Thursday Mar 05, 2015

Free Training Delivered by Product Experts!!!

Are you a current Oracle EBS Customer? Do you prefer training from Product experts on your own timetable? Would you like to suggest a training topic? If you answered YES! to these questions, we have the training for you. Logistics Product Support delivers Webcast/Webinars every month on key topics, common issues and new features. See, Oracle Inventory, Product Information Management and Warehouse Management Teams Informational Webcast Series (Doc ID 1290983.1).

If you miss a live Webcast, no worries. The Webcasts are recorded and available for viewing at your leisure. As usual, keep an eye on the Inventory Blog. We'll keep you updated on the latest Webcasts scheduled.

Also see Doc ID 1290983.1 to suggest topics that you would like to see as a Webcast. All suggestions are compiled and the most requested topics are at the top-of-the-list for future Webcasts.

Don't miss this opportunity. Suggest a new topic and view the Webcasts available today!

Wednesday Jan 28, 2015

Personalize Your Mobile Apps!

Sometimes personalizations make an app feel like your own. Did you know that you can personalize pages in Mobile Supply Chain Applications 12.1+? For more information, see Question 5 in note MSCA Installation Steps / FAQ (Doc ID 274034.1).

So, you're down the road. You decided to personalized your mobile pages and the task is long completed. It really simplifed your processes because it reduced the amount of information that needed to be verified in mobile. You also defaulted some fields based on your facility business rules. The personalizations are working really well. Then one day you need to create a new mobile instance because of changes to mobile apps.  It hits you out-of-the-blue..."how can I find out which mobile pages we personalized?" You cross your fingers that there is a simple process to find mobile personalizations. Well again have no fear, the Inventory Blog Team will point you to the solution.

Mobile personalizations can easily be determine by following the steps in How To Find Out What Mobile Pages Have Been Personalized in Oracle instance (Doc ID 1938009.1). It's that easy. We hope you enjoy the expediency provided by mobile page personalizations!

Tuesday Jan 06, 2015

Logistics and Inventory Consolidated RUP11 Patches Released

Logistics Consolidated RUP11 (VERSION 12.1.1 TO 12.1.3 [RELEASE 12.1]) Patch 20187263 has been released. For non-WMS (Inventory Only) Customers, Inventory Consolidated RUP11 (VERSION 12.1.1 TO 12.1.3 [RELEASE 12.1]) Patch 20187255 is also now available.

Remember to keep up with your RUP patches in order to reduce outages, improve User productivity, and decrease total cost of ownership of the Oracle EBS Inventory Modules. The Inventory Support Team mantra; keeping on the latest rollup patch is the fastest way to avoid SR's and to get fixes for known issues. Avoid SR's by staying on the latest RUP.

The latest RUP's:

Product Release Latest Released RUP Patch Release Date

 R12.1  Patch 20187263 Logistics Consolidated RUP11 (VERSION 12.1.1 TO 12.1.3 [RELEASE 12.1])
 December 2014
 R11.5.10  Patch 10129740 WMS RUP 20  February 2011

 R12.1  Patch 20187255 Inventory Consolidated RUP11 (VERSION 12.1.1 TO 12.1.3 [RELEASE 12.1])  December 2014
 R12.0  Patch 8478486 INV and Receiving (PO): Release 12.0, Rollup Patch 7 (12.0.7)  July 2009
 R11.5.10  Patch 10111967 INV Rollup 23  July 2011

 R12.1  Patch 16226394:R12.EGO.C PIM RUP CONSOLIDATION
 September 2013
 R12.0 8445429:R12.EGO.A R12 RUP7 PIM PATCHSET (Standalone patch only on top of 12.0.6 (6728000))
 July 2009
 R11.5.10  ROLLUP PATCH E22 (This is the last 11.5.10 rollup patch for PLM.E)
 January 2011

Reference the following resources for the above information and full RUP details, to help keep up with RUP's:
  • INV/WMS/RCV Family Patch Release History / Patchsets / RUPs (Doc ID 726226.1)
  • How To Determine the Product Information Management (PIM) Patchset and Rollup Patch Version (Doc ID 414470.1)
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Release Update Pack (RUP) (Doc ID 423541.1)

Tuesday Jun 17, 2014

Wave Planning with Oracle Warehouse Management

Webcast_icon.jpgWebcast: Wave Planning with Oracle Warehouse Management

Date: June 25, 2014 at 1:00 pm ET, 12:00 pm CT, 11:00 am MT, 10:00 am PT, 6:00 pm, GMT Summer Time (London, GMT+01:00)

This one-hour session is recommended for business and technical users who are looking for a deeper understanding and best practices of Wave Planning capabilities in Oracle Warehouse Management. This session will highlight the features and capabilities around wave planning, how to manage outbound fulfillment in the most efficient manner and seamless integration of wave planning with Oracle Warehouse Management Extensions for Oracle Endeca.

Topics will include:

  • Features overview and deep dive on wave planning.
  • Effectively manage outbound fulfillment.
  • Simulate, plan and execute waves using available labor.
  • Seamless integration with Endeca for wave planning and execution.

Details & Registration: Doc ID 1290983.1

Friday Jun 06, 2014

Managing the Unload LPN Functionality for Inbound LPNs is as Easy as 1,2,3

Resolve your WMS putaway issues as easy as one, two, three by using Doc ID 1479753.1 - How To Use The Unload Functionality for Inbound LPNs [Video].

You can review Doc ID 1479753.1 and see the easy setup steps and latest patches available to get the new Unload Functionality for Inbound LPN's. In the document, you can also review the short setup and demo video.

The new functionality makes LPN clean up more robust, and makes it easier to work with LPNs that are in receiving and/or have missing/corrupted open move order lines or location discrepancies. Along with the original cleanup, you can work with stuck/pending putaway transactions for many common errors such as 'Invalid LPN', 'Unsuccessful Row Construction', 'Task Errored out', 'Online transaction failed', 'Unable to allocate space' while trying to receive, and inspect or putaway LPN's.

So review Doc ID 1479753.1 and save hours by using the Inbound Unload Functionality for Inbound LPN's.

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