Friday Oct 16, 2015

EBS 12.2.5 Release Update Pack Available (Patch 19676458)

Announcement: EBS 12.2.5 Release Update Pack Available (Patch 19676458)!

Check out the list of EBS Product Specific Release notes in Doc ID 2049015.1 

Wednesday Aug 12, 2015

Identifying Missing Application and Database Tier Patches for EBS 12.2

The EBS Technology Codelevel Checker (ETCC) utility provides two scripts you can run to help ensure you have the necessary database and middle tier bugfixes installed on your Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 system.  Oracle strongly recommends the use of this utility to ensure that all required database and middle tier bugfixes have been installed.

ETCC can be downloaded via Patch 17537119 from My Oracle Support.  As well as installation instructions and basic commands, the README for this patch includes a number of usage scenarios and examples, so should be carefully reviewed before running ETCC.


Tuesday Mar 31, 2015

General Ledger Recommended Patch Collection Released Recently!

Recommended Patch Collections (RPC's) are released by Development periodically with the main purpose of providing a compact, reliable collection of relevant product patches that would address the main and most oftenly reported issues.

With a relatively small footprint, RPC's deliver solutions to address critical issues that could otherwise affect important business processes and flows.

Which Patches?

Patch 20251722:R12.GL.B: R12.1 General Ledger Recommended Patch Collection, February 2015

Patch 20255342:R12.RG.B: R12.1 General Ledger Recommended Patch Collection(FSG), February 2015 

What do they bring?

Solutions for multiple functional areas, addressing Bugs related to: 

  • Standard reports
  • Consolidation
  • Revaluation 
  • Financial Statement Generator Reports (FSG)
  • Drilldown
  • Gl Setup and Performance

I want more! 

Thank you, please review this document providing all the additional details you may need: 

General Ledger Recommended Patch Collection (GL RPC) Feburary 2015 (Doc ID 1982728.1

Be Proactive! Don't wait to have a problem, Prevent it from occurring!  

Thursday Feb 05, 2015

Critical Patch Updates for 2015

Get 2015 off to a spectacular start by making sure your system is patched with the latest Critical Patch Updates.

  • Learn which patches address security vulnerabilities in Oracle E-Business Suite Releases 11i and 12 (12.2, 12.1, and 12.0).  
  • Find out which patches are necessary in order to run other Oracle Products alongside Oracle E-Business Suite.

Go to the following document for more information:

Oracle E-Business Suite Releases 11i and 12 Critical Patch Update Knowledge Document (January 2015) DocID 1954250.1

Friday Jan 30, 2015

New R12 Consolidated Patch for R12 1099 Reporting Available!

Development have just released a new consolidated patch for R12 customers for easier 1099 patching

Patch 19802493 was originally released as the R12 2014 changes patch but it did not contain all the files needed to ensure the latest code for all aspects of 1099 reporting.

Customers new to 1099 reporting would have had to apply multiple R12 patches to update all the necessary files for problem free reporting.  As a result a consolidation patch was requested for simplicity to ensure customers only needed to apply one patch.

If you have already applied 19802493 this is still valid as it provides the changes for this year.  However, if you are new to 1099s, didn't apply last years patches or are having issues with your reporting then you should ensure to apply the consolidation patch detailed below.

What do you need to do?

Apply the following patch specific to your release:

11i: Apply Patch 19802504 - 1099 REPORTING CHANGES FOR YEAR 2014

12.0.x: Apply Patch 20432513:R12.AP.A - 1099 CONSOLIDATION FOR THE YEAR 2014 for R12

12.1.x: Apply Patch 20432513:R12.AP.B - 1099 CONSOLIDATION FOR THE YEAR 2014 for R12

12.2.x: Apply Patch 20432513:R12.AP.C - 1099 CONSOLIDATION FOR THE YEAR 2014 for R12

Oracle Payables Plans for 2014 1099 Reporting (Doc ID 209913.1) has been updated with the new patch details.

This is an important update on the original blog post

Monday Jan 26, 2015

Stay Current: EBS 12.2 Upgrade, Features & Functionality & How to find EBS Patches!

Maintaining a healthy environment requires you to be 'on-top' of all aspects of patching, upgrades, new features and functionality in products.  Sometimes it can be a real challenge to make sure you are not missing out on anything.  Read on for a summary of all the resources you need to monitor in order to stay current.

Important R12.2 Information to follow for upgrade

Review the latest in Feature & Functionality by release and product

  • R12.1 / R12.2 : Oracle E-Business Suite Releases 12.1 and 12.2 Release Content Documents Doc ID 1302189.1 – Hot Topic it for updates

Where do you go to find EBS Patches necessary to maintain a healthy system

Learn how to “Hot Topic” a document, to be alerted by email when updated  

  • My Oracle Support How to Series: How to use Hot Topics Email notification to subscribe to Support Product News, SRs, Bugs, etc. and events so that you Never Miss an Important Update - [VIDEO] Doc ID 793436.2
    • Mark the document as a favorite and then flag it in 'Hot Topics' 

Wednesday Dec 31, 2014

Did You Check The Latest Rollup Patch for Report Manager?

