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What R12 Diagnostics are Available for Inventory?

Todd Cerny
Principal Technical Support Engineer
Imagine a scenario...Inventory period close is fast approaching and you conduct your regular run of the Inventory Analyzer Doc ID 1499475.1 to check the health of your Inventory transactions. The Inventory Analyzer does it's job and identifies records existing with data issues. You're at the point where the Inventory Analyzer has given you a lot of valuable information, including solutions to resolve issues, however you decide you want more detailed information about the transaction records before moving forward. You would like to look specifically at the transactions open interface and pending transactions areas and get more detailed information, including what inventory items are associated with the transactions. You wonder what additional tools are available to collect the information you're looking for? One fantastic resource is the Diagnostics Test Catalog for 12.1.3 and Above Doc ID 1083807.1. The R12 diagnostics catalog allows you to collect detailed information for many areas of your Inventory  environment (as well as many other areas of most EBS Products and R12.2). Access Doc ID 1083807.1, click on the 'Oracle Inventory Management' link, and view the Oracle Inventory Management (INV) diagnostics available in the diagnostics catalog.

Once you've scrolled down, like in the example above, you can take advantage of the Inventory Transactions diagnostics, as well as any of the other diagnostics available for Inventory (and there are many). Keep in mind that the diagnostic catalog should already be part of your EBS environment, but if it is not, the catalog can be added via Doc ID 167000.1 E-Business Suite Diagnostics Installation Guide.

So, be sure to use Oracle E-Business Suite Diagnostics as an additional tool to help troubleshoot problems or issues to proactively help resolve situations in your environment, especially before period close.

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