1-Node or 2-Node VM DB System.

Feel free to monitor this blog for news about support for additional release combinations.

Note that this is a follow-on to the earlier article Additional Support for EBS on OCI with Database 19c. If you have not already read that article, we recommend you do so first.

Upgrade Process

Before performing the database upgrade, your VM DB System must be on Oracle Linux 7.

The key steps in the upgrade are as follows:

  1. Install Oracle Database 19c via a software image on your existing 1-Node or 2-Node VM DB System (using the dbcli cloud automation).
  2. Perform the necessary pre-upgrade steps.
  3. Upgrade your database to 19c (using the dbcli cloud automation).
  4. Perform the necessary post-upgrade steps.
  5. Run AutoConfig on all database tier nodes.
  6. Run AutoConfig on all application tier nodes.
  7. Apply the latest Oracle Database 19c Release Update as well as any additional database patch overlays required by EBS.

Upgrade Documents

The procedure you will use for the database upgrade is specific to the EBS release version you are starting from. Choose the document which applies to you:

Using EBS Cloud Manager After Upgrading

If you use EBS Cloud Manager to manage your environments, as part of planning your database upgrade to 19c, you should refer to Section 4.5.6, "Upgrading to Oracle Database 19c" in Getting Started with Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (MOS Note 2517025.1) for important information about the use of Cloud Manager after the upgrade.


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Comments ( 2 )
  • David Monday, April 12, 2021
    What do you do if your db (on OCI VM DBS) is not at Linux 7? I have several DBS v18.3.0.0 (Linux 6.10).
  • Terri A Noyes Monday, April 12, 2021
    Hi David-
    There is no means to do a direct OS upgrade from OL6 to OL7 on an existing VM DB System with any Oracle stack. Note that this is independent of EBS. Migrating from OL6 to OL7 is a prerequisite for the method provided.

    That said, we in EBS understand that providing a means to combine the OS migration and database upgrade will be beneficial to OL6 customers, so we are researching alternatives for this.

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