Thursday Aug 13, 2015

New Costing of Payment Reports Available for Oracle Payroll!

Previously, Oracle Payroll did not deliver any seeded reports that would show the Costing of Payment data.  But in R12.1 HRMS RUP8 and R12.2 HRMS RUP6 Oracle is delivering a set of Costing of Payment reports which aim at reporting payment costing details in the form of summary, details, or cost code level breakdown over a date range or specified costing process. 

This new functionality should be useful for detailed reporting of the Costing of Payment results, to assist in your reconciliation activities.

The following new reports are delivered:

Costing of Payment Summary Report – Consolidates costing data at payroll or GRE level

Costing of Payment Detail Report – Displays assignment level details of costing of each payment

Costing of Payment Breakdown Report – Consolidates costing data at cost code or account level

Details on the new reports can be found in the following documents:

Oracle Payroll Release Notes for Release 12.1 HRMS RUP8 (Doc ID 1989744.1)

Oracle Payroll Release Notes for R12.HR_PF.C.Delta.6 Release Update Pack (Doc ID 1992147.1)

If you have questions on the new reports, please log a new Service Request with the Oracle Payroll team.

Wednesday Nov 12, 2014

R12: Resolve Supplier Bank Account Issues When Creating Payment For Customer Refunds

Whilst creating the payment for a Customer Refund (Payment Request) Invoice it is common to see the following error:

  • Supplier Bank Account attached to document payable is end dated

One reason for this message is that there is a missing record in the IBY_PMT_INSTR_USES_ALL table.

Previously we have used data fixes to correct the problem but now the application offers a way to resolve this without the data fix by using the "Enable As Supplier" functionality provided by the Supplier Hub application.

Full details are available by reviewing the My Oracle Support document:

R12 Solve Customer Refund - Supplier Bank Account Attached To Document Payable Is End Dated (Doc ID 1942142.1)

Questions or issues?

Please post any comments or concerns in the Payables Community Thread for this topic.

Monday Nov 11, 2013

Help With 'Stuck' Payments Has Arrived!

Do you have a problem with a PPR stuck in 'Formatting' status or a stuck Payment Instruction?  Is it driving you crazy trying to figure out what is wrong?  

You've come to the right place.  Read on for more information.....

There are solutions available for known issues related to supplier/creditor payments within a Payment Process Request (PPR) in the Oracle Payments module that become stuck with Status 'Formatting'.  All of these were reviewed, compiled and converted into one master document - a ONE STOP SHOP.

R12: DETAILED TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE: AP Payments: "Stuck" PPRs with "Formatting" status, and stuck PI's (Doc ID 1585563.1) is available on My Oracle Support to answer all your questions and help you overcome your stuck payment issue.

Topics covered in this document are:


  • What is a 'stuck' PPR?
  • How to  find a PPR's status
  • Are you really stuck?  

Known Issues:

  • PPRs stuck in 'FORMATTING' status
  • Payment Instruction Files (PIs) stuck in 'CREATED' Status
  • PI's stuck in 'SUBMITTED FOR PRINTING' status

Each of the known issue descriptions mentioned above have varying symptoms with specific different solutions so we have put together a simple chart for you to review which describes the symptoms, root case, fixed file version (if applicable) and recommended patch or steps to resolve.

Check out Doc ID 1585563.1 today and say goodbye to Stuck PPR issues for good!


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