Thursday Jan 16, 2014

Procurement Accounting - Don’t Delay, Be Proactive and Apply These Necessary Patches

Are you using procurement accounting processes?  Then don’t delay, be proactive and apply these necessary patches to avoid known issues.

So many known issues have been resolved by applying the collection of recommended patches in Doc ID 1594111.1.  Procurement, Costing, Payables and SLA Development teams have collaborated to give you this consolidated list.  Now I know you're thinking that it requires a lot of effort to apply big patches, but while a patch may contain several hundred files, the impact on your system is most likely far less.  Patches contain hard prerequisites that are intended to make a patch work on a very low code baseline, so there is a link to the Patch Wizard so you can perform an impact analysis.   So if you are using Procurement Accounting Flows (Encumbrance and Accruals) make sure and review the note where the steps are clear and to the point:

Don’t delay check out Doc ID 1594111.1 today!

Wednesday Nov 27, 2013

CRM Product Family Latest Patch Information

See the table below for latest patching information for CRM family products. 

Product Details
Lease and Finance Management Patch 17624521:R12.OKL.B - OLFM : 1213 RUP3 DELTA 16 Doc ID 1597291.1
R12.1: Payments Recommended Patch Collection (IBY RPC), Sep 2013
Doc ID 1481221.1
Sales & Marketing, Channel Revenue Management,Quoting, Order Capture and iStore
Recommended and Latest Patch Listings for Sales & Marketing, Channel Revenue Management,Quoting, Order Capture and iStore
Doc ID 1596130.2

You'll notice that the link for the Sales and Marketing product family points at a new information center note where you can find listings of all the latest patches that are released for these products.  These are dynamic listings of the patches and are updated every night, so you can be sure you can see the latest available information.

Wednesday Oct 02, 2013

HCM: Legislative Customers Apply Mandatory Patches to Ensure Regulatory Compliance and to Maintain Your Supportability

Legislative customers have a key responsibility of ensuring their systems are in compliance with regulations and statutory requirements for a specific country. With the recent announcements regarding Lifetime Support Policy updates, it is a good time to remind you that the HRMS Suite of products has minimum required Rollup Patch (RUP) levels as well as additional mandatory patches that our customers need to apply.

These minimum RUP patches and other mandatory patches for your product or legislation are created with the following goals in mind:

  • Compliance: Manage the people in your organization within the requirements of a specific country
  • Supportability: Ensure you are on a common code base so that if problems are identified, patches can be readily provided to you
  • Reliability: Reliable code with multiple customer downloads and comprehensive testing.

For the listing of Mandatory Rollup Patches for Oracle Payroll please view: Mandatory Family Pack/Rollup Patch (RUP) Levels for Oracle Payroll - Doc ID 295406.1.

For the listing of Mandatory Patches for the HRMS Suite please view: Oracle E-Business Suite HCM Information Center – Consolidated HRMS Mandatory Patch List - Doc ID 1160507.1.

For information on the latest Rollup Patches (RUPs) for the HRMS Suite please view: Oracle HRMS Product Family – Release 11i & 12 Information - Doc ID 135266.1.

Monday Apr 02, 2012

Recommended Patches For R12.1.3 Procurement Contracts, Contract Terms Library or Repository Contracts

If you are implementing or upgrading to R12.1.3 Procurement Contracts, Contract Terms Library or Repository Contracts, then please review the following note for a list of recommended patches to apply on top of 12.1.3: 1349213.1: Recommended Patches For R12.1.3 Procurement Contracts and Contracts Core.

Note that currently the methods given in Note 1400757.1: How to Find E-Business Suite Recommended Patches may not give the same patch listing given in Note 1349213.1.


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