Tuesday Mar 18, 2014

Check Out the ERs Included in the 12.1.3 January 2014 Rollup Patch (RUP) 18120913!

Click here to see all the Enhancement Requests (ERs) that have been included in the 12.1.3 January 2014 Rollup Patch (RUP) 18120913:R12.PRC_PF.B.

 Following is just a little snippet from the link:

Tuesday Mar 11, 2014

Planned Enhancement Requests for Inclusion in the Procurement Application Suite

The Procurement Development team is pleased to announce the first round of 'PLANNED' Enhancement Requests (ERs) for inclusion in the Procurement Suite of Applications.  Development selected these ERs based on Community Voting, number of Customers attached to the ER as a result of Service Requests (SRs) logged, and feasibility for implementation. The SRs were used in this selection process since this ER Community is only 4 months new.  Future ER selection will be based solely on the 'Voting' contained within this community space. 

To see a list of these ERs and for more information : click here

Wednesday Aug 07, 2013

Problems with Purchase Orders (POs) Not Reaching Your Suppliers?

After submitting your POs for approval, once approved the ‘PO Output for Communication’ is automatically spawned (if the field PO Output Format is set to PDF).  So, if your PO is not printing out, there is error in the output or the PO is not reaching your supplier, what can you do?  Use the Assistant below for potential solutions!

PO Output for Communiations Assistant

Assistants provide a collection of solutions based on the symptoms you enter.  Select the radio button that pertains to your issue (as shown above), then choose any additional symptoms that apply and the solution documents will display.

Try the Assistant solution documents before logging a Service Request, click here for access: Doc ID 1377764.1 .

Friday Jul 26, 2013

Improved PO Approval Analyzer Released

A new version of the PO Approval Analyzer is now available!  Download version 120.4 from Doc ID 1525670.1 to have these great new features and fixes:

  • Improved messages in the health check chart
  • Additional error handling into the output file including parameter errors so there is no need to check the log file
  • Changes in the concurrent program definition to prevent incorrect formatting when viewing the output from the application (requires a reload of file podiagaa.ldt)
  • New reset summary section with a quick overview of the number of documents with workflow errors, as shown here:
Remember that the analyzer script may be safely run at any time.  It can be used either reactively, when you are experiencing issues with a particular PO, Requisition or Release, or proactively, to detect issues with all transactions in an operating unit from a specified date forward.  No data is created, updated, or deleted by this script.  All the details are included in Doc ID 1525670.1.

Friday Jun 07, 2013

After running the 'Purge Obsolete Workflow Runtime Data' do you still have high counts in your workflow tables?

After running the 'Purge Obsolete Workflow Runtime Data' do you still have high counts in your workflow tables?   Try the new PO Purge Workflow Script which was designed to identify and abort Purchasing workflows not being processed by the purge obsolete process that meet these conditions: 
  • Workflows attached to purchase orders or requisitions that are already approved
  • Workflows not attached to purchase orders or requisitions tables
  • Account generator workflows and children processes associated             .

Make running this script part of your Procurement Workflow best practices.  See Doc ID 458886.1 to download the script and for all the information you need.

Monday Jun 03, 2013

Attention R12 Purchasing Accounting - Subledger Accounting

TroubleshootingRelease 12 introduced Subledger Accounting ( SLA) - an architectural layer between subledger and the General Ledger (GL).  Typically once data has been accounted properly, data transfer happens from subledger to GL through SLA.

During the transfer, some data corruption issues have been reported on the SLA to GL bridge. These issues may be categorized into below categories:

  •     Data with negative LEDGER_ID in the General Ledger (GL) tables.
  •     Data marked as "Transferred" in SLA but which has not reached GL.
  •     Data marked as "Not Transferred" in SLA, but which has reached GL.
  •     Multiple posting issues.
  •     Data which is in GL but which has been deleted from SLA (This is NOT applicable for 11i data)
  •     Journal Import failing with EP01 error while running the Transfer Journal Entries to GL program
  •     Data accounted in 11i and transferred to GL in R12 which is missing GL SL link id.

So what’s the fix?  See Doc ID 883557.1 for the patch fix for the root cause and the data fix in case corruption has occurred.

Monday Apr 29, 2013

New! Purchasing R12: PO Approval Analyzer Diagnostic Script

We are pleased to announce the release of the Purchasing ‘PO Analyzer’ diagnostic that can be used proactively to check a group of purchasing documents or reactively if you have problems on specific ones.  The PO Analyzer script can be run on one specific document that perhaps is stuck in an ‘in process’ or ‘pre-approved’ status where more information is needed, or it can be run for all documents within a specific date range.  It’s non-invasive (no update or delete statements are used) so it can be run it in a Production environment.

