Wednesday Nov 12, 2014

R12: Resolve Supplier Bank Account Issues When Creating Payment For Customer Refunds

Whilst creating the payment for a Customer Refund (Payment Request) Invoice it is common to see the following error:

  • Supplier Bank Account attached to document payable is end dated

One reason for this message is that there is a missing record in the IBY_PMT_INSTR_USES_ALL table.

Previously we have used data fixes to correct the problem but now the application offers a way to resolve this without the data fix by using the "Enable As Supplier" functionality provided by the Supplier Hub application.

Full details are available by reviewing the My Oracle Support document:

R12 Solve Customer Refund - Supplier Bank Account Attached To Document Payable Is End Dated (Doc ID 1942142.1)

Questions or issues?

Please post any comments or concerns in the Payables Community Thread for this topic.

Monday Feb 10, 2014

Urgent! Change in the HTTP Proxy Service Used for OSN - Oracle Supplier Network Starting February 16th

Oracle Supplier Network currently uses the HTTP Proxy service - - for document delivery.  The proxy service is due to be decommissioned on 16th Feb 2014 at 10:00 AM GMT and a new proxy service hosted by Oracle Managed Cloud Services - - will be used instead.

What does this mean for Oracle Supplier Network customers?

Outbound requests from Oracle HTTP Server mid-tiers should go through the OnDemand HTTP proxy services, and, which are the BIG-IP virtual servers that load balance the actual physical devices.

To ensure continued connectivity, the subnets for the new proxy service must be allowed access in customer's firewall.  Please see 'What are the IP Addresses for OSN' (Doc ID 435409.1) for a listing of the required subnets.  You may open the firewall to receive requests from the subnets mentioned in the note.

These configuration changes need to be done by 16th Feb 2014, 10:00 AM GMT.  If you do not complete these changes before the mentioned time, the documents delivered by Oracle Supplier Network might fail to reach your ERP system."

For more information see the Procurement Community thread: 'Urgent!!! FAQ - Change in the HTTP Proxy Service Used for Oracle Supplier Network (Doc ID 1620906.1)'.

Additional Enhancements in 12.1.3: Procurement iSupplier Portal, Sourcing and Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM) Rollup Patch: 17525552:R12.PRC_PF.B

Did you see these new additions to Doc ID 1591198.1, section Enhancements introduced in Patch 17525552:R12.PRC_PF.B?  Along with the rest of the enhancements the following information has been appended:

 Functional Area
Previous Behavior
Enhanced Behavior
Send Pre – Qualification Questionnaire  When action ‘Send Pre – Qualification Questionnaire’ is taken,  the notification that is sent to the supplier will be ‘Action Required: Please fill out the Supplier pre – qualification questionnaire’.  In the new process an ‘Invitation to Register’ should be first sent to the supplier, followed then by an ‘Action Required: Please fill out the Supplier pre – qualification questionnaire’ notification. This will be less confusing for the supplier to first see the invitation and then the notification for questionnaire.
Supplier Registration Actions  Buyer uses Notify button to ask any information from the supplier.  The ‘Notify’ button has been converted to ‘Supplier to Provide Details’ action in actions dropdown in Supplier request review page. 
During registration process, there won’t be any action like 'Supplier to Provide details’; instead there is 'Send Invitation to Supplier’. But after registration is complete, during the approval process, the buyer/approver will have the action 'Supplier to Provide details'.
New Supplier Registration Process  After the internal user clicks on ‘Register New Supplier’ button, the user will be guided to ‘Suppliers: Register New Supplier’ page. This page presently has only two buttons – ‘Cancel’ and ‘Save & Continue’.

 As per the new process this page will have three buttons – ‘Cancel’, ‘Send Invitation to Supplier’ and ‘Save Continue’. The buttons are described below:

  •  Save & Continue: This button will save the information and take the requester to the next page - 'New Supplier Request' page where user can then enter more information and take actions such as 'Register, Save, Cancel' etc.
    Note - this button will neither send any invitation to the supplier nor will it change the status of the request. i.e.., it keeps the request in DRAFT mode.
  • Send Invitation to Supplier (New Button): This button will save the information and sends an invitation notification to the supplier to register.  It additionally changes the status of the request to 'Supplier to provide details'.
Entering Profile Attributes  Currently all UDAs display in the same page, then it requires the buyer to also enter mandatory UDAs specific to supplier.

 When the requester takes action 'Send Invitation to Supplier' on request review page (not on the request creation page), all the mandatory UDAs to be entered by the internal user will be validated and error messages will be displayed. The request is sent to the supplier only if all the mandatory UDAs are entered by the internal user. To achieve this, UDA pages are segregated to 'attributes to be entered by supplier' and 'attributes to be entered by buyer'.

