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Take charge of your Autoinvoice issues! Big changes made in the Autoinvoice Analyzer.

Michele Casey
Principal Technical Support Engineer

Great News!  We have made it more convenient to collect data necessary to troubleshoot Autoinvoice issues.

Now instead of having to run multiple files to collect data:

1. RDA/ACT or Apps Check
2. Autoinvoice Setup Diagnostic
3. Autoinvoice Interface Diagnostic

You can pull all the above information in the latest version of the Autoinvoice Analyzer.


Receivables system setup and configurations
Factors that can adversely affect the Autoinvoice performance such as:
      unpurged records that remain in Interface tables
      orphan records in Autoinvoice Salescredits, Distributions and Errors tables & more


batch setup information
interface data for a given RA_INTERFACE_TABLES_ALL column name and column value
existing interface errors and recommendations/action plan to resolve
an overall status of records that are left in the interface table even after Autoinvoice process completes
recommended actions and best practices

And just like our other analyzers in Receivables you can run it as a standalone script or Concurrent Request.  For more details and to download the latest version go to DocID 1523525.1

In the Analyzer Document we provide two sample outputs for you to view:

  • EBS Oracle Receivables Autoinvoice Analyzer for when the Column Name and Value are not provided, and ALL interface errors are picked up.
  • EBS Oracle Receivables Autoinvoice Analyzer for when the Column Name and Value are provided, and only SPECIFIC interface errors are picked up.

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