Monday Dec 09, 2013

Recommended Patching for Release 12 Procurement Accounting Processes

Not sure what patches you need to apply to optimize your Procurement Accounting processes and avoid known issues?  Well Doc ID 1594111.1 makes it easy for you.  Follow the steps in the ‘Recommended Patching Steps’ section to get the patches for all product groups including Purchasing, Payables, SLA and Costing that impact your Procurement Accounting Flows.   The note additionally provides information on who should apply the patching and how to perform an impact analysis, as well as any known issues you should be aware of.

Thursday Aug 15, 2013

Top Adpatch Patching Issues For Release 11i And 12.x

Do you have problems or questions applying E-Business Suite patches?
Do you want to learn more about:

  • Patching strategy
  • Minimizing the risks when applying a patch
  • How to troubleshoot different patching issues
  • What information can be useful and should be uploaded in service requests or community threads (depending on the issue received)

Then use Document Id 1444322.1 Top Adpatch Patching Issues For Release 11i And 12.x as your starting point.  This document has a wealth of information about how to plan your patching so that you have a successful patching session and how to resolve failures if they happen anyway.

Many patch issues can be resolved quickly by following the troubleshooting steps in Doc ID 1444322.1.  If you need extra help try searching the E-Business Suite Patching Community by patch number first, someone else may have already hit and resolved your issue.  If you need to log a service request then providing information about all the troubleshooting steps you've already followed will help avoid you having to answer the same questions again; provide us all needed information (including all the patch log files) and you may find that we can answer your patching issue from the first update!

Want to discuss this some more?  Come and join us in the E-Business Suite Patching Community and discuss patching issues with Oracle experts and industry peers.

Friday Aug 09, 2013

HCM: HRMS Release Update Packs (RUP) for 2013 - Available Now!

Did you know that all of the 2013 HRMS RUPs (Release Update Pack) have been released?  Yes!

Here are the patch numbers for the 2013 RUP releases:

App. Version
RUP Name
 Patch #
Release Date
Release 11i Family Pack K RUP8 14488556 5/3/2013
Release 12.0 HRMS RUP 11 16077077 8/2/2013
Release 12.1 HRMS RUP6 16000686 5/31/2013

These patches can be downloaded from My Oracle Support (MOS).  Be sure to review the README for important prerequisite, patching, and post-install information (including data installer and hrglobal.drv ) BEFORE applying the patch.

Why is the RUP important to your business? 

Keeping up with application of the current HRMS RUP is important so that your system has the latest HR & Payroll features and bug fixes.  Also, the current RUP patches listed above are all a mandatory requirement for Year End processing in the Oracle Payroll localizations delivered by Product Development (known as 'Tier 1') legislation's and US Federal HR products. For more information, review MOS Document.295406.1

What’s included in these RUP patches?

Typically the RUP includes changes for new features or functionality that Oracle Development is releasing at that time.  The RUP also includes bug fixes for various issues that have been discovered & resolved over the last several months since the last RUP update.  Also, depending on your legislation, the RUP may include legislative specific changes or updates which are timely and necessary for staying current with HR and Payroll functionality in your legislation.

For a list of the new features, changes, and bug fixes, review the README documents on My Oracle Support.  There you’ll find details explaining what is being delivered in the patch, as well as important information regarding the application of the patch. These documents include links to legislative specific README notes, where you can also review what has been delivered specifically for your legislation.  As mentioned before, review the README information BEFORE applying the patch.

Here are the README documents which are available on My Oracle Support (MOS) for the 2013 RUP releases:

  • Doc ID 1540662.1  About Oracle 11i HRMS Family Pack K Rollup 8(RUP8) (14488556 11i.HR_PF.K.DELTA.8) - Global
  • Doc ID 1564126.1 Oracle Human Resources Management Systems Readme, HRMS Release Update Pack 11 Release 12.0
  • Doc ID 1549442.1  Oracle Human Resources Management Systems Readme, HRMS Release Update Pack 6  Release 12.1

Are there any issues with applying these latest RUP patches?

Yes, please be aware that there could be some issues that were discovered after these RUP patches were released.  There is a ‘known issues’ document for each release version, to give you a heads-up on what might impact your environment.  So be sure to review these documents as well, in conjunction with the patch README documents.

  • Doc ID 1538593.1  Known Issues on Top of Patch 14488556 - 11i.HR_PF.K.DELTA.8 (HRMS 11i RUP8)
  • Doc ID 1538635.1 Known Issues on Top of Patch 16077077 - R12.HR_PF.A.DELTA.11 (HRMS 12.0 RUP11)
  • Doc ID 1538636.1 Known Issues on Top of Patch 16000686 - R12.HR_PF.B.DELTA.6(HRMS 12.1 RUP6)

So don’t delay! Year End processing is just around the corner for some legislations, so you want to be prepared by having the latest RUP patch already tested & applied! If you have any issues or questions when applying the RUP patch, please do a Knowledge search on My Oracle Support (MOS) , and review the known issues documentation.