Tuesday Feb 04, 2014

ER Implemented - New Supplier Update API's Supported in R12 Oracle Payables!

Well we have great news for you! 

In 11i there were API's (Update_Vendor, Update_Vendor_Site and Update_Vendor_Contact) but they were not supported in R12 due to integration with Multiple product teams. The reason being was that the entities Supplier, Sites and Contacts had representations in multiple products like TCA, IBY, ZX etc and all these representations needed to be in sync.

However, most of our customers have huge volumes of supplier data which they need to be able to control programmatically so the fact that they no longer had access to these API's was frustrating.

It was requested through Enhancement Request Bug 17575099: ENHANCEMENT FOR SUPPORT OF SUPPLIER UPDATE APIS that Oracle Payables provides API's for updating Supplier / Supplier Sites / Supplier Contacts in AP_VENDOR_PUB_PKG in R12.

Well, this functionality is now available and the following new APIs had been created: 

                      - Update_Vendor_Public
                      - Update_Vendor_Site_Public
                      - Update_Vendor_Contact_Public

*** Note: These are the only procedures supported to update suppliers, sites or contacts.

We are sure that this ER being implemented will be welcome news for many.  Enjoy! 

To download the document with additional information about these new procedures please review Doc ID 1618099.1 - New Supplier Update API's in Oracle Payables

Further Information:

R12: What are New Supplier Related Tables/Packages/Programs. APIs Supportability (Doc ID 812918.1

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Thursday Jan 02, 2014

Do you Deal with Supplier Profile Management flows?

Do you Deal with Supplier Profile Management flows?  Well if so, you will want to read this…..

There have been a lot of changes in Release 12 and higher with the integration of Trading Community Architecture (TCA), where supplier data is part of the parties architecture.

See these important references to get the full picture:

  • Doc ID 1591187.1-*Upgrade Issues* Supplier Data Model, Upgrade Scripts and Patches For Data Issues In The Upgrade To 12.X: this note provides a compilation of important references for this data model change (including manuals).
  • Doc ID 1607664.1- Diagrams of TCA - Trading Community Architecture - Data Models Showing Logical Design as Used in Supplier Management:  diagrams showing the data models in 11i and R12 for Supplier Management are shown here.  These diagrams are useful for comparing differences between the releases and understanding the logical data model.  The ERD - Entity Relationship Diagrams - are also provided to clarify the models further.
  • Doc ID 1596801.1- UPGRADE Supplier Data Model From 11i to R12 - List and Description of Scripts Used During Upgrade: obtain details of upgrade scripts used for upgrading supplier data from 11i to R12 to comply with the new data model for supplier data in R12.  This data is used by products from Oracle Applications like iSupplier, Purchasing, iProcurement, Sourcing, Payables, etc.
  • Doc ID 1591190.1- *Upgrade Issues* Supplier Data Issues After Upgrade to 12.X and Generic Data Fix Patches: this document lists the data issues after the upgrade and the generic data fix patches available.

Still have Questions? Access this Procurement community post and, using the reply link, put in your question/comment.

Thursday Nov 14, 2013

One-Stop Shop for Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM) and Supplier Hub Information

Visit our one-stop shop for Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM) and Supplier Hub Information!

Doc ID 1398323.1 is a master reference note for SLM and Supplier Hub, the following listed categories contain information where issues arise frequently. 

Match the issue you are facing against the category and review the linked documents for potential solution.   Get the latest patching news to optimize use, see the Enhancement Requests logged and much, much more.

Click here to visit Doc ID 1398323.1.

Wednesday Mar 21, 2012

Upcoming Webcast: Employee/Standard Supplier Inquiry/Update Responsibility Setup Diagnostic Test

ADVISOR WEBCAST: Employee/Standard Supplier Inquiry/Update Responsibility Setup Diagnostic Test
PRODUCT FAMILY: Oracle Payables

March 28, 2012 at 10 am ET, 8 am MT, 6 am PT, 7:30 pm India

This one-hours session is recommended for technical and functional users who create and setup separate responsibilities to achieve various supplier inquiry /update functionalities but encounter issues while accessing these functions and system does not behave as intended. In this session, we will discuss various reasons and the solutions to resolve the issues encountered.

  • Understanding the architecture of suppliers in R12
  • What is Employee/Standard Supplier Inquiry/Update Responsibility Setup Diagnostic Test and when to use that
  • How to run the diagnostic
  • How to interpret the diagnostic output and make necessary changes to setup.
  • A brief description about the supplier import diagnostic script used to trouble shoot import issues.

A short, live demonstration (only if applicable) and question and answer period will be included. Oracle Advisor Webcasts are dedicated to building your awareness around our products and services. This session does not replace offerings from Oracle Global Support Services.

Current Schedule can be found on Note 740966.1
Post Presentation Recordings can be found on Note 740964.1


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