The images below show sample output from the script - the contents section and a detail report section:

PO Analyzer Report Output

PO Analyzer Sample Output

For download and steps to run the PO Analyzer see Doc ID 1525670.1.

We are also providing a Webcast on the Analyzer on May 28th.

Sign up now at Doc ID 1456150.1 .

Tuesday Apr 23, 2013

Did You Know Applying the Latest Procurement Family 12.1.3 Rollup Patch Will Prevent/Resolve Encumbrance Issues?

The Procurement Family 12.1.3 Rollup Patch 15843459:R12.PRC_PF.B was released at the end of March.  It includes a large number of bug fixes including the fixes below which will help to prevent or resolve encumbrance issues.

 Bug Issue
 Bug 14525049 In Oracle Purchasing, for a purchase order with budgetary control enabled project, if baselined cost budget is not available proper message is not shown.
 Bug 14229705 Error in PSA_BC_XLA_PUB.Budgetary_Control when reserving or checking funds on a purchase order with foreign currency
 Bug 13610367
In Oracle Purchasing during the Reserve action on a Federal PO (with backing Requisition), the backing Requisition's Encumbered Flag and Encumbered Amount are not updated to correct values
Bug 12972273 Unable to Reserve Purchase Orders Due To Error DO_ACTION-070: ORA-01400
 Bug 12824154 Generic error message 'Procedure PSA_BC_XLA_PUB.Budgetary_control returns an error without any details to the calling procedure' for encumbrance actions.

See the above fixes, along with many others in Doc ID 1468883.1.

Applying the RUP is recommended for all Procurement 12.1.3 customers.  RUP patches go through a full quality assurance testing and therefore increase the overall stability of the products when compared to one-off patches. 

If you have concerns about the files that will be impacted by applying this patch then remember that you can use the Patch Wizard to do an analysis of impacted files. If you want to know more about Patch Wizard, take a look at Doc ID 1077813.1: Patch Wizard: Overview and Videos.

Sunday Apr 07, 2013

Master Troubleshooting Guide for PO Output for Communication Is Revamped

See our revamp of Purchasing Doc ID 1375082.1 the Master Troubleshooting Guide for POXPOPDF: PO Output for Communication which includes:

The document includes sections with the following information:

Setup checks 1. Setup checks. The five key items to check to avoid errors and confirm your settings.
Targeted patching 2. Targeted Patching. A detailed analysis was done of all known defects related to 'PO Output for Communications' and the patches and file versions they have been fixed in. Check this section for recommending patching.
Common Issues 3. Common Issues. In this section a list of commonly reported errors that are not patch related are included and their resolution.   There is also a link to Frequency Asked Questions.
Troubleshooting 4. Steps are included here for additional troubleshooting help.

Check out the solutions provided before logging a Service Request. Don't forget that you can add a comment to the note if you want to see something added or improved.

Tuesday Sep 18, 2012

Procurement Search Helpers

To access all our Procurement Search Helpers see Doc ID 1391332.2 our Procurement Information Center Index, then click on Purchasing under Procurement Suite.

Here you will see links to our Procurement Search Helpers:

Search Helpers provide a collection of solutions based on the symptoms you enter. Try these before logging a Service Request.  If you are not sure how to use Search Helpers, click on 'About this Note' in each document.

Current Procurement Search Helpers:

Doc ID

Search Helper Title


 EBS : Purchase Order and Requisition Approval Search Helper (In Process or Incomplete Status)


EBS : PO Output for Communication / Supplier Notification Issues Search Helper


EBS : Requisition To Purchase Order Search Helper


EBS : Purchase Document Open Interface and API Search Helper


EBS : Search Helper for RVTII-060 Errors in Receiving


EBS : Purchasing Buyer Work Center Search Helper


EBS : Document Control Issues Search Helper

Wednesday Sep 05, 2012

R12 Diagnostic Script for Purchasing Encumbrance Issues

Do you have a Release 12 Purchasing document with an accounting encumbrance error?  Get all the relevant data in one step using the new diagnostic in DOC ID: 1483743.1 -  ‘R12: Diagnostic Script to help troubleshoot Purchasing Encumbrance Issues’.   Avoid the back and forth pinging with support for data collection.   Query the document id in My Oracle Support and add it to your Favorites using the star icon for quick access.

