Thursday Dec 11, 2014

New White Paper on How To Use Meters in EAM

This white paper looks at how meters are used in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). It describes the setups required and describes some common examples.

This white paper provides an overview of what meters are and how they are used in EAM. The paper looks at the setups required and look at some examples of using meters. There is also a brief discussion of APIs and tables related to meters. The topics covered in the paper are :

  • What are meters?
  • Basic Setups
  • Some examples of using Meters
  • Tables/APIs  used for meters

The whitepaper can be read and / or downloaded from document:
How to Use Meters in Enterprise Asset Management (Doc ID 1949501.1).

Thursday Jun 19, 2014

Tendering in Oracle Transportation Management

Tendering in Oracle Transportation Management involves the following basic functions:
  • Shipper sending the offer request to the transporter for moving the cargo
  • Transporters sending in their respective offers
  • Analyzing the offers and awarding of bid to the best/low cost transporter
This document covers the following topics:
  • About Tendering
  • Types of Tendering
  • Setup, Scenario & Statuses
  • Diagnostics

For the whitepaper, visit Tendering in Oracle Transportation Management, Doc ID 1677607.1.

Monday May 12, 2014

Demantra Engine on Linux Install, Upgrade Troubleshooting Whitepaper

Development and Proactive Support have released the 9th edition of the Demantra Engine on Linux Install Upgrade Troubleshooting Configuration whitepaper.   If you are using, installing or upgrading Demantra on Linux or Unix you may find this document very valuable!  This new white paper contains special Linux/Unix instructions when deploying the Demantra Analytical Engine. Covering important topics listed below and MORE!

  • Deploying Demantra on Linux or UNIX 
  • 64bit Analytical Engine Requirement
  • Hardware requirements for Analytical Engine on Linux
  • About the Installer
  • Configure the Web Application on UNIX
  • Configure the Engine on Linux
  • Post-install Configuration
  • Engine Manager Configuration
  • Configure Environment Variables
  • Deploying on Oracle Application Server (OAS) 
  • Deploying on WebLogic
  • Deploying on Tomcat
  • Engine Configuration
  • Configure Environment Variables
  • Configure the Engine
  • Engine Starter Server
  • Running the Engine
  • Sample Commands
  • Samba Configuration
  • Distributed Engine
  • Configure Promotion Optimization (PMO) on Linux (Optional)
  • Configure the Standalone Integration Tool (APS Standalone) on UNIX (Optional)
  • Run the Engine Administrator on Linux
  • Calling Oracle Demantra Analytical Engine from UNIX Environment
  • Engine on Solaris

Plus a comprehensive Engine Troubleshooting/Common Issues section. To review the new, 9th edition, see My Oracle Support (MOS) Doc ID 1389868.1.

Tuesday Mar 04, 2014

Thirteen New Demantra Whitepapers and Sizer Announcement

Working together, Oracle Proactive Support and Demantra Product Management Organization deliver thirteen excellent whitepapers and a new sizer announcement!   These white papers touch on some difficult functional and technical areas: New Product Introduction (NPI), Business Logic Engine (BLE), Business Application Language (BAL) , modeling techniques, Application Programming Interface (API), Configure to Order (CTO) integration, plus more!   Take a look, you might find some valuable ideas.  Don't forget the Sizer Announcement at the bottom of the article!

  • Configuring an Audit Log in Demantra Using Database Triggers Doc ID 1629974.1
  • Demantra Configure to Order (CTO) Integration EBS Model BOM Example How To Doc ID 1630040.1
  • Demantra APIs to Facilitate Integration with External - Third Party Source Systems Doc ID 1630505.1
  • Demantra Indirect Modeling, Lift Decomposition, Definitions and Issues Doc ID 1630545.1
  • Demantra Indirect Customer Modeling, Customer Scenarios, Modeling Approaches Doc ID 1630604.1
  • Demantra PTP – Shipment vs. Consumption Forecasting Doc ID 1630628.1
  • Demantra Database Best Practices Doc ID 1627586.1
  • Demantra Customizations and BAL Upgrade Doc ID 1627590.1
  • Demantra New Product Introduction (NPI) - Pooled Time Series (PTS) Doc ID 1627623.1
  • Demantra Platform or Application Upgrading - Program Manager Recommendations Doc ID 1627664.1
  • Demantra How Caching can be Leveraged to Potentially Reduce Performance Doc ID 1627652.1
  • Level Member Caching Purpose Performance Guidance Doc ID 1627689.1
  • Demantra BLE Mechanism Explanation and Details Doc ID 1627716.1

Replacement of APS Sizer with Value Chain Planning Reference Sizing Tool (RAS) Doc ID 1630684.1


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