Wednesday Feb 03, 2016

HRMS UK: Final Tax Year End / Start of Year/ RTI Patch released

On completion of this year's UK Early Adopter Programme, the following patch is now available for download via My Oracle Support:

R12.1 – 21507293:R12.PAY.B - HRGlobal

This patch provides the changes required for completing processing for the UK 2015/16 Tax Year, and the legislative updates effective from 6th April 2016. This patch also includes Real Time Information changes for the tax year beginning on 6th April 2016. 

It delivers the following changes:

  • Autumn Statement Changes – rates and thresholds for PAYE, NI, statutory payments
  • Student Loan Changes
  • Student Loan EDI Submission Changes
  • P46 Car EDI Changes
  • Direct Earnings Attachment Changes
  • Scottish Earnings Arrestments Changes
  • Real Time Information Changes:
    • Employer Payment Summary (EPS)
    • Full Payment Summary (FPS)
    • Earlier Year Updates (EYU)
  • P60 Reports Changes
  • Scottish Rate of Income Tax Changes
  • National Insurance Changes

Please note that this patch includes changes required as a result of the early adopter program and therefore supersedes the early adopter patch released near the beginning of January. 

Post Install Steps need to be run after patch installation. The patch Readme has important installation, setup instructions and guidelines.

Please refer to the following MOS document for further details:

Document 2072952.1(UK legislative Changes for end of tax year 2015/16, the start of tax year 2016/17 and the Real Time Information changes effective from April 2016)

Wednesday Jan 06, 2016

WEBCAST: UK Legislative Updates 2015/2016 Seminar

Webcast_icon.jpgUK Legislative Updates for 2015/2016 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016  10:30 am GMT Time (London, GMT) and  2:30 am PST (San Francisco, GMT-08:00)

This one-hour session will highlight the technical and legislative changes affecting the forthcoming tax year end (2015/16) and payroll processing for 2015/16.  It will detail new legislation effective from 6th April 2016, including changes to PAYE & NI.

This session will also set out the RTI processes for completing the 2015/16 tax year and moving into 2016/17.

A short question and answer period will be included.

Details & Registration can be located at:   Event Information: UK Legislative Updates 2015/2016 Seminar

Monday Sep 14, 2015




The R12.1 patch 21033080:R12.PQP.B has been released as legislative via My Oracle Support for "Pensions Automatic Enrollment / Re-Enrollment Legislative Changes"

Patch 21033080:R12.PQP.B is a consolidated patch. This patch includes the already released patch 21032075:R12.PQP.B , a fix for ER 21485623 and several bug fixes.

The patch Readme has important installation, setup instructions and guidelines.  Please note, that this is an hrglobal patch and customer will need to run the post install for PER GB and PAY GB.

In addition to the release of the consolidated patch, Development has also updated the whitepaper on this subject which can be found via MyOracleSupport (MOS) Document: 1462764.1

 If you encounter any issue with this patch, please raise a Service Request via My Oracle Support with Oracle Payroll Support in the normal way.

Tuesday Jul 15, 2014

Coming Soon to MOS - New Interactive Troubleshooting Flows for Oracle Time and Labor and Oracle HRMS (UK)

As part of our continuous effort to improve the customer experience, Oracle Support has developed new functionality which will be appearing next week in the Service Request (SR) logging process via MyOracleSupport (MOS). 

We will guide you through targeted questions/answers which are appropriate to the problem types you select when logging an SR.  

You will then be quickly taken to one suggested document (maximum two) containing the solution, based on your selection of problem symptoms.

If a solution is not available, all of the information you have provided to this point will be collected and made available in a Service Request.  Additionally, we will point out information you will need to upload in the Service Request in order to provide a clear description of the issue (i.e. log and, output file, versions, and diagnostics).

Other problem types for other products in HCM will be added and we will communicate those via the blog/community. Please let us know what you think when you have used them.  Your feedback is very important to us.

Tuesday Mar 25, 2014

End of Tax Year Resources for Oracle UK Payroll Customers

For our Oracle UK Payroll customers, the end of the tax year (5 April) is right around the corner!

Here are a few points of reference that we hope you'll find useful.    


  • UK legislative Changes for end of tax year 2013/14, the start of tax year 2014/15 and the Real Time Information changes effective from April 2014 (Doc ID 1610646.1).
    This document contains the patch information and functional Readme for end of year, start of year, and RTI changes.

  • Oracle 11i Human Resources (HRMS) Mandatory Patches for UK Payroll (Doc ID 472794.1).
  • UK payroll mandatory patches in Oracle EBS R12 (Doc ID 551753.1).
  • UK Payroll Mandatory Patches in Oracle EBS R12.1 (Doc ID 862407.1).

    Refer to these documents for information on the UK mandatory patching requirements.

Other Information

  • EBS HCM : UK TYE SEMINAR 2014 (Doc ID 1620341.1).
    This document provides Transfer of Information presented during customer seminars in February 2014, and contains information relating to processing of End of Year and Start of Year for 2013/14 for UK payroll customers.
  • EBS UK Payroll : Real Time Information (RTI) White Paper and Patch Information (Doc ID 1324671.1).
    This document provides a central location for information related to Real Time Information (RTI). This resource page includes reference to external resources regarding HMRC requirements as well as Oracle resources to aid you in using our products and tools to accomplish the required legislative processing.  This Document is dynamic and it is expected that it is continually updated, as such please monitor this note appropriately.

If you encounter any issues with end of year processing, please raise a Service Request via My Oracle Support with Oracle Payroll Support.


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