The note includes when to use the script and how to use it.  The script will produce a user friendly html output that contains information relevant to encumbrance issues, along with some data validation checks to identify common data corruption issues on your document.  For example in this one diagnostic it will provide information on the following:

Ø Cross Product Setup

Ø Document Data Dump

Ø Funds availability

Ø Subledger accounting information

Ø GL and AP Invoice Data

Ø Debug and Trace

This output is ideal for self service, as it provides known issues in the Data Validation section (related to the document) with links to key documentation.   Or the report can be uploaded to support when logging a Service Request.

To see more about the diagnostic, attend our September 11, 2012 Webcast ‘Overview of Procurement Patching and New Tools for Issue Resolution’.  Visit Doc ID 1479718.1 to signup.  Note: This topic will not be listed as it has been just added.

Monday Aug 20, 2012

Master Troubleshooting guides for Control Actions in Purchasing

Do you have questions or are you having problems when trying to perform the Cancel or Close Control Action from Purchase Order or Requisition Summary?

Try the new Master Troubleshooting guides for Close Actions in Purchasing (Doc ID 1477025.1) and Cancel Actions (Doc ID 1480108.1).  Each document contains the following sections:

1. How Does the Close/Cancel Action Work-this section contains common questions and important concepts for setup and use.

2. Resolving Errors-visit this section for recommended patching to prevent errors before they occur and how to identify and fix known data corruption (gdf) issues. There are also solutions to ‘Issues involving an error message’ and ‘Issues With No Error Messages’.

3. Diagnostics, Debug and Trace for Further Diagnosis-If further diagnosis is needed this section contains valuable diagnostics as well as the simple steps to obtain the debug and trace.

For more information on control actions explore the new Search Helper for Control Issues at [Doc ID 1470034.1] or create a Community Post in the Procurement Community at: https://communities.oracle.com/portal/server.pt/community/support/219

Tuesday Aug 14, 2012

Purchasing Document Open Interface (PDOI) or APIs Trouble? Start Here

Would you like more information or do you need help with the Purchasing Document Open Interface (PDOI) or APIs? Try our new Search Helper in DOC ID 1369663.1.  As shown in the screenshot below, the topics include Requisition and Purchase Order Import, Import Price Catalog, Change PO and Cancel PO.  Find Demonstrations, Frequently Asked Questions, Setup Help , Known Errors and much more.

Simply pick the issue you are interested in.  In the screenshot below we have selected the ‘Cancel PO API’.  Then choose the symptom or symptoms that pertain (in this case we have chosen API Errors) and notes with possible solutions or help will be returned.  Drill down and review the notes to see if your issue can be resolved.

To see all Procurement Search helpers goto the Procurement Product Information Centers in DOC ID 1391332.2.

Tuesday Jul 31, 2012

Procurement: Problems with Cancel, Close or other Control Actions of Purchasing documents?

Are you having problems with Cancel, Close or other Control Actions of Purchasing documents?  Try the newly released Search Helper for solutions.  Visit Note 1470034.1 EBS : Document Control Issues Search Helper’. 

As shown in the screenshot below, simply pick the issue you are experiencing and then pick the symptom or symptoms that pertain. The notes with possible solutions or help will be returned.  Drill down and review the notes to see if your issue can be resolved without having to log a Service Request.    

Still Have Questions? Post your question to the Oracle Procurement Community.

1. Log into My Oracle Support.

2. Click on the 'Community' link at the top of the page.

3. Click in 'Find a Community' field and enter Procurement.

4. Double click on Procurement in the list.

5. Click on the 'Create a Community Post' button and submit your question.

Thursday Jul 19, 2012

R12: Master Data Fix Diagnostic to Validate Data Related to Purchase Orders and Requisitions

Do you wish you could proactively check your Purchasing data for known data integrity issues?  Visit Note 1474734.1 ‘R12: Master Data Fix Diagnostic to Validate Data Related to Purchase Orders and Requisitions’. This note identifies known data integrity issues within the Purchasing application (for example errors with cancel and close and unit of measure issues) where there are often generic data fixes (GDFs) already available.  The script will produce an html output report of all known problems relating to the purchasing transactions created in the specified date range along with information on notes and/or data-fix patches which may already be available to resolve the data issues.   

In the note there is also a link to Note 1348821.1 which provides the complete list of Generic Data Fix (GDF) patches for Purchasing.


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