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North American Payroll - Year End Reminders

By now you probably have a good start on your North America payroll year end processing, and are getting ready to issue 2013 employee tax statements.  Soon after that will come the governmental tax filiings.

This is just a reminder of the year end patches, documentation, and other resources available to you as you complete the North America payroll year end on Oracle EBS Payroll.


US & Canada End of Year Phase 1 2013 released 10/1/2013 -
Patch Numbers:
11i - 17535554
12.0 - 17535555:R12.PAY.A
12.1 - 17535555:R12.PAY.B
US & Canada End of Year 2013 Phase 2 released 12/16/2013 -
(End of Year 2013 Phase 2 includes the End of Year 2013 Phase 1, US Q4 2013 as well as the Year Begin 2014 statutory updates.)
Patch Numbers:
11i - 17955551
12.0 - 17955555:R12.PAY.A
12.1 - 17955555:R12.PAY.B
US & Canada End of Year 2013 Phase 3 released 1/15/2014 -
(End of Year 2013 Phase 3 includes the End of Year 2013 Phase 1 and 2 as well as Year Begin 2014 statutory updates.)
Patch numbers:
11i - 18075555
12.0 - 18075556:R12.PAY.A
12.1 - 18075556:R12.PAY.B
Mexico Payroll Year Begin 2014 released 12/31/2013 -
Patch numbers:
12.0 - 17924551:R12.PAY.A
12.1 - 17924551:R12.PAY.B
Mexico 2014 ISR and Subsidy for Employment Tax Rates released 1/9/2014 -
Patch numbers:
12.0 - 18050606:R12.PAY.A
12.1 - 18050606:R12.PAY.B

IMPORTANT:  For each of the patches that you need, make sure to review the patch Readme for important installation information.


Refer to the My Oracle Support Doc ID 1577601.1 "North American Year End 2013 / 2014 Year Begin Patch Information and Useful Links" for links to the functional patch readmes, End of Year Processing guides, Mandatory Patch lists, and other helpful documentation including information on the year end W2 and 1099R forms.


Year End Advisor Webcasts
Archived 2013, 2 sessions recorded:

  • EBS North American Payroll Year End Process Flow  (November 20, 2013)
  • EBS Oracle Payroll North American Year-End Updates - 2013  (October 9, 2013)

These recorded webcasts can be accessed via the My Oracle Support Doc ID 1455851.1 "E-Business Suite HCM Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archived Recordings".

My Oracle Suport Communities:  Payroll-EBS
This is a great place for you to go for quick answers to functional and technical questions. It's an open forum where you can ask questions and share YOUR expertise with others by answering questions. The communities are monitored and updated not only by Oracle Support, but also by other Oracle EBS users.

North American Payroll World
Payroll World is an email distribution list for North American Oracle Payroll customers used to quickly disseminate information regarding product updates, patches, and statutory changes. To subscribe to this email distribution list, send e-mail with your contact name, CSI number, and company name to

Last year, the Oracle North American Payroll World distribution list completed a transition from a traditional email distribution list to an Oracle Beehive Online Group. Please note that in order to become a member of the new Beehive Online group, you will need to have an active account on OTN (Oracle Technology Network), or if you already have an OTN account, your current email address MUST match the one associated with that account.
To create an account or to confirm your email address, go to MyProfile (
Also, as the Oracle North American Payroll World email announcements are being sent by email ID, it may need to be added to your address book.

Wednesday Nov 13, 2013

HCM: North American Payroll Year End Checklist

Attention North American Payroll Customers! 

For those of you who are running your first Year End on Oracle Payroll or customers who have migrated from 11i to R12, we’d like to recommend some additional steps and references prior to producing the US Employee W2 PDFs and Canadian T4s. We recommend these steps to be performed early in the year end cycle.  Keep in mind, this is a sample checklist of year end activities, not all-inclusive by any means, but intended as a starting place. Since every business is different, you may have some things to add to this list to specifically tailor it to your business needs. 

