Thursday Apr 03, 2014

New Contracts RUP Patches Released

You may have noticed in last week's post CRM Product Family Latest Patch Information that there are new Contracts RUP patches released.  These are important patches and I wanted to tell you more about them here, in case you missed the information in last week's entry. 

Service Contracts

Patch 17155169:R12.OKS.B is the first RUP patch released for Service Contracts in R12.1.3 (see Doc ID 1612461.1 for the readme).  It contains many bug fixes encountered since R12.1.3 was first released and it's highly recommended that you apply this patch.  In addition to the bug fixes, the patch also delivers a number of enhancements including:

  • Service Contract Renewal Performance Enhancements
  • Performance Enhancements to Main Billing Program for Usage Contracts
  • Mass Update Tool for Contract Authoring
  • Selective Update of Warranty Contracts Upon IB Transfer of Ownership
  • Flexible Invoice Text Defaulting.

Details of the enhancements are given in Doc ID 1467147.1.

Sales/Procurement Contracts

For Sales Procurement Contracts Patch 17755570:R12.OKC.B is the second RUP patch released for R12.1.3 (see Doc ID 1612432.1 for the readme).  This is a recommended patch and contains a large number of bug fixes as well as some important enhancements.  The enhancements include:

  • MS Word 2010 Certification
  • Multi Row Variables or UDA Variables
  • Purge Repository Contracts Concurrent Program
  • Delete Multiple Clauses and Sections in Contract Terms.
    Details of the enhancements are given in Doc ID 1467149.1 (for Sales Contracts) and Doc ID 1467140.1 (for Procurement Contracts).

    Monday Mar 31, 2014

    What's NEW? 12.1.3+ E-business Suite Recommended Patch Collection 1!

    We are very pleased to announce the availability of E-Business Suite 12.1.3+ Recommended Patch Collection 1 (Patch 17774755).  This Recommended Patch Collection combines recommended patches for EBS 12.1.3 into a single integrated and regression-tested patchset.

    Note: Patch 17774755 must be applied into an existing Release 12.1.3 E-Business Suite environment.

    For the complete installation steps and Functional information, refer to My Oracle Support Doc ID 1638535.1.

    Friday Nov 01, 2013

    CRM: New Rollup Patches Released

    See the table below for new rollup patches released for CRM family products.

    Product  Patch Number
    Service Patch 17467506:R12.CS.B12.1.3:BUG FIXES FOR CS: OCTOBER'13 RUP PATCH
    iStore Patch 16509570:R12.IBE.B- ORACLE ISTORE 12.1.3+ ROLLUP 1
    Doc ID 1560963.1
    Lease and Finance Management
    Patch 17485497:R12.OKL.B - OLFM : 1213 RUP3 DELTA 15 n/a

    For Trade Management and Price Protection the following Information Centers list the latest recommended patches and recently released patches:

    • Critical, Recommended and Latest Patches for Oracle Trade Management (Doc ID 1599010.2)
    • Critical, Recommended and Latest Patches for Oracle Price Protection (Doc ID 1599010.2- go to Channel Revenue Management tab)

    Friday Oct 25, 2013

    New RUP Patch for iSupplier Portal, Sourcing and Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM)

    Just released - the 12.1.3 Rollup (RUP) Patch 17525552:R12.PRC_PF.B for iSupplier Portal, Sourcing and Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM).

    Who should apply this patch?

    Anyone that is on Release 12.1.3 and is using  iSupplier Portal, Sourcing or Supplier Lifecycle Management (SLM) functionality.