As always, if you can’t find the solution there, please log a new Service Request for assistance from Oracle Support.

Thursday Mar 21, 2013

NEWLY RELEASED!! EBS Financials Recommended Patch Collections (RPCs), March 2013

Oracle has released the following March 2013 Recommended Patch Collections (RPCs):

Oracle Receivables
1619866:R12.AR.B, R12.1 Receivables Recommended Patch Collection (RPC), Mar 2013.  
Additional information can be found in Doc ID 15341781.1.

Advanced Collections
16201879:R12.IEX.B, R12.1: Advanced Collections (IEX) Recommended Patch Collection (RPC), March 2013

Oracle iReceivables
16009572:R12.OIR.B, R12.1: Oracle iReceivables (OIR) Recommended Patch Collection (RPC), March 2013

Oracle Loans
16203360:R12.LNS.B, R12.1: Loans(LNS) Recommended Patch Collection(RPC), March 2013

E-Business Tax
16009960:R12.ZX.B, R12.1: E-Business Tax Recommended Patch Collection (ZX), March 2013.  
Additional information can be found in Doc ID 1481235.1.

Subledger Accounting
16060007:R12.XLA.B, R12.1: Subledger Accounting (SLA) Recommended Patch Collection - March 2013.  
Additional information can be found in Doc ID 1481222.1.

General Ledger
16206716:R12.RG.B, R12.1: General Ledger Recommended Patch Collection (FSG), Mar 2013
16200528:R12.GL.B, R12.1: General Ledger Recommended Patch Collection, March 2013

Accounts Payable
16213642:R12.AP.B, R12.1: Payables Recommended Patch Collection  (CORE AP), March 2013
16213657:R12.AP.B, R12.1: Payables Recommended Patch Collection (RPC) for ISP/Suppliers, March 2013
16213660:R12.AP.B, R12.1: Payables Recommended Patch Collection (RPC) for Workflow and PCard, March 2013
Additional information for each of the Payables RPCs can be found in Doc ID 1397581.1.

Oracle Payments
16052604:R12.IBY.B, R12.1: Payments Recommended Patch Collection (IBY) , March 2013
Additional information can be found in Doc ID 1481221.1.

Cash Management
16242196:R12.CE.B, R12.1: Cash Management Recommended Patch Collection (RPC), Mar 2013
Additional information can be found in Doc ID 1367845.1.

Internet Expenses
16234880:R12.OIE.B, Oracle Internet Expenses - Recommended Patch Collection (March 2013) for 12.1.3
Additional information can be found in Doc ID 1534509.1.

Fixed Assets
Patch 16245677:R12.FA.B, Fixed Assets Recommended Patch Collection (RPC), March 2013
Additional information can be found in Doc ID 1542088.1.

Financials for India
Patch 16542005:R12.JAI.B, MAR 2013 12.1.3 P2P Recommended Patch Collection (RPC)
Patch 16082317:R12.JAI.B, MAR 2013 12.1.3 O2C Recommended Patch Collection (RPC)
Patch 16082335:R12.JAI.B, MAR 2013 12.1.3 Regimes Recommended Patch Collection (RPC)
Additional information can be found in Doc ID 1487816.1.

For a complete listing of available RPCs for Oracle EBS Financials, please see Doc ID 954704.1, EBS: R12.1 Oracle Financials Recommended Patch Collection (RPC).

Monday Feb 04, 2013

Do you have a Patching Process in place?

Do you have a Patching Process in place? Check out the Patch Wizard Utility tool, it’s FREE with no strings attached.

  • This utility comes installed as part of the E-Business Suite products and can be accessed via Oracle Applications Manager.
  • This utility compares the patches you have already applied against a list of all recommended Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) patches.

Patch Wizard

Use the Patch Wizard to keep your E-Business suite system up to date with the latest recommended patches. Take a look at the  Patch Wizard Utility Doc ID 976188.1.  This note explains how to use the wizard, step by step, and includes explanatory videos.

Tuesday Jan 22, 2013

When Will My Oracle Bug Fix Or Enhancement Request Be Released?

