Wednesday Dec 17, 2014

Spares Management Planner's Dashboard Updates

The Planner's Desktop provides functionality to plan and view inventory across the entire field service supply chain. This feature is also available as a form or window and an Application Development Framework (ADF) page, named Planner’s Dashboard, from the Spares Management responsibility.  The Planner’s Dashboard is the ADF version of Planner’s Desktop. This page consists of the following features: spares planning, view inventory item details, search planning hierarchy nodes and planning parameters.

The EBS 12.2.4 Spares Management Planners Dashboard functionality requires deployment on the WebLogic Server.  Previously the ADF Planner'st Dashboard had to be deployed on a standalone WebLogic Server, but it is now possible to integrate it into the WebLogic server that is included with the EBS install.  See Doc ID 1925014.1: Spares Management: 12.2.4+ ADF Planners Dashboard Deployment Guide for details of steps to implement the Application Developers Framework (ADF) based Planners Dashboard in 12.2.4 and also some troubleshooting hints.

Sunday Sep 15, 2013

Spares Management: Understanding the Effect of Task Reassignment When a Parts Requirement Exists

If you use spares management and want to understand what happens to a parts requirement when a field service task is reassigned, then we have just the note for you!  Doc ID 1582488.1 describes the intended effects of reassigning a task that has a parts requirement assigned. Different behaviour will be seen depending on the 'Ship To' address of the task, the status of the source line of the parts requirement line(s) and the way the reassignment is done (manual or through scheduler).

When possible, the system will attempt to re-source the required part(s) and create a reservation or internal order for the parts for new resource. But that is not always possible. The document explains when it is possible and when it's not.  It also shows what the behaviour is when it's not possible and includes tips and tricks for the different scenarios.

After you've read the note, let us know what you think.  Was it useful?  Do you want to see more of this type of note?  Let us know by joining the conversation in the MOS Field Service and Depot Repair Community, we'd love to hear from you.

Monday Apr 02, 2012

12.1.3 Spares Management Enhancements Transfer of Information (TOI)

Transfer of Information (TOI) presentation is available. It covers the following enhancements made to the EBS Spares Management Product:

  • Restrict Sources with no Shipping Network definition
  • Create Internal Order when Source is Manned Warehouse
  • Display Delivery status in Parts Requirement UI
  • Order Sources by distance when Shipping cost remains same
  • Calculate Parts Shipping Distances using Navteq Data
  • Consider Warehouse Calendar to calculate Parts Arrival Date
  • Create Requisitions in Operating Unit of Destination Inventory Org
  • Uptake of HZ address structure in Parts Requirement UI
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