  • Apply Year End Prerequisites – Base Line for Year End as referenced in the mandatory patch lists.
    Oracle 11i Human Resources (HRMS) US and Canadian Payroll Mandatory Patch List (Doc ID 111499.1)
    Oracle EBS US and Canadian Payroll - 12.0.x Mandatory Patches (Doc ID 386434.1)
    Oracle EBS US and Canadian Payroll - 12.1.x Mandatory Patches (Doc ID 858794.1)
  • Submit the concurrent program Run Balance Architecture Diagnostic Report to see if there are any invalid run balances or balances with incorrect dates. Correct any invalid balances.  For more information on Run Balances, check out this note on My Oracle Support:  Useful Information About Payroll Run Balance (A Reference Consolidation) (Doc ID 344914.1)
  • Prepare your internal Year End Calendar and review last year’s issues
  • Ensure that you have the correct Employer Data and transmitter setup in the System  (GRE / PRE)
  • Verify that all employees’ data is complete:  addresses, valid national identifiers, social security number. 
  • Reconcile your payroll runs and statutory deductions. There are several seeded reports for use in reviewing employee data & reconciliations.  More information can be found in the year end guides: 
  • Verify that there are no negative amounts for employees.  See the year end guides listed above for assistance.  
  • Check all Taxable benefits
  • Third party interfaces – Make sure you have all information that you need to feed into the application for year end data.
  • Perform any necessary balance adjustments.  For additional information on balance adjustments, check out these whitepapers:
    • Oracle Human Resources (HRMS) Balance Adjustment Procedures for US Legislation (Doc ID 227477.1)
    • How Do You Set Up a Balance Adjustment for the new Pennsylvania PSD Codes? (Doc ID 1382154.1)
  •  Perform a test Year End run to confirm that all data is reporting to correct forms and boxes:
    • Submit the Year end pre processor for each GRE / PRE. 
    • Submit and review the tax forms and / or registers (ie. W2, T4, T4A, RL-1, RL-2)
    • Schedule test print of Year End tax forms

We hope you'll find this sample checklist useful and take the time to customize it for your business, in order to help prepare yourself for a successful Payroll year end.

Be sure to visit Doc ID 1577601.1 'North American Year End 2013 / 2014 Year Begin Patch Information and Useful Links' from time to time for updated year end references.

Mark your calendar for the upcoming EBS North American Payroll Year End Overview advisor webcast on Wednesday November 20, 2013:  EBS North American Payroll Year End Process Flow.  Details can be found in Doc ID 1592483.1. (For Current Schedule and Archived Recordings see Doc ID 740966.1).

Here’s to smooth sailing through the 2013 North American payroll year end!

Wednesday Aug 28, 2013

HCM: North America Year End is Just Around the Corner!

Are you ready for Year End? As we all know, Year End is a very busy time of patching, processing, sending out employee tax reports, and governmental filings. Oracle Support and Oracle Development want to help ensure a successful year end for your business.

Timing - The legislative deadlines are still a few months away, but here is a quick reminder of the timing:

 United States

Year End forms are due to all employees by January 31, 2014, followed by Federal and State Filings

 Canada Employee Year End forms and the government Year End Magnetic filings are due at the end of February
 Mexico Various employee reports and government filings are due between January 31st and May 31

Patching Information  - Refer to the following notes for important patching information that you’ll need for Year End.  As a reminder, the current Roll up Patch (RUP) is a mandatory requirement for Year End processing in the Oracle Payroll localizations delivered by Product Development legislations and US Federal HR products.  So you want to be prepared by having the latest RUP patch already tested & applied.

 United States & Canada Doc ID 111499.1 - Oracle North American Payroll - 11.5.x Mandatory Patches
Doc ID 386434.1 - Oracle North American Payroll - 12.0.x Mandatory Patches
Doc ID 858794.1 - Oracle North American Payroll - 12.1.x Mandatory Patches
 Mexico Doc ID 941742.1 - Oracle Mexican Payroll - 12.0.x Mandatory Patches
Doc ID 941673.1 - Oracle Mexican Payroll - 11i.x Mandatory Patches
Doc ID 941743.1 - Oracle Mexican Payroll - 12.1.x Mandatory Patches

Note for R11i users: Please be aware of year end support for each legislation.  As announced in the NA Payroll World:  R11i US and Canadian Payroll customers who are on (and who purchased Extended Support) will be supported through Year End 2014. R11i Mexico Payroll customers are only supported through Year End 2012.

Patching Schedule - Stay tuned for the release of the Year End patches.  Here are the targeted release dates:

US & Canada:

Year End Phase 1 – End of September
Year End Phase 2 – December 15th
Year End Phase 3 – January 15th 

Reference Doc ID 216109.1 Oracle Human Resources (HRMS) Payroll North America Annual Patching Schedule

Mexico (no specific target dates, but here’s the typical schedule we’ve seen over the last few years):

Year End Phase 1 – Mid December
Year Begin – End of December
Year End Phase 2 – End of January

Reference Doc ID 975677.1 Mexico HRMS 2012 Year End Patch Release Schedule

Also refer to the following note from time to time, as it will be updated as new information becomes available:  Doc ID 1577601.1 North American Year End 2013 / 2014 Year Begin Patch Information and Useful Links.

Advisor Webcasts - Again this year, the North America Payroll Team will be hosting the Year End Advisor Webcasts to deliver information to assist you for year end processing.  Once the schedule & topics are finalized, the webcasts will be announced.  In addition, you can view past webcasts that have been archived.   For the current schedule and links to the archives, refer to the following note: 

Doc ID 740966.1 Advisor Webcasts: Current Schedule and Archived Recordings.  

Be sure to check the note frequently for details of upcoming webcasts...don’t miss out!


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