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Does WMS Have Standard Data fix Instructions?

Suryanarayana Maddula
Principal Technical Support Engineer

There are times when Warehouse management (WMS) users run into issues working with License Plate Numbers (LPNs), lots, or serials.

We saw in the previous blog posts on the WMS Warehouse Management analyzer that the analyzer was updated to handle additional situations. The analyzer is a great place to start when reviewing your issues. Another useful resource is the following document that lists out many LPN situations as well as some with lots and serials.

  • Refer to Note 2614757.1 - WMS Standard Datafix Instructions

For example, you might find that you cannot select an LPN to receive, or maybe the LPN shows ready for a work order (WIP) completion however you already have the LPN onhand. There are also situations where the lots and serials are not matching what you expect in the license plate (LPN). You can refer to Note 2614757.1 as an index for these situations to see if there is a known identification script and resolution.

In the example of WIP Completion, there are seven (7) scenarios outlined in Note 2614757.1 related to the “Resides in WIP” context. The LPN context is the state of the LPN controlling what actions can be performed. Context values include resides in Inventory [context 1], resides in work in process (WIP) [context 2], resides in receiving [context 3], issued out of stores [context 4], etc. You can read more about the available LPN Context values in Note 437902.1 - What Are The Different Status Of A LPN And What Does Each Context Mean?

There are over a dozen situations outlined with an identification script as well as any file versions related to avoiding the issue and data correction (Datafixes) when available. The WMS Standard Datafix document is a great reference to add to your arsenal and one you should consider bookmarking for future reference. The document works well with other utilities like the enhanced WMS analyzer.

For complete information on standard data fix instructions in WMS, please follow the below note

WMS Standard Datafix Instructions (Doc ID 2614757.1)

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