Oracle Applications provide a large variety of reporting capabilities, Report Manager being one of the most powerful tools available, as it makes use of Financial Statement Generator (FSG) reports presented in a professional manner, allowing at the same time many custom options for the template and output.

No programming needed to define your own custom reports!

However in order to get the best out of this reporting tool, you should always consider upgrading the code periodically in order to include the latest implemented features and bug fixes.

Do you know what is the latest Rollup Patch for Report Manager? 

Find out now!

R12 - What Is the Latest Rollup Patch for Report Manager? (Doc ID 1952615.1

Wednesday Oct 29, 2014

CRM Service: New Consolidated RUP Patch Released

The September RUP patch for the EBS Service products has been released and the changes are documented in the Functional Impact Assessment document available via Doc ID 1608427.1.

Included in this month's RUP patch are some new features:

  • Ability to have a task view of the Service History.
  • Ability to view "Incident City" in Find SR form grid.
  • Ability to see Tag, Serial, Instance, Item and Item description in Find SR form - Tag LOV.
  • Mass Update Charges functionality.

The Service product releases a RUP patch each month and they are cumulative patches.  New fixes are built on top of the latest RUP patch so it's always a good idea to patch up to the latest Service RUP patch. 

Tuesday Oct 07, 2014

Stay Up-to-date With Your Inventory Patches by Using the Patch Wizard

I'm sure all EBS Inventory Customers can relate. There's one question all Customers hear repeatedly from Inventory Support Engineers: Are you patched to the most recent file version(s)? There's a good reason why you hear this question over-and-over. Support Engineers know for Customers to get the most out of their Inventory investment, it's critical that they avoid known issues by being patched up to the most recent Product patches available. One key tool for keeping up with the most recent recommended patches for all EBS Products, is the Patch Wizard, R11i / R12 : Patch Wizard Utility [Video] (Doc ID 976188.1).

The Patch Wizard is an interface that analyzes and compares patches currently applied in your instance to the patches included in the Recommended Patch List (RPL). It allows you to set your execution preferences, then performs impact analysis, and allows easy download of the patches you decide to apply. And to top it off, the Patch Wizard can easily be accessed from the Oracle Applications Manager menu using the System Administrator Responsibility.

When conducting the analysis, the Patch Wizard retrieves current patch information directly from My Oracle Support (MOS) and compares this list with the patches you already have installed in your system. The final report will provide an output of recommended EBS patches and new code level patches for your version and the impact of installing them. You can also specify other patches for which you want Patch Wizard to perform an impact analysis.

As usual, Support strongly encourages you to keep your E-Business Suite system up-to-date with the latest recommended patches. Here's some additional document resources for the patch Wizard Utility, and here's to successful patching:
Patch Wizard : Overview and Videos (Doc ID 1077813.1)
Patch Wizard Training (Doc ID 1085668.1)

Tuesday Sep 30, 2014

New GL Recommended Patch Collection Released by Development

Since E-Business Suite 12.1 was released, very important fixes were delivered by Development to improve your experience with General Ledger or introduce solutions for reported issues that might affect critical business processes.

Many patches are available. How to select those being relevant for your business? 

RPC's (Recommended Patch Collections) make this choice easy!

What are they? Collections of compact, reliable patches addressing issues that occur often and interfere with normal completion of crucial business processes

Why RPC's? They are tested, quality-assured compared to one-off patches and smaller in footprint compared to RUP's (Release Uptake Patches) 

When? As soon as possible! Maximize your experience with GL Release 12.1, minimize the patch adoption effort!

Find out more about this last RPC released by Development in

General Ledger Recommended Patch Collection (GL RPC) August 2014 (Doc ID 1919532.1)

Check the list of included fixes and Patch Now!

Tuesday Sep 02, 2014

Newly Released EBS Financials August 2014 Recommended Patch Collections (RPCs)

Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Development has released the following August 2014 Recommended Patch Collections (RPCs):

 Product Recommended Patch Collection (RPC) Download
 Cash Management (CE)
Doc ID 1367845.1
 Collections (IEX)
19048616:R12.IEX.B Doc ID 1912256.1
 E-Business Tax (ZX)
Doc ID 1481235.1
 Financials for India (JAI)
19148708:R12.JAI.B Doc ID 1487816.1
 Fixed Assets (FA)
19066382:R12.FA.B Doc ID 1921538.1
General Ledger (GL) 19129042:R12.RG.B (FSG)
Doc ID 954704.1
 Financials Common Module (FUN)
19151774:R12.FUN.B Doc ID 954704.1
 Internet Expenses (OIE) 19163626:R12.OIE.B Doc ID 1534509.1
 iReceivables (OIR)
19052386:R12.OIR.B Doc ID 1905850.1
 Loans (LNS)
18425696:R12.LNS.B Doc ID 1912254.1
 Payables (AP)
19018767:R12.AP.B (Core)
19018793:R12.AP.B (ISP / Suppliers)
19018819:R12.AP.B (Workflow / PCard)
Doc ID 1397581.1
 Payments (IBY)
18999775:R12.IBY.B Doc ID 1481221.1
 Public Sector Accounting (PSA) 19266556:R12.PSA.B Doc ID 954704.1
 Receivables (AR)
19125641:R12.AR.B Doc ID 1912247.1
 Subledger Accounting (SLA) 19034020:R12.XLA.B Doc ID 1481222.1
 Treasury (XTR) 18325260:R12.XTR.B Doc ID 954704.1