As EBS customers using mission-critical software, you are naturally curious about when you will get fixes for bugs that you've reported.  It's also understandable that you'd like to know when certain enhancements will be delivered.  If you've asked this question in a Support service request you may have been frustrated by an answer that boils down to "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that I can't provide any information specific dates or release vehicles".  Oracle's Revenue Recognition policies place strict boundaries on the type of information that can be shared about unreleased products and hence the Oracle Support analyst on your SR is required to take this stance. 

Steven Chan Blog

Read more about this and similar messages about commenting on upcoming releases in Steven Chan's EBS Technology Blog: When will my Oracle bug fix or enhancement request be released?

Wednesday Jan 09, 2013

Are you on Procurement 12.1.3 and using Oracle Time and Labor (OTL)?

Are you on Procurement 12.1.3 and using Oracle Time and Labor (OTL)?  Make sure and apply Patch 12533942:R12.HXT.B.

Apply the fix to avoid the following issue when attempting to cancel purchase orders:
APP-FND-01934: ORA-01403 no data found in Package PO_HXC_INTERFACE_PVT Procedure CHECK_TIMECARD_EXISTS

This error occurs after applying Patch 10281212 R12.HR_PF.B.DELTA.4

Patch 12533942:R12.HXT.B. is highly  recommended if you are using OTL and have not applied Patch 13418800 R12.HR_PF.B.DELTA.5.

Thursday Dec 06, 2012

Check Out The New Search Helper For 'Adpatch' Utility

Have you seen the new Search Helper for problems and documentation relating to the 'adpatch' utility?   Check out the details in Doc ID 1502809.1.

The Search Helper presents you with a wizard-like interface where you select the task you are attempting, the symptoms or errors you are hitting and arrives at a targeted list of solutions based on that information.  This is a simple and quick way of searching for any issues that you are having with adpatch.

Search helper screenshot

How to use this tool:

1. Select the intent or task that is failing.

2. A list of known symptoms (or facts) associated with the task will display under the section "In addition the following occurs".

3. As you select symptoms the solutions section will populate (and change as you select or deselect).

Monday Nov 26, 2012

ALERT: Error Processing US Wage Attachment Elements In Payroll Run After RUP Patches

Customers who have run the Upgrade Wage Attachments process after applying the 2012 RUP are reporting errors similar to those listed below when either running a quickpay or processing a payroll for employee(s) with involuntary deductions.

APP-PAY-51118: Error was encountered when processing assignment 1115
ETNAME: Garnishment 3
APP-PAY-51119: Error was encountered when processing Element Type Garnishment 3
SQLERRMC ORA-01403: No data found
SQL_NO 520
TABLE_NAME pay_input_values_f
APP-PAY-06881:Error ORA-01403: no data found has occured in table pay_input_values_f at location 520

This issue was logged in Bug 14679161 - QUICK PAY ERROR AFTER RUP (2012) AND WAGE ATTACHMENT UPGRADE APP-PAY-06881.

The following one off patches have been released to My Oracle Support to resolve this issue*:

11i -  Patch 14679161
12.0 - Patch 14849394:R12.PAY.A
12.1 - Patch 14849394:R12.PAY.B

* IMPORTANT:  Depending on when/if customers have run the Wage Attachment upgrade process will determine the appropriate action to take. Any customer who is encountering the above error and/or has run the Wage Attachment upgrade process AFTER applying the 2012 RUP (applicable to their release level) should log a Service Request with Oracle Support to receive assistance on the necessary steps to take to resolve the problem BEFORE applying the above patch.

Any customer who has not yet run the Wage Attachment Upgrade process (either before or after applying the 2012 RUP), should follow the action plan documented in the patch readme.

For those customers who have already run the Wage Attachment Upgrade process BEFORE applying the 2012 RUP, should apply the patch (applicable to your release) listed above. Be sure to run any post install processes, such as the data install utility and HR global driver.  See the patch readme for full details.

Please consult Note 404478.1: Americas (US, CA, MX) HCM High Priority Alert for the latest Alert status.

Monday Sep 10, 2012

Resolve Instructional Webcast Series—New Product Specific Troubleshooting Topics

For E-Business we have coming up:

Title: Resolve—Best Practices for E-Business Suite Patching and Period Close

Date: Sep 20, 8AM MT,

This one-hour webcast shows you how to use two important E-Business Suite tools. The EBS Period Close Advisor provides best practices for managing a smooth period close. You will also learn how to get EBS patches and patch-related answers quickly with the new EBS Patching Community.

Join us. Leverage this opportunity to learn Support Best Practices that help you resolve the issues you face with your Oracle products.

Oracle Support experts provide live demonstrations of proactive resources. You will see you how working proactively helps you work more efficiently—from using the right tools to providing the right information on Service requests—you can get answers faster.

Register for sessions now


Questions? Contact Oracle’s "Get Proactive" team today.

