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EBS on Oracle Cloud Terminology - Part II

Terri Noyes
Product Management Director

[Contributing Authors: Robert Farrington and Elke Phelps]

This article is a sequel to EBS on Oracle Cloud Terminology - Part I. The last article introduced the tools employed in the new and improved automation that was released in early March. In contrast, this article focuses on the specific capabilities of the tools.

These terms are used throughout our Oracle by Example tutorials, and will also be employed in communications such as future blog articles.

For a full list of terms, refer to "Section 10: Glossary" in Getting Started with Oracle E-Business Suite on Oracle Cloud (Doc ID 2066260.1).

Provisioning - The process of creating an Oracle E-Business Suite environment in the cloud. The EBS Cloud Admin Tool (defined in the Part I article) can be used to:

  • Provision new enviroments from binaries in the EBS Public Cloud Container
  • Provision cloned environments from backups of existing environments

Backup - A copy of your Oracle E-Business Suite environment to a specified storage area or device. A valid Oracle E-Business Suite backup consists of a point-in-time copy of the application and database tier binaries and data. The backup storage can be located on-premises or on Oracle Cloud. Backup storage options on Oracle Cloud can be either Oracle Compute Cloud Service account storage or the Oracle Storage Cloud Service.

Restoring - The process of copying a backup from a designated storage area or device to return the environment to its state at the point the backup was taken.

Cloning - The process of copying and configuring an Oracle E-Business Suite environment (source) to another Oracle E-Business Suite environment (target). The target environment of a cloning operation is a modified copy of the source environment. The copy can be either a backup or a snapshot of the current running environment, or a backup or a snapshot taken at a previous point in time. The source environment and/or the target environment can be on-premises or on Oracle Cloud. The target environment after the copy and reconfiguration is called a clone.

Lift and Shift - The process of using backup and cloning utilities to move an existing Oracle E-Business Suite installation from on-premises to Oracle Cloud, whereby the on-premises environment is shut down and the cloud environment becomes the permanent version.


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