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EBS 12.2 Cross Platform Migration to OCI with 19c now certified

John Abraham

Cross platform migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is now certified for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 (12.2.3 or higher) with Oracle Database 19c.

E-Business Suite Release 12.2 Platform Migration from On-Premises to Oracle Cloud Using Transportable Tablespaces with Oracle Database 19c (MOS Note 2725558.1) describes the process of migrating an Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 environment from on-premises to OCI  and associated database services.

The overall process combines:

  • An Oracle E-Business Suite database tier migration from on-premises to an OCI Oracle Database service running a 19c multitenant database.
  • Application tier platform migration from on-premises to an OCI Compute VM.

For optimum performance, the database migration process uses full transportable export/import along with an option to further reduce downtime by utilizing incremental backup.

This strategy is required when you need to migrate an existing EBS environment across platforms, for example moving to OCI running Linux x86-64 from an on-premises platform of a different endian format, as described below.

Platform Endianness

The endianness of platforms can be checked by connecting to SQL*Plus as sysdba and querying the view V$TRANSPORTABLE_PLATFORM.

SQL> select platform_name, endian_format from v$transportable_platform;

On-premises database tier platforms certified for EBS 12.2 are:

Big Endian:

  • Oracle Solaris on SPARC

  • HP-UX Itanium

  • IBM AIX on Power Systems

  • Linux on IBM Z

Little Endian:

  • Oracle Solaris on x86-64

  • Linux x86-64

  • Windows x64

Source System Requirements

This migration process requires the source database to be 11gR2 (, 12cR1 (, or 19c, with the target database 19c. The application tier EBS version will be the same on the source and target.


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