Thursday Apr 03, 2014

New Log Analyzer for Depreciation Error Logs

We have a new depreciation error log analyzer for Fixed Assets.  This new tool can be found in the document:  Log Inspector: Assets Depreciation (FADEPR) Terminated in Error (Doc ID 1626908.1).  When your depreciation process has terminated in error, you can use this tool to explore possible causes and find solutions. The Log Inspector will step you through the process. 

When you first view the Log Inspector document, you can select the link to view a short presentation about the use of the tool.  When you are ready to access the tool, you first select your release 12.0.x, 12.1.x, or 12.2.x.  Then select "Next."

The Log Inspector presents the second screen to you.  You will paste the contents of your depreciation error log file into the blank entry field.  When you select "Next," the Inspector will process the information provided to obtain a possible solution.

Error log

In this example, the depreciation error log was pasted into the Log Inspector's window, "Next" was selected, and the Inspector returned a solution:


The next time you encounter an error when running the depreciation process, consider utilizing the Log Inspector for analysis of the issue.  

Thursday Feb 20, 2014

Troubleshooting Assistant Now Available for Invoice Validation!

Proactive Support has created another great tool for you to use when facing Invoice Validation issues!

There are  many Troubleshooting Assistants available to help customers find solutions to their issues faster but we have just added another assistant for Invoice Validation because customers continue to have problems in this area and we wanted a quick way to help them find their answers.

Check out the new Troubleshooting Assistant: Oracle Payables (AP) Invoice Validation (Doc ID 1616563.2).

You will also see this tool when raising an SR for validation issues and you should defintely give it a try as it's been created from common issues and takes you directly to the known solutions.

You can interact with the tool to locate specific common error messages, review by symptoms or dig right into the issues we are aware of with the online validation or batch processing sections.  There is even some EBTax common problems included.

We also address corruption in the assistant, because often corruption can be the cause of your problem.  Why waste time trying to figure out what's wrong when you can run a simple request and find out?  

R12: Master GDF Diagnostic (MGD) to Validate Data Related to Invoices, Payments, Accounting, Suppliers and EBTax [VIDEO] (Doc ID 1360390.1

The MGD (Master Generic Data Fix) concurrent request can be ran for a date range or for a single transaction and the output will tell you exactly what is wrong with that transaction and tell you what you need to do to fix it. This is the reason why under the data corruption topic we refer to the MGD as your solution!  

It should ALWAYS be the first thing you check any time you have a payables issue so if you aren't aware of it, please read up on Payables #1 problem solving document or watch the video and get your data corruption issues fixed and prevent those headaches at month end.


EBS: Assistant (Search Helper) Index (Doc ID 1501724.1

So next time you have an Invoice Validation problem give the Troubleshooting Assistant a try and you might be surprised how easy it was to resolve! 

Thursday Jan 16, 2014

Mass Additions Create Giving You Headaches? New Troubleshooting Assistant Available!

Don't Struggle Interfacing Invoice Distribution Lines from Payables To Fixed Assets - Help Is Available!

Mass Additions Create (APMACR) is the process by which Oracle Payables Invoice Distribution Lines are checked for eligibility and they if meet the critiera, they are inserted into the FA Mass Additions table as Mass Addition Lines.  

Oracle Assets users then prepare those Mass Addition Lines, by populating additional information, and run Post Mass Additions (FAMAPT) to convert that Mass Addition into an Asset.

Capital Project Related Invoice Distribution Lines are treated a little differently as they have to firstly interface from Oracle Payables into Oracle Projects before Oracle Projects interfaces them into Fixed Assets.  However, Create Mass Additions still examines project related invoice distribution lines and flags them as Capital Project related so that the relevant Projects concurrent programs can process them.  

For more information on Interfacing Project Related Invoice  Distributions to Oracle Assets Via Oracle Projects please review Doc ID 866310.1 - PAXCPGAL & PAXCPCAL - What Are The Steps to Generate Asset Lines and Interface Them to Oracle Fixed Assets?

What Help Is Available? 

It's very common for Payables users to fail to understand why their Invoice Distribution Lines didn't get selected by APMACR but the following documents should help you understand and resolve your issues.

1) We have the Mass Additions Diagnostics that have been around for a while:

These diagnostics allow you to enter a responsibility, operating unit, GL Date, Invoice ID and Asset Book and the report will examine the conditions required for successful interface to Mass Additions and it will explain why the line didn't meet the conditions. 

The screenshot below is taken from a sample output and it shows the invoice distribution didn't interface because the account used on the invoice distribution is not defined as an Asset or CIP Clearing account in any category for the asset book.  


2) We have White Papers, Troubleshooting Guides and Functional Overviews to help explain this process in detail:

  • R12: Master Note: APMACR - Mass Additions Create Program - Functional Overview (Doc ID 1321002.1)
  • Understanding Mass Additions Create (APMACR) and Troubleshooting from FA Perspective (Doc ID 1070597.1)
  • White Paper on Mass Additions Create Process in R12 (Doc ID 567690.1)

3) If you are unsure what you should read to help you resolve your Mass Additions Create issues, then look no further than a Troubleshooting Assistant

  • Troubleshooting Assistant: Create Mass Additions From Payables (AP) to Fixed Assets (FA) (Doc ID 1609542.2)

 This document was created to help you quickly locate the relevant document that will explain your issue and help you interface your invoice distribution lines to Oracle Assets.