    The following areas have had major fixes:

    • Prospective Supplier Guided Navigation: The train-navigation is introduced for prospective supplier registration so that prospective suppliers can see all steps needed to successfully register themselves.
    • Supplier Registration Workflow Enhancement: With this release, provided the Approval Management Engine (AME) action required notifications for supplier approval, so that all workflow related features can be enabled. Vacation rules can be set, approvals can be forwarded and more information can be requested through the notification itself.  Additionally AME parallel Approval support for Supplier Registration approvals has been added.
    • Reinstate Supplier Request: Allow buyer to reopen/reinstate the rejected supplier. Supplier is able to access their previously rejected registration again and make changes and resubmit request.
    • Contact Address Association: The prospective supplier is allowed to associate addresses with contacts (including Primary) during the prospective supplier registration process.
    • Primary Contact Enhancement: The prospective supplier can be registered without creating a user account for the primary contact.
    • Mandatory Attributes: In the negotiation requirement creation page, the lookup meaning of 'Internal' has been changed to 'Internal Optional', and a new lookup value with meaning as 'Internal Required' has been added. The values available in the 'Type' dropdown now are Display Only, Internal Optional, Internal Required, Supplier Optional and Supplier Required.  So now during supplier evaluations, internal user response can be set as mandatory by using Internal Required type during requirement creation.
    • Notifications to Supplier:  When the supplier saves and submits their supplier registration request, then a notification with a registration status page link will be sent for further access.  When the buyer approves, rejects or returns the request, the supplier will be notified in an email with the current status.
    There are also 10 major enhancements included in this RUP.

    For information about this RUP; including, the fixes and enhancements included, how to access and apply the patch, performing an impact analysis on your system, and testing recommendations, see Doc ID 1591198.1Don’t delay apply the patch today!

    Wednesday Oct 02, 2013

    HCM: Legislative Customers Apply Mandatory Patches to Ensure Regulatory Compliance and to Maintain Your Supportability

    Legislative customers have a key responsibility of ensuring their systems are in compliance with regulations and statutory requirements for a specific country. With the recent announcements regarding Lifetime Support Policy updates, it is a good time to remind you that the HRMS Suite of products has minimum required Rollup Patch (RUP) levels as well as additional mandatory patches that our customers need to apply.

    These minimum RUP patches and other mandatory patches for your product or legislation are created with the following goals in mind:

    • Compliance: Manage the people in your organization within the requirements of a specific country
    • Supportability: Ensure you are on a common code base so that if problems are identified, patches can be readily provided to you
    • Reliability: Reliable code with multiple customer downloads and comprehensive testing.

    For the listing of Mandatory Rollup Patches for Oracle Payroll please view: Mandatory Family Pack/Rollup Patch (RUP) Levels for Oracle Payroll - Doc ID 295406.1.

    For the listing of Mandatory Patches for the HRMS Suite please view: Oracle E-Business Suite HCM Information Center – Consolidated HRMS Mandatory Patch List - Doc ID 1160507.1.

    For information on the latest Rollup Patches (RUPs) for the HRMS Suite please view: Oracle HRMS Product Family – Release 11i & 12 Information - Doc ID 135266.1.

    Friday Aug 09, 2013

    HCM: HRMS Release Update Packs (RUP) for 2013 - Available Now!

    Did you know that all of the 2013 HRMS RUPs (Release Update Pack) have been released?  Yes!

    Here are the patch numbers for the 2013 RUP releases:

    App. Version
    RUP Name
     Patch #
    Release Date
    Release 11i Family Pack K RUP8 14488556 5/3/2013
    Release 12.0 HRMS RUP 11 16077077 8/2/2013
    Release 12.1 HRMS RUP6 16000686 5/31/2013

    These patches can be downloaded from My Oracle Support (MOS).  Be sure to review the README for important prerequisite, patching, and post-install information (including data installer and hrglobal.drv ) BEFORE applying the patch.

    Why is the RUP important to your business? 

    Keeping up with application of the current HRMS RUP is important so that your system has the latest HR & Payroll features and bug fixes.  Also, the current RUP patches listed above are all a mandatory requirement for Year End processing in the Oracle Payroll localizations delivered by Product Development (known as 'Tier 1') legislation's and US Federal HR products. For more information, review MOS Document.295406.1

    What’s included in these RUP patches?