 For details and the complete list of available RPCs for Oracle EBS Financials, please see Doc ID 954704.1, EBS: R12.1 Oracle Financials Recommended Patch Collection (RPC). 

Wednesday Jul 23, 2014

CRM Product Family Latest Patches For 12.1.3

See the table below for recent 12.1.3 RUP patching information for the CRM family products. 

Product Details
Lease and Finance Management Patch 19142659:R12.OKL.B:OLFM : 1213 RUP3 DELTA 24 Doc ID 1906489.1
Core Service
Patch 18843305:R12.CS.B: 12.1.3:BUG FIXES FOR CS:JUNE'14 RUP PATCH Doc ID 1608427.1
Install Base
Patch 18479621:R12.CSI.B - ORACLE INSTALLED BASE 12.1.X CONSOLIDATION Doc ID 1642057.1
Depot Repair

For additional recommended patches (or for other modules), take a look at Doc ID 1400757.1: How to Find E-Business Suite Recommended Patches

Friday Jul 11, 2014

United States (US) Second Quarter (Q2) 2014 Statutory Update Released

The United States (US) Second Quarter (Q2) 2014 Statutory Update has been released!

Release 11i Patch 18787678
Release 12.0 Patch 18864755:R12.PAY.A
Release 12.1* Patch 19132199:R12.PAY.B
Release 12.2** Patch 18864755:R12.PAY.C

*Note: Due to an issue that can cause the patch installation process to fail, the original Release 12.1 Q2 2014 Statutory Update patch (18864755) has been obsoleted and replaced with new patch 19132199:R12.PAY.B. Customers who have already applied the Q2 2014 Statutory Update patch by skipping this file during the patch installation process need not apply the replacement patch. Customers who have downloaded Q2 2014 patch (18864755) but not yet applied it (or have not yet downloaded the Q2 2014 patch) should download the latest patch (19132199:R12.PAY.B) and apply it instead.

**Note: The Q2 2014 patch for Release 12.2 customers is still undergoing QA and will be released shortly.

The Q2 2014 Statutory Update patch requires the post install steps of running the data installer and hrglobal.drv. Please be sure to carefully read all the readme's before beginning to install this patch to ensure successful processing!

Please refer to  Doc ID 1520192.1 - United States (US) Second Quarter (Q2) 2014 Statutory Update Released for information on the functionality delivered within this patch. 

Wednesday Jun 04, 2014

Struggling with errors on POS_SUPPLIER_SEARCH_INDEX.sql when applying a Procurement Patch?

Check out this new note (Doc ID 1677737.1)  - How to troubleshoot issues on script POS_SUPPLIER_SEARCH_INDEX.sql which helps you troubleshoot and resolve this common error on patch application:

ORA-20000: possearchindex.sql(500): ORA-20000: Exception at
POS_SUPPLIER_SEARCH_INDEX_PKG.create_index(1800): ORA-20000: Exception at
POS_SUPPLIER_SEARCH_INDEX_PKG.create_index(1800): ORA-29855: error occurred in
the execution of ODCIINDEXCREATE routine
ORA-20000: Oracle Text error:
DRG-10502: index POS_SUPPLIER_SEARCH_INDEX does not exist
DRG-11135: feature not generally available

Tuesday Jun 03, 2014

HRMS Release Update Pack 7 for Release 12.1 - Patch 18004477 Released

We are pleased to announce that Patch 18004477 HRMS Release Update Pack 7 for Release 12.1 was released on May 30, 2014.

Please refer to the following notes for more details about 12.1 HRMS RUP7:

Doc ID 1645859.1 Oracle Human Resources Management Systems Readme, HRMS Release Update Pack 7 for Release 12.1

Doc ID 1636758.1 Known Issues on Top of Patch 18004477 - R12.HR_PF.B.DELTA.7

Please review the following extremely important patching notes:

Doc ID 135266.1 Oracle HRMS Productive Family - Release 11i and Release 12
Doc ID 145837.1 Latest HRMS (HR Global) Legislative Data Patch Available
Doc ID 140511.1 How to Install Legislative Data Using Data Installer and hrglobal.drv
Doc ID 158275.1 Troubleshooting Guide for HRMS Post Install Steps
Doc ID 300097.1 HRGLOBAL Basics
Doc ID 276928.1 Requirements for Address Validation with HR Only Installation
Doc ID 161818.1 Oracle Database (RDBMS) Releases Support Status Summary

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