4) If you are still unsure, why not use the Payables Community which is there for you to use to post your questions and enter into discussions with Oracle and other customers using Oracle Payables.

Monday Nov 18, 2013

Troubleshooting CRM Integration Points

A topic that consistently comes up in CRM product family Service Requests and in MOS Communities is that of integration points between products, either between products within the CRM product family or between a CRM and an ERP product.  Often there is confusion about how that integration point should work and what to do when it doesn't!

To try and address the types of problems and queries that arise, we have been producing Integration Troubleshooting articles which address a number of different integration hotspots:
  • Integration Troubleshooting: Install Base to Service Contracts (Doc ID 1451488.2)
  • Integration Troubleshooting: Order Management to Service Contracts (Doc ID 1455545.2).
  • Integration Troubleshooting : Charges (Core Service to Order Management) (Doc ID 1589712.2)
  • Integration Troubleshooting : Charges to Installed Base (Doc ID 1443462.2)
  • Integration Troubleshooting : Charges (Core Service) to Order Management (Doc ID 1446616.2)
  • Integration Troubleshooting : Territories to Core Service (Doc ID 1519495.2
  • Integration Troubleshooting : Email Center to Core Service (Automatic SR Creation) (Doc ID 1495860.2).

The notes present information on:

  • details of the integration point, with the applications navigation
  • setup considerations
  • integration flow explanation and troubleshooting.

Integration troubleshooting note example

Let us know if you like these notes and find them useful by rating the documents using the 'Rate this Document' link Rate this document iconon the top right of every KM document, or you can mail us directly on and let us know what you want to see.

Monday Nov 11, 2013

Help With 'Stuck' Payments Has Arrived!

Do you have a problem with a PPR stuck in 'Formatting' status or a stuck Payment Instruction?  Is it driving you crazy trying to figure out what is wrong?  

You've come to the right place.  Read on for more information.....

There are solutions available for known issues related to supplier/creditor payments within a Payment Process Request (PPR) in the Oracle Payments module that become stuck with Status 'Formatting'.  All of these were reviewed, compiled and converted into one master document - a ONE STOP SHOP.

R12: DETAILED TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE: AP Payments: "Stuck" PPRs with "Formatting" status, and stuck PI's (Doc ID 1585563.1) is available on My Oracle Support to answer all your questions and help you overcome your stuck payment issue.

Topics covered in this document are:


  • What is a 'stuck' PPR?
  • How to  find a PPR's status
  • Are you really stuck?  

Known Issues:

  • PPRs stuck in 'FORMATTING' status
  • Payment Instruction Files (PIs) stuck in 'CREATED' Status
  • PI's stuck in 'SUBMITTED FOR PRINTING' status

Each of the known issue descriptions mentioned above have varying symptoms with specific different solutions so we have put together a simple chart for you to review which describes the symptoms, root case, fixed file version (if applicable) and recommended patch or steps to resolve.

Check out Doc ID 1585563.1 today and say goodbye to Stuck PPR issues for good!

Monday Oct 28, 2013

Troubleshooting Assistants Are A New Way To Find Solutions!

Are you struggling to find the solutions to your issue from the vast collection of documents available on My Oracle Support(MOS)?

Well we have great news for you!  'Troubleshooting Assistants' formerly known as 'Search Helpers' were created to help you find your solutions faster. We now have so many across EBS that we need an index for them!

EBS: Assistant (Search Helper) Index - Doc ID 1501724.1

Oracle Payables has them for the following popular problem areas -

Invoice Matching
Cancel and Discard


Cash Management.

To use them you simply answer the question which area you are having an issue with and select the boxes that describe your symptoms and the solutions are displayed for you!    



Much quicker than looking through all those MOS documents - don't you agree?

You can access these assistants directly from the index or from the Troubleshooting Payables Information Center.  

We are seeing amazing results from the happy customers who have already found and used them - so please take a minute to give them a try.  We would love to hear how we can improve them to better assist you so please rate the documents in MOS or provide your feedback below.

Bookmark the assistants today and give them a go next time you need to find a solution!

Monday Aug 19, 2013

HCM: Three New Troubleshooting Assistants for HCM...and One Gets a New Look

You may be familiar with the term "Search Helper".  A Search Helper for iRecruitment was introduced last year as an easy and fast method to finding a relevant, complete solution to common issues encountered by our customers.  Search Helpers exist for many products across the E-Business Suite.