Sunday Jul 29, 2012

EBS CRM: Quoting - Latest 12.1.3 Recommended Patches

Be advised that the following cumulative patches are released on top of 12.1.3, so customers upgrading to 12.1.3 are highly encouraged to apply to avoid rediscovery:


Please refer to Doc ID 1368785.1 (What are the Latest Quoting Patches for Release 12.1.3 ( R12.ASO.B )?)

Friday Jul 27, 2012

Alert: Critical RUP Released for 12.1.3 Procurement

A critical rollup patch (RUP) has just been released by Development for our 12.1.3 Procurement customers.  This new Patch 13984450:R12.PRC_PF.B contains important fixes for Purchasing, Internet Supplier Portal (iSupplier), Sourcing  and iProcurement (Web). 

The main goal of the RUP is to provide you with the smallest possible patch containing highly reliable code to improve your experience with the product and prevent many known issues that may interfere with your business processes.  The RUPs are thoroughly tested by Development and Support in different instances before being externally released, so adoption of this patch is highly recommended

Go to My Oracle Support and enter Document ID 1468883.1 in the Knowledge Base search. This note contains information on who should apply the patch, how to apply the patch, critical fixes, known issues that might arise during the patch application and new features.

Add this note to your Favorites list (click on the star shown below) as it will be your one-stop-shopping for future RUP releases.

Still Have Questions? Post your question to the Oracle Procurement Community.

1. Log into My Oracle Support.

2. Click on the 'Community' link at the top of the page.

3. Click in 'Find a Community' field and enter Procurement.

4. Double click on Procurement in the list.

5. Click on the 'Create a Community Post' button and submit your question.  

Monday Jun 25, 2012

Having a Proactive Patch Plan is the way to Go!


Make Patching Easy!

Having a Patching Strategy for your E-Business Suite system is a great way to manage your system downtime, identify the proper resources needed to perform the necessary task and familiarizing yourself with the Patching Tools in EBS.

Having a Proactive Patch Plan is the way to Go!

Proactive Patching is a preventive measure allowing you to have a complete patching strategy when applying patches periodically. Oracle provides several tools to help you get started to set the foundation for a solid and proactive patching strategy in Note 313.1 - "Patching & Maintenance Advisor: E-Business Suite 11i and R12". It details all the steps and tooling available for the patching strategy along with the benefits. Among other things it covers the following:

  • How to plan ahead for system downtime
  • Patching Tools in E-Business Suite (Autopatch, OUI, OPatch)
  • How to Identify Patches (RUPs, EBS Family Packs, Critical Patch Updates, etc)
  • How to properly test your patching plan and move to Production

Make sure you visit the New E-Business Patching Community!

We encourage you to access the "E-Business Patching Community" prior to applying an E-Business Suite patch. Doing so will allow you to explore perspectives shared by industry peers, get real-world experiences with the patch, and benefit from known solutions and lessons learned. Additionally, Oracle Support engineers monitor discussion topics to help provide guidance and solutions for your E-Business Suite patching needs.

This is a valuable opportunity to "Get Proactive" with the patching and maintenance of your E-Business Suite environment. Start now, and find fast, proactive resolutions before you begin.

Related Articles:

Wednesday May 16, 2012

Quarterly E-Business Suite Upgrade Recommendations

A summary from Steven Chan and the Oracle E-Business Technology Blog on the latest upgrade recommendations for E-Business Suite updates and technology stack components.  These quarterly recommendations are based upon the latest updates to Oracle's product strategies, support deadlines, and newly-certified releases.

Read more:

Wednesday Mar 07, 2012

EBS Patching Overview & Troubleshooting Webcast - March 14

ADVISOR WEBCAST: EBS Patching Overview & Troubleshooting US

March 14, 2012 at 18:00 CET / 10:00 AM PDT / 11:00 AM MDT / 1:00 PM EDT

This one hour session is recommended for technical and functional Users, who want to get a deeper knowledge about the EBS Patching process and the Patch failure troubleshooting. We will tell you, where the logfiles located, how to check for the root cause and we will give you some hints how to search for the failure or which details to be passed into a Service Request..

  • Generic EBS Patch overview
  • EBS Patching options
  • Troubleshooting Tips for Patch Failures
  • Patch Wizard/Patch Advisor
  • New Patch Features in Release 12.2
  • Q&A
A short, live demonstration (only if applicable) and question and answer period will be included. Oracle Advisor Webcasts are dedicated to building your awareness around our products and services. This session does not replace offerings from Oracle Global Support Services.

Current Schedule can be found on Note 740966.1
Post Presentation Recordings can be found on Note 740964.1


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