    Typically the RUP includes changes for new features or functionality that Oracle Development is releasing at that time.  The RUP also includes bug fixes for various issues that have been discovered & resolved over the last several months since the last RUP update.  Also, depending on your legislation, the RUP may include legislative specific changes or updates which are timely and necessary for staying current with HR and Payroll functionality in your legislation.

    For a list of the new features, changes, and bug fixes, review the README documents on My Oracle Support.  There you’ll find details explaining what is being delivered in the patch, as well as important information regarding the application of the patch. These documents include links to legislative specific README notes, where you can also review what has been delivered specifically for your legislation.  As mentioned before, review the README information BEFORE applying the patch.

    Here are the README documents which are available on My Oracle Support (MOS) for the 2013 RUP releases:

    • Doc ID 1540662.1  About Oracle 11i HRMS Family Pack K Rollup 8(RUP8) (14488556 11i.HR_PF.K.DELTA.8) - Global
    • Doc ID 1564126.1 Oracle Human Resources Management Systems Readme, HRMS Release Update Pack 11 Release 12.0
    • Doc ID 1549442.1  Oracle Human Resources Management Systems Readme, HRMS Release Update Pack 6  Release 12.1

    Are there any issues with applying these latest RUP patches?

    Yes, please be aware that there could be some issues that were discovered after these RUP patches were released.  There is a ‘known issues’ document for each release version, to give you a heads-up on what might impact your environment.  So be sure to review these documents as well, in conjunction with the patch README documents.

    • Doc ID 1538593.1  Known Issues on Top of Patch 14488556 - 11i.HR_PF.K.DELTA.8 (HRMS 11i RUP8)
    • Doc ID 1538635.1 Known Issues on Top of Patch 16077077 - R12.HR_PF.A.DELTA.11 (HRMS 12.0 RUP11)
    • Doc ID 1538636.1 Known Issues on Top of Patch 16000686 - R12.HR_PF.B.DELTA.6(HRMS 12.1 RUP6)

    So don’t delay! Year End processing is just around the corner for some legislations, so you want to be prepared by having the latest RUP patch already tested & applied! If you have any issues or questions when applying the RUP patch, please do a Knowledge search on My Oracle Support (MOS) , and review the known issues documentation.

    As always, if you can’t find the solution there, please log a new Service Request for assistance from Oracle Support.

    Tuesday Jul 23, 2013

    Buyer Work Center (BWC) Recommended Patching

    If you are on R12.1.3 and use the Buyer Work Center then we recommend that you apply the 12.1.3 Procurement RUP Patch 15843459:R12.PRC_PF.B, or higher, to maximize the full benefits of the Buyer Work Center and to resolve known issues.

    See Doc ID 1549958.1 for the link to information on Patch 15843459.

    By applying this RUP or higher the issues listed in the table below can be prevented/resolved:

    BWC Issue

    Original Patch Number

    Fixed files

    Purchase Order Charge Account Is Not Updated When Changing Requestor Or Category in the BWC



    When changing quantity at shipment level in update mode from one with no decimals to one with decimals the change is not effective



    In the BWC drop down list for Communication Method still includes values that have been disabled.



    When searching for a Requisition using a List of Values (LOV), slow response then an error page is displayed: Internal server error



    Cannot Enter condition "order is" when accessed from view mode (click on personalize, create new View) while the same condition can be created when accessed from search mode.


    DocumentConstants.class 120.207.12010000.13
    AgreementsSummaryCO.class 120.6.12010000.3
    DocumentNumbersLovCO.class 120.1.12010000.4
    DocumentStylesLovCO.class 120.1.12010000.2

    After creating a view for Order distributions lines, the view ends in timeout.

    11929574:R12.PO.B 120.156.12010000.13

    Bad performance on some order views in the Buyer's Work Center. For example choose personalize button from the Orders Tab, create or duplicate a view, choose properties and add one sort setting.

    12546854:R12.PO.B 120.10.12010000.6

    When attempting to view purchase order from BWC then try to return to the orders home page, The following error occurs:  The Changes you made to this page have not been saved….