Search Helpers have been re-tooled to provide an improved customer experience within My Oracle Support.  Part of that re-tooling includes reformatting and renaming the Search Helpers to one or more Assistants that more clearly define the intent or purpose of the guided resolution.  Whether you are using the Assistant within My Oracle Support to resolve an issue through Search/Browse or as part of SR creation, you will notice a different look to the Assistants, but the same information as was previously available via the Search Helpers will be provided via the Assistants.

Here's a new look at the Troubleshooting Assistant for iRecruitment (Doc ID 1451641.1):

Three new Troubleshooting Assistants have been published to help you resolve errors in HR and Payroll.
Check out the new assistants:
ORA Errors in HR - Doc ID 1561356.1
ORA Errors in Payroll -  Doc ID 1561515.1
APP Errors in Payroll - Doc ID 1566491.1

For a full listing of all assistants in EBS check the index note Doc ID 1501724.1.

Thursday Aug 15, 2013

Top Adpatch Patching Issues For Release 11i And 12.x

Do you have problems or questions applying E-Business Suite patches?
Do you want to learn more about:

  • Patching strategy
  • Minimizing the risks when applying a patch
  • How to troubleshoot different patching issues
  • What information can be useful and should be uploaded in service requests or community threads (depending on the issue received)

Then use Document Id 1444322.1 Top Adpatch Patching Issues For Release 11i And 12.x as your starting point.  This document has a wealth of information about how to plan your patching so that you have a successful patching session and how to resolve failures if they happen anyway.

Many patch issues can be resolved quickly by following the troubleshooting steps in Doc ID 1444322.1.  If you need extra help try searching the E-Business Suite Patching Community by patch number first, someone else may have already hit and resolved your issue.  If you need to log a service request then providing information about all the troubleshooting steps you've already followed will help avoid you having to answer the same questions again; provide us all needed information (including all the patch log files) and you may find that we can answer your patching issue from the first update!

Want to discuss this some more?  Come and join us in the E-Business Suite Patching Community and discuss patching issues with Oracle experts and industry peers.

Sunday Apr 07, 2013

Master Troubleshooting Guide for PO Output for Communication Is Revamped

See our revamp of Purchasing Doc ID 1375082.1 the Master Troubleshooting Guide for POXPOPDF: PO Output for Communication which includes:

The document includes sections with the following information:

Setup checks 1. Setup checks. The five key items to check to avoid errors and confirm your settings.
Targeted patching 2. Targeted Patching. A detailed analysis was done of all known defects related to 'PO Output for Communications' and the patches and file versions they have been fixed in. Check this section for recommending patching.
Common Issues 3. Common Issues. In this section a list of commonly reported errors that are not patch related are included and their resolution.   There is also a link to Frequency Asked Questions.
Troubleshooting 4. Steps are included here for additional troubleshooting help.

Check out the solutions provided before logging a Service Request. Don't forget that you can add a comment to the note if you want to see something added or improved.

Monday Mar 18, 2013

How to Diagnose and Resolve 'System failed to generate the PDF' Errors in Procurement

Did you Know that most of the Procurement ‘System Failed to Generate PDF’ errors can be resolved with a few setup steps and patching?  Doc ID 1520871.1 has been written to  provide you with best practices for preventing and resolving the error.

Doc ID 1520871.1

Don’t miss the important  sections where you can see how to quickly resolve known issues relating to this error.  Take a look at the note for comprehensive troubleshooting and if you have any questions come and ask the experts in the Procurement Community.

Thursday Dec 13, 2012

Do you have Reconciliation Problems in Procurement between the Subledger and GL?

We are happy to announce the New Accrual Reconciliation Diagnostic & Troubleshooting Guide provided in Doc ID 1478292.1.  The Accrual Diagnostics script is designed to run when there is a reconciliation issue between subledger and GL and provides a user friendly report .  It was created to allow customers to run a single script to retrieve all data from various tables instead of having to run individual scripts. 

Doc ID 1478292.1 guides you through downloading and running the script, includes a full sample output in the attachments and gives steps for troubleshooting based on the report output.

Doc 1478292.1

We welcome your feedback for improvement of the Diagnostic. After visiting the note, click on the +/- icon in the note (shown in the sceenshot above) and provide us with your valuable comments!

Thursday Mar 29, 2012

Upcoming Webcast: Basic Troubleshooting Information For Stuck Sales Order Issues

ADVISOR WEBCAST: Basic Troubleshooting Information For Stuck Sales Order Issues

April 18, 2012 at 1 pm ET, 11 am MT, 10 am PT

This one-hour session is recommended for technical and functional users who deal with stuck sales order issues in Inventory module.

  • General Overview about Open Transactions Interface
  • How sales order records are interface to Oracle Inventory
  • How to track sales order cycle flow once the records are interface into MTL_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE table
  • How to troubleshoot sales order stuck in MTL_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE
  • What to look for when reviewing screen shots and diagnostics

A short, live demonstration (only if applicable) and question and answer period will be included. Oracle Advisor Webcasts are dedicated to building your awareness around our products and services. This session does not replace offerings from Oracle Global Support Services.

Current Schedule can be found on Note 740966.1
Post Presentation Recordings can be found on Note 740964.1

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