    In Requisitions BWC, after performing a search, if the user clicks on the 'Requisitions' tab and selects all the  results and add them to the Document Builder, the results table gets populated with all requisitions in the system.

    12561719:R12.PO.B 120.14.12010000.2 120.2.12010000.2 120.4.12010000.4

    In PBWC PO order view, update is done when user is not in update mode.


    When updating a schedule in BWC  click on next schedule, the quantity  is updated on the next schedule with the value just modified.


    OrderShipmentDetailsCO.j 120.26.12010000.2 

    Slow performance on Orders tab->action view requisitions


    From the Orders tab in 'Update PO Line' the Category List of value is not sorted alphabetically.



    When searching for requisition lines using a specific criteria like Source, Supplier, Currency system does not return correct values, even if requisition lines with these values exist.  If a new search is made using only Source = Supplier and a Supplier is named, the system will return the correct results including the line with currency used on the first search criteria.



    Trying to update an incomplete Finally Closed PO in the Buyer Work Center errs with
    You cannot update this document because its status is either Frozen, Canceled, Finally closed, In process,  Incomplete or Pre-approved




    When attempting to query a PO in Buyer Work Center the following error occurs:
    oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: oracle.jbo.SQLStmtException: JBO-27122: SQL error during statement preparation.

    12885750:R12.PO.B 120.2.12010000.2 120.4.12010000.2 120.2.12010000.2

    Users encounters 'You have encountered an unexpected error' exception  after clicking the 'Amount' column header to sort the queried Purchase Order distributions in BWC:  Exception Detail: oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: oracle.jbo.SQLStmtException: JBO-27122: SQL error during statement preparation.


    PoDistributionsSummaryVO.xml           120.27.12010000.4
    PoDistributionsSummaryVORowImpl.class   120.26.12010000.3

    When attempting to create a View on the Requisition tab in the BWC java.lang.NullPointerException occurs.



    On Requisition Summary of BWC searching using non view attribute criteria results in blind query.



    Search requisitions summary in BWC, no data found when use the same date in the From/ To fields

    13448804:R12.PO.B     120.9.12010000.5

    Search on Orders Lines tab, the 'Approval Status' contains list of values not only for Approval Status but also for Document Status.  


    OrderLinesSummaryRN.xml  120.31.12010000.5

    After cancelling a Purchase Order line and redirected back to the PO lines page , there are no lines displayed.

    13776662:R12.PO.B 120.156.12010000.35 120.23.12010000.5  120.11.12010000.8  120.19.12010000.4  

    Autocreated PO from Requisition having line type set to 'Amount Based'which is fully received and fully invoiced, the amount Received - Delivered -  billed or Cancelled is always zero

    13959141:R12.PO.B      120.84.12010000.30   120.48.12010000.24

    While trying to search on the BWC for Orders > Lines  and enter the 'Source Document Number' then enter % on the 'Source Document Line' it produce this error  'You must select at least one Document Number before selecting a Line Number.' and no lines retrieved, although there are existing lines for the PO.


    DocumentSrcDocLineVO.xml 120.2.12010000.4 

    When Autocreating a PO from a Requisition or directly creating a PO, before submitting for approval, change the requester or the category (account generator uses the requester to determine cost center, and item category to determine account).  Expected behavior is for the distribution to be updated accordingly, but this does not occur.

    9480839:R12.PO.B 120.48.12010000.13 120.111.12010000.19
    poprf.ldt 120.12.12010000

    How to make Buyer Work Center Read Only


    After cancelling a PO line and opening it in view-only mode, clicking on 'update' causes a non-cancelled line to open up in update mode.

    13981392:R12.PO.B 120.156.12010000.39

    Using Purchasing, when using the return to demand workbench after creating a purchase order in the buyer work center - adding a second line to the purchase order - does not show the latest purchase order information.

    Patch 13510892 (replaced by 14213029:R12.PO.B)

    Monday May 06, 2013

    Did You Know Applying the 12.1.3 Rollup Patch (RUP) 15843459:R12.PRC_PF.B Will Prevent/Resolve the following Issues?

    If you haven't applied the Procurement RUP Patch 15843459:R12.PRC_PF.B yet, then here are even more reasons to do so. 

    Below is a listing of some of the issues that you can prevent happening in your environment by applying this patch.




    PO & Req Processing


    Find that upon doing a cancel, the form does nothing and returns back to the cancel form.


    Prevent error FRM-40654 when there are trailing spaces in the tables for most of the fields. After applying the patch, the form will still display the error but a requery will allow to save the transaction.


    Poor performance in Create internal orders process


    When performing a search in buyer work center, it errors with 'You have encountered an unexpected error. Please contact the System Administrator for assistance'


    Import Price Catalog error with ORA-6533


    When creating a Requisition the item price is being rounded to 5 decimals



    When attempting to Submit a Purchase Order for approval, error occurs: 'There exists a closed wip job for this document'


    Action History form for Purchase Orders (PO) does not display the delegate action, as it does for Purchase Requisitions


    In Oracle Purchasing, approval screen shows up only with buttons with no text on them


    The note entered in the response section of notification is not displayed in the action history when a purchase order is rejected


    In Oracle Purchasing, BPA were not getting approved if they were having any canceled lines with expiration date out of the effective range of the header



    Unexpected error - java.lang.NullPointerException when attempting to view requisition details after using the "My Group's Requisitions" view


    When changing the expiration date for an agreement in Buyers Worbench, it only displays items in iProcurement for new lines but not for old lines


    Error 'An error has occurred during tax calculation which could impact tax information display' in requisition creation


    After using the 'Back' button during requisition checkout, the following error occurs: An error has occurred in building your approver list

     Refer to Document ID 1468883.1 for all you need to know about the RUP.

    Tuesday Oct 30, 2012

    See the exciting new features available for iProcurement and Sourcing with 12.1.3 Rollup Patch 14254641:R12.PRC_PF.B!

    See the exciting new features available for iProcurement and Sourcing with 12.1.3 Rollup Patch 14254641:R12.PRC_PF.B!

    Functional Area

    New Feature

    Note Reference


    Suppliers can now accept Terms and Conditions to comply with the buyer's Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA). The PDF generation process has been enhanced to provide faster generation of negotiation PDFs containing large amounts of data.

    Note 1499944.1 Sourcing New features From Procurement RUP Family R12.1.3 September Update 2012: Accept Terms and Conditions to Comply With NDA


    Users can now do the following:

    • Requesters can specify the GL date (encumbrance date) for each distribution against a line at the time of creating requisitions.
    • Enter an Accounting Date on and Procurement Requisition, if Dual Budgetary Control is enabled for Purchasing.
    • Choose a Favorite Charge Account to override your default charge account, using the Preferences page.
    • Buyers can update the unit price, suggested supplier, and site details while requesting a catalog item (inventory item) that is not linked to a blanket purchase agreement.


    Note 1499911.1 iProcurement New Features From RUP Family R12.1.3 September Update 2012: GL/Accouting Date,PO_CUSTOM_FUNDS_PKG.plb,Price and Supplier Update

    For new features across all the Procurement product groups and information about applying Patch 14254641 see Note 1468883.1.

    Tuesday Oct 09, 2012

    Don’t Delay - Apply the New 12.1.3 Procurement Rollup Patch NOW!

    A new critical rollup patch (RUP) has just been released by Development for our 12.1.3 Procurement customers.  This new Patch 14254641:R12.PRC_PF.B contains important fixes for Purchasing, Internet Supplier Portal (iSupplier), Sourcing  and iProcurement (Web). 

    Go to My Oracle Support and enter Document ID 1468883.1 in the Knowledge Base search. This note contains information on who should apply the patch, how to apply the patch, critical fixes